If you have bought a new Xiaomi Mi3 or are planning to buy one here are certain things you are better off knowing beforehand. The post is meant for beginners, but if you are planning to buy Mi3, I am sure you can find a few points to benefit from irrespective of your Android experience. The guide was prepared by Xiaomi Malaysia user group and compiles several issues faced by newbies.


Some Doโ€™s

Remove the Display Cover: After unboxing the device, first thing you should do is remove the display protector film. Some of you might be tempted to keep it under wraps for some time, but trust me that will mess with the proximity sensor and lead to abrupt call drops and other weird stuff. You are better off without it, especially because corning gorilla glass on the display ensures all the protection that you need.

Starting Mi3: You can start the device by long pressing the power key. Keep it pressed till you see boot animation on your Mi3 screen

Be careful with SIM Tray: Several users on MI Forum are reporting issues with the SIM card tray, so much that Xiaomi has posted a video tutorial on its India Facebook page to guide users through the process.

Restart after Inserting the SIM: it is advisable to Restart after you have inserted the SIM card properly. Check if everything works. Make a few calls. In case of any discrepancy you can contact customer care or flipkart for timely replacement.

First time charging: You might hear that you need to charge it for so and so hours for the first time, but thatโ€™s void of any merit. Just charge your phone till it reaches 100 percent. There are no strict rules with this.

Some Donโ€™ts

Do Not Insert the SIM card without the SIM Tray, in case you damage the SIM Tray repairing costs can go as high as 9,500 INR which is around 70 percent of the original cost.

If sometime you remove your SIM card from the SIM tray, do not insert the tray back in without the SIM. The SIM Tray might get stuck inside according to what several other users have reported on MI Forums.

Do Not throw away the sticker on your phone: There is a sticker on your phone, you can remove it, but donโ€™t throw it away. This might be required for warranty.

Solution to Some Common Problems

First thing to do, in case you encounter a vexing bug, is to restart your Mi3. Here are some other common problems and their solutions which you can benefit from.

Irregular Battery Drain: Lower the display brightness, turn off your GPS and install apps like Greenify or perhaps DS Battery Saver if you prefer something more aggressive.

Notification Problem: Go to your WiFi advanced settings and check the option to keep WiFi on during sleep. Also check for app settings as some apps require you to grant permission to display notifications.

WhatsApp Issues: If you are having sync issues with WhatsApp contacts that is because you require to give it access to your contact list. Go to Setting >apps>whatapp>manage permission>access to contact list.

Instagram Loading Issues: Turn off high quality image processing setting in Instagram Settings.

Touch ineffective while charging: In this case, un plug the device and restart it. In case the problem persist try using another data cable

Custom Ringtones Missing: To see the custom ringtones you can go to music player and untick filters in settings.

Uninstall Themes: Visit the page you used to apply theme and scroll down to find the Uninstall option.


Since MIUI on KitKat is still new, there will be several bugs which Xiaomi will address with its frequent updates. Xiaomi has a good reputation for listening to customer reviews which also saves it a fortune on R&D. If you are facing any other issues with the device, let us know in the comment section below.

Source: MIUI India Forum


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  1. i want to know about its battery life. because the unit that i have now i am not impressed with its battery life.

  2. Hello sir,
    Thanks for giving this ossam review.
    My question is when i was reading the flipkart reviews people having issues like when they open the camera the device get switch off. Pls let me know about it.
    thanks and regards

    • we didn’t face any such issue with our review unit. one possibility is that display might be going off because of thin film protector messing with proximity sensor (you have to remove the display protector). Xiaomi has also rolled out a new OTA update to fix some app crashing and other issues with users in India.

  3. Hello. I got my device today and I haven’t yet removed the temporary screen cover provided by the company. The problem with my device is that, the screen goes off when I make a call and doesn’t light up during the course of the call. It’ll light up only after the call ends. Is there any solution for this problem?

    • I don’t have the device with me right now. Please try Light Manager or other LED notification app (enable notification access in settings>> security) and let me know how it goes. Some other users are also reporting this issue and Xiaomi will perhaps address this in next update

  4. I am hving a problem with voice calls . i am able to hear only on speaker mode .
    I cant even hear the ring at othr end

    • Some other users have also complained about call quality, but your’s seems to be an extreme case. ask for replacement

    • Even I am facing exactly the same issue yaar. This is very disappointing. Seems like Flipkart got all defective pieces from Xiaomi at the rate of peanuts. Please suggest.

  5. Hi Deepak,
    My sim card got stuck in the tray, and won’t open now. Its not broken as yet, just stuck. The thing you said about it costing 9500 is scary. Any clues?

    • without seeing it in person it’s hard to judge the problem or if there is any at all. Its inside and not opening? is the SIM working

      • Hey same problem I have sim detection problem n service centre says to change whole motherboard costing 9500 please do we have some other solutions

        • sim card reader socket holder issue mi service centre tell me replace mother board and cost around 8000 rs but iI don’twant to replace it is too much sir any other solutions please reply

  6. Hi!
    I bought the phone 1 week back.
    The Whatsapp works properly on WiFi but when on internet card of SIM, am unable to receive nor send any msgs. The other internet pages like google, etc. woks well. The only problem is with the Whatsapp.
    The Whatsapp gets active only when i connect to the WIFI.

    Please help

  7. HI Deepak ,
    Nice Post, thanks for sharing.
    However I have few queries.
    The battery doesnot seem impressive. 3050maH should have been powerful. I got my phone day before yestrday. With no talk, or wifi or any other activity its intact, but once games or specificaally 3G on, its really not worth. Can you suggest something for that.
    Also, you mentioned Kitkat. But i knew its using Jelly Beans Android OS.
    How about that.
    Thank you.

    • Indian version comes with Android Kitkat based MIUI. we confirmed that with review unit. With WiFi and 3G (around 5 hours) on i got more than one day battery backup, but i didn’t indulge in gaming. How much battery backup are you getting?
      put display on auto brightness and Switch of location services if they are on.

  8. hello, this is kareem.
    i also had a problem with sim tray strucked.
    5 days back i bought this phone , and i putted my micro sim with sim adopter , in it but at present sim tray was not opening, pls tell me any solution.

  9. My MI3 is restarting once or twice on it’s own everyday. I’ve done master reset, but the problem still exists.
    Also, after backing up the phone using BackUp app, the backup file is not being shown in the AllBackUp folder in MIUI when I connect the device to PC. But, I can see the files can be seen in file explorer in phone.

    Please suggest some solutions to these two problems. It would be a great help.

    Thank you in advance!

  10. I have just got my xiaomi today and I am facing a problem that when I use to call or take calls my screen display gets off only I can hear the sound not the display please give me some solution is there any setting issue

    • Use this procedure:
      go to contacts — settings — call setting — incoming call setting – turn off proximity sensor

    • I was also facing such type of problem……and then i seen Deepak’s reviews….by following him i removed the protective film which causes confusion to the proximity sensor and this solved my problem
      You should apply sceen guard in the place of that…i know that it’s gorills glass,,,but

    • Proximity Sensor Featured Xiaomi MI3 and Screen Go Off while calling issue is a non issue after all.

      Xiaomi MI3 has proximity sensor wherein if you make a call and phone is
      near your face, screen go blank, but you can keep on talking so as to
      conserve battery.

      However people who newly bought Xiaomi MI3 or maybe the upcoming Redmi 1S , are facing screen going off while calling.

      Pls note its written on temporary screen guard “tear off before use”.

      Hence pls remove your temporary matt finish screen guard and use a
      clear type MI Branded screen guard with necessary cuts for the proximity
      sensor to prevent such problem.

  11. I got my mi3 yesterday but i am not getting any sound from my ear piece, but when i connect the headphones it is audible through headphone.

  12. Hi Deepak, I was using MI3 without any issues, but yesterday due to heavy use my battery dips to zero, since then I am trying to charge my phone but it is not getting charged and phone restarts and shows 2% battery. Is there any solution or mobile bug

  13. I have just got my xiaomi today and I am facing a problem that when I use to call or take calls my screen display gets off only I can hear the sound not the display please give me some solution is there any setting issue

  14. Hii sir,
    i love d specifications ๐Ÿ™‚ bt d reviews abot d fone scare me!! i wish to buy dis fone directly going to d shop n check it well b4 buying bcoz der r many complaints regarding buying dis phone online! may i knw wen cn v get d phone in showrooms in india??

    • Xiaomi never retails in brick and mortar stores. if some one is selling he is not authorized retailer and it’s recommended not to buy from them.

  15. I’m having problems locating the ringtones and sounds in my external storage. I’ve tried everything from downloading external explorer apps to switching of filters in the music app, yet the ringtones folder is empty. Would appreciate help on this issue

  16. Hi my phone network is getting disconnected after the Battery level drops below 20%. I cant make calls and incoming calls also drops after ringing once only. This happened only after the last Software update to version 23 yesterday.

  17. hello sir can u help please sir my xiaomi mi3 main mic not at all working i am not able to listen incoming and outgoing call please help me sir please

  18. hi,

    can u plz tell me how to turn off the sensors while using keyboard as typing is becomin a difficult job

  19. i got my mi3 3 days back when i make call screen goes off i think i should remove the protecting film but main issue is even if i disable auto rotate screen the snaps still rotate while changing the orientation of phone and secondly it gets hot near mic during calls is it ok or i have to get it rplaced

  20. I have issues of the screen. its so sensitive! I tried the manual testing/calibration by dialing that special number and being taken to a special menu. fail on that test. restarting doesn’t solve the problem. is this a software problem? if not I’ll have this replaced asap. mine is already on KitKat.

  21. Hi thanks for the Do’s and Dont’s…I too own mi3 device.I have noticed one issue in mi3, can you please confirm if its a hardware issue or not? There is very little noise near earpiece of mi3 device while the screen is on. You can check this by keeping your phone near your ear and press lock and unlock button. Can you please confirm if your device too generates this noise.I just want to know if its normal or not.You can also hear this noise at back side(earpiece) of your phone.


  22. I got Mi 3 on 8th August. I hv problem wd my mobile is that my my data connection network swtich on off regularly this interrupt me while using net. plz help me.

  23. Hi deepak,
    i bought Xiaomi,mi3 3 weeks back,everything was running good but one day it automatically turns off the display while i am using it.The battery was still 40% and no further display showing.please recommend something..

  24. Hi deepak,
    i bought Xiaomi,mi3 3 weeks back,everything was running good but one day it automatically turns off the display while i am using it.The battery was still 40% and no further display showing.please recommend something..

  25. While making calls, I’m unable to hear the any ring or the other person’s voice. But the receiver is able to hear my voice. This is very disappointing. Please suggest.

  26. Mi Xiaomi Google Email and Yahoo email i have to go and manually open the app to see my mails. its not automatically coming.
    My sync is on
    Notification Permission is fine.
    Still can u suggest something

    • Have you registered and activated your account from your email id? Take care that password is more than 6 letters long and in mixed case, if you are having problem with registration

  27. Hi Deepak, i bought mi3 yesterday, but i am unable to connect internet through wifi(error: obtaing ip address) whether my other phones getting connected, is there any setting issue? kindly give me a solution. Thanks in advance.

  28. Hello Deepak,

    I bought the Xiaomi-Mi3 a couple of weeks back, so far the phone has been doing well, no issues. However I am unable to use the “Emergency” call option that most high end phones have. How do I set up a Emergency Contact List to be used when the phone is in locked condition? I tried but could not. Appreciate your help and guidance.



  29. Hi deepak,
    I bought my mi3 today. I installed almost all the applications successfully. I have added google account but it automatically sync all the google contacts. Is there any way so that I can only disable google contact sync? I tried with Setting->Sync-> Account-> Google . I can see the menu like App Data, Calendar, Contacts etc.. and only option available on each menu is . There is no option present to turn off the sync of particular menu. Please recommend something.

  30. Hello Sir,
    Got my Mi3on 22august..don’t find any such issues except one …sum letters seem to fade at the end.example …goolge settings written under the icon….is displayed on my phone as …goolge sett…..don’t know if its a defect or its like that only. And when call gets disconnected the screen automatically locks.

  31. Hello Deepak,
    I have been using the Mi3 since the first launch in July. The phone has been wonderful so far, although I am facing an issue and unable to identify a way. The Emergency Contacts list, when the phone is in locked condition is a common feature in most of the high end phones, but for some reason I am unable to setup the contact list under emergency.
    Appreciate your feedack regarding this issue. How do I set up the Emergency contact to be used in phone locked condition.

  32. Hi All,
    I am facing some issue with the proximity sensor. At times my screen doesn’t wake up after the call get over or in middle of the call when I want to make a note etc.

    In middle of the call or after the call when I move the phone away from my ears, I screen doesn’t gain focus(light up after moving away).

    Just to update once more,

    Anyone faced a similar issue? Or any solution for this? Does this require calibration?

    PS: I do not have anything covering the proximity sensor.

    • Go to call settings>> incoming call settings and switch of proximity sensor, check if it is working after that. Contact Xiaomi Customer care hotline number as well

  33. hi sir,
    the phone is getting heated while charging and after using more than half an hour
    the voice recorder in whatsapp is not working, the touch is not responding if we press for long time.
    help help

  34. I got MI3 a week back..everything is running fine…but I am not able to connect any WiFi network.Phone is neither scanning nor showing any WiFi Symbol.Guys pls help.

  35. Hi Deepak,
    My Mi3’s sim tray is stuck. my sim is inside. i used an adapter for my micro sim while inserting. The tray comes out but im unable to pull it out completely. I dint pull too hard as it looked like it’d break. I tried inserting a plastic strip and pulling out as shown in some youtube videos, but somehow that tray isnt giving in. Please help!

  36. Hello Deepak,
    I bought Xiaomi Mi3 today, everything works fine except the camera. I am not getting the option for choosing the primary and secondary camera in the screen. That option is not at all coming. The software is also updated. And I have tried using the “Open Camera” from Google play store but the problem remains. Please assist. My mi3 is not even a day old.

  37. have just got my xiaomi today and I am facing a problem that when I use to take calls my screen display gets off only I can hear the sound not the display please give me some solution is there any setting issue. And how to disconnect the phone

  38. HAI deepak, i bought the xiaomi mi3 o 26th of aug, but till date im facing the issuse like wehenever i open an app lik Facebook,watsapp,or even any app and while opening edit home button,the phone is just showing me like (unfortunately the lauuncher has stopped ) and the app goes off….plz help me regarding this issuse….u can contact me with the following email-harishjanakiraman.r.123@gmail.com.
    thank you.

  39. HAI deepak, i bought the xiaomi mi3 o 26th of aug, but till date im
    facing the issuse like wehenever i open an app lik Facebook,watsapp,or
    even any app and while opening edit home button,the phone is just
    showing me like (unfortunately the lauuncher has stopped ) and the app
    goes off….plz help me regarding this issuse….u can contact me with
    the following email-harishjanakiraman.r.123@gmail.com.
    thank you.

  40. hello deepak,
    i bought my xaiomi mi3 1 week back and the screen was broken due to a small accident but i think with corning gorilla glass it is impossible to break.
    i don’t know but i think i am facing the same brittle screen issue so many users reported.
    is it really gorilla glass or fake? now again it costs around Rs 6,000

  41. Hi Deepak
    I bought mi3 phone 3 weeks back and it’s working fine I am facing problem in accessing 3G if I am not using 3G more than one day I have to reboot the mobile once then only its working pl let know for any solutions

  42. Hi Deepak,
    I bought my mi3 on 1st of Sept, but the only issue i have been facing till now is the excessive heating while playing games like candy crush saga,asphalt 8 etc,is there any workaround to it ?
    My battery is in balanced mode, since power saving mode is now gone from MIUI 23 stable version.
    Please help.

    • Asphalt 8 heating is normal, but i didn’t feel too much heat with 15-20 minutes of candy crush. A good case perhaps The aluminum chassis inside makes heating prominent

      • I have ordered the flip cover meant for mi3 from flipkart, not sure how much heat screening will it give..do you think this heating issue can be solved by the awaiting MIUI updates?
        Since its an issue pertaining more to hardware optimization and improper material used for heat screening(800 Soc always heats up due to its strong processing power).

        Still hopeful with future MIUI updates..please confirm..!!

    • i didn’t observe much heating after 15 minutes of candy crush. A good case perhaps might be considered as a workaround. Since its aluminum chassis inside, you can feel more heat with Mi3

  43. Hi Deepak,
    Can you please suggest solution for frequent call drop?
    I removed default screen guard after a week,
    Now I read your review:( so please suggest some solution.

  44. Hi,
    I have a issue. In the blocked list for messages. Only the last message opens all the time even if you select any other messages in the list.

  45. hi deepak i am using xiaomi mi3 from approx last one month it works quite effieciently but suddenly yesterday it does get charged i have tried different chargers but nothing works please help me out. any one else have any solution please help thanks in advance

  46. Whats app dont open first time. When you click on it white screen comes but contact list dont so you have to again click on home button then again click on whats app icon.
    Any solution for this??

    and also Notification problem in whats app – Notification tray remains there even if you click on the notification.

  47. Hi deepak, I am using MI3 from 40 days. everything is ok with my phone. i got notised one small issue while dailing. there is no edit option in recent dail list. some times i am getting phone numbers through sms. if i press on the number (10digit), it will directing to dailing screen. if i want to add “0” for the other circle number, there is no option to edit. plz give advise.

  48. Hi deepak…. I got issues with the recent call logs….. After someone calls me or I call someone I can’t see the last call log

  49. Hi I have a Mi3 but the location service does not work on Google maps it keeps on showing “waiting for location” I have given all access for the apps.

  50. Hello Deepak,
    There is a problem I’m facing when I go to change the themes. All the heads like featured, popular, local, etc, are given in chinese. How do I convert it to English? Also, there is a special effect that other mi3’s have, i.e., when you turn off the scree, it gives a similar effect to that of a TV screen being turned off. How do you apply that?

  51. Hi Deepak- I am using my Mi 3, problem I am facing now is that sometimes there is no signal on my phone, but when I remove the SIM and put on another smart phone, no issues. Is this a problem related to the tray issues as I have seen some people complain the SIM tray of MI 3 for poor connection

  52. Hello sir,
    yesterday i received mi3 from flipkart. The phone is not showing any details after getting connected and the screen is going complete off.Pls advise.

  53. Hi Deepak,I bought an mi3 on big billion sale.After i got the phone and insatalled the apps,the phone battery drained very quickly.For example,When i switched on the camera app and took 3 photos,4-5% dropped.When i contacted flipkart members,They told me to reset the phone.After i reseeted it the battery life was ok,but after 4 days now i am facing similar problem.Please clarify me what is the average battery backup for various activities
    Thank u

  54. Hi,
    My charger is not working. When I call service center they are saying that its the problem of your set (MI3) thats it damages the charger. For that the company is changing the phone. And the aye saying that if you charge with some other charger than the software will be deleted.. Is it true?? Please help.

  55. Hello Deepak, i had bought mi3 phone in first sale on july 22nd, audio quality while making call using headphones is very poor, the sound is barely audible when using headphones , have tried headphones of sony , samsung, moto g and finally i even bought mi in ear piston headphones but the same problem . i can barely hear when i am using headphones.
    the issue is only while on call, but while playing music, video and playinga games sound quality is awesome. please advice what can be done, Also the network drops frequently.

  56. Hello Deepak,
    I bought the Mi3 phone 1 month before and these days I’m facing the issue with screen getting stucked frequently. Yesterday, it got hanged while I was playing one of the games and its not going back to the home screen even after I remove and replace the SIM. Can you please suggest how to fix this problem.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,

  57. Hi!
    I have noticed problems while on call. There are frequent cracks in the voice from the other end and the other person also complains that he is not able to hear me. This happens many a times while on call. The voice breaks for 5-6 seconds and then comes back.
    Also sometimes there is sudden call drop when the problem gets worse.

  58. Hi Deepak,

    My friend has issue with the power button in mi3.
    Also, the charger (USB cord) doesn’t seem to work properly. Phone has
    been over a month. Any idea what should I do?

    • You have to get it checked at the service center. For temporary solution, there are several apps available like power button to volume button, button savior, etc.
      This is only a temporary solution. Most of these apps work best on rooted devices only.

  59. Hi sir,
    I bought mi3 last weekend,and facing the problem of datalost while in roaming , I am not finding the data roaming button ,
    Please guide me….

  60. Hi Deepak I have bought my xiaomi mi3 on 24 august but it suddenly showing some problems like apps opening own their own, display is shaking, message is typing without touching please suggest some suggestion.

  61. hi deepak..
    i m using mi3 for over 2 months but it is recently hanging while gaming and calling……calls just dont get disonnencted……so it needs a forced reboot evry time…sometimesd even 4-5 times a day…is there anty solution for this?

  62. Hi Deepak Ji,
    Im using Mi3 since 3 months, now i got a problem like “No SIM card”. I went to Hyderabad Exclusive service center, they are saying that it does not comes under warranty, the cost will be 9500 INR. which is im unable to spend. Can you please suggest me an idea.
    Thanks in advance.

  63. hi deepak
    my phone xiaomi mi3 is not displaying messages.
    when people send me messages it just displays there name with no subject..
    can u help me pleasee with this problem.

    • i don’t have the phone with me now, but try to clear app cache for message app. Also try and use Google’s messenger app for messages, it is light and works fine

  64. hi..i’m having a problem with my mi3.the mobile network under settings immediately went grayed out.my phone now shows no service and won’t detect any sim card.tried switching sim cards but it still has the same problem.i also hard reset my phone but it me nowhere.hope you can help me..

  65. I had recently updated MIUI latest version and now the mobile is not working at all it has switched off and i tried many way to switch it on by removing the sim card etc. but no use what should i do now …Please help me recover my phone……please help me Deepak

  66. Most if the time I use WIFI, then after locking the phone, it gets screen off. It doesn’t responds to any key. I have to press all the three keys to go to recovery mode. I am using Xiaomi MI3

  67. I have MI3 and it have some issue .. unable to connect with wifi .. its save then connecting then finally disconnected ..

  68. Hi..I have the problem on my mi3..when I tryin to wake up my mi3 the screen should did appera in some times.. rly me plzzzz..

  69. Do anyone having idea about the issue in Mi3 gps,I’m not able to locate my gps location through google maps or any other apps.
    I have even tried turning on/off the permission manager,Changing battery mode to high accuracy and so on,But didn’t get any luck.

    PLS HELP #################MI3-GPS-ISSUE#####################

  70. my mi3 screen bcm blank , black whenevr i make whatsapp calls, bt it is ok in normal calls bcoz i off proximity sensor

  71. Unable to start/boot my new Mi4i just arrived today. Package comes with no mention o how to start the phone. Sick!!!. Have I Vought myself with old time Chinese quality issue? No search result too.

  72. hii
    I have purchased mi4i 3 days ago. Contact pics are assigned to contacts, but they got extremely blurred during incoming and outgoing calls. Im not even able to recognize anyone. Can anyone plz suggest remedy to this problem????

  73. hello deepak.
    i had taken this mi3 around 8 months ago and today morning my entire gallery is completely wiped out and it isnt displaying any smss’ or even pictures on clicking any. it doesnt even display the call log. all this for no reason, i would be thankful if u find some soultion to this ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank You ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. Deepakji,
    I have Mi3, I tried to root it for installing Gujarati font but not success. Can you suggest root file.
    Model: MI3W
    Android ver: 4.4.4 KTU84P

  75. I have MI3 phone. Its touch screen is not working in half of the body. Touch screen works only in 1/4th of the upper body of phone. Please suggest how to fix this.

  76. Hi

    Im using redmi 4g Note, today i was using camera, once after that mobile got switched off, at that time battery was about 80% i tried switching it on but not happening i don know what to do with this. itried switching it on by keeping charg, removed battery and tried nothing working out please help me .

  77. I bought MI 3 in September 2014 and was working well till the time I installed latest software couple of days back. Now my mobile is not recognising any WIFI. IP address and MAC address are showing as “unavailable”. Please help in restoring my mobile.

  78. Dear Deepak,

    I’m using MI3 for past one year. recently my google accounts are not working. I thought some gmail connection issue but 2 days back while performing bank transactions to generate OTP, I found my SMS also not functioning.
    After detailed check, I came to know only my incoming and outgoing calls are working. other than that, all the apps, accounts, SMS etc., are not functioning. But interesting part is, these are working on very delay note. For example, I am able to receive SMS 1 day delay and similarly what’sapp etc.,
    So, I cannot say its completely not working but issues are there. How to overcome this issue. Now, even to Google play store ,I am not able to enter as it keeps telling me Retry!

  79. hello Dee pak,

    I am a mi3 user. I drop my phone into a glass of water. I pick it up immediately. I dried it with a towel and hair dryer. It was still working although I can see the water between the screen and phone body. when I dry with hair dryer, the screen turn on itself. i left the phone in the rice box for that night, but it did not work. That was like a month ago. now, the screen is all black, not turning on at all, but surprisingly, the touch is working as normal ; means I can use the phone as normal if I know where to touch the screen. May I know how to get the screen to get back to normal?

    Thank you

  80. MI3 I bought in China and using in India. There is no other phone on planet who has given me so much trouble than MI3. Between Xiomi and Google , all product related to google have some or other issues and you end up searching and reading internet for every small issues. My experience is after using this phone for 1 year. It keep sleeping from my hand and I have replaced screen twice which means already spent 12K on this, original cost I paid 1K more than India like 17K when flipkart was offering this on lottery basis for 16K. China version comes with chinese software and Application store. I feel stupid, frustrated, cheated. reason to write this review is If you are planning to buy this, i would say “Stay Away” Sometime I see phone is starting some application on its own.


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