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Xiaomi Mi3 Do’s, Don’t and Problems Solutions

If you have bought a new Xiaomi Mi3 or are planning to buy one here are certain things you are better off knowing beforehand. The post is meant for beginners, but if you are planning to buy Mi3, I am sure you can find a few points to benefit from irrespective of your Android experience. The guide was prepared by Xiaomi Malaysia user group and compiles several issues faced by newbies.


Some Do’s

Remove the Display Cover: After unboxing the device, first thing you should do is remove the display protector film. Some of you might be tempted to keep it under wraps for some time, but trust me that will mess with the proximity sensor and lead to abrupt call drops and other weird stuff. You are better off without it, especially because corning gorilla glass on the display ensures all the protection that you need.

Starting Mi3: You can start the device by long pressing the power key. Keep it pressed till you see boot animation on your Mi3 screen

Be careful with SIM Tray: Several users on MI Forum are reporting issues with the SIM card tray, so much that Xiaomi has posted a video tutorial on its India Facebook page to guide users through the process.

Restart after Inserting the SIM: it is advisable to Restart after you have inserted the SIM card properly. Check if everything works. Make a few calls. In case of any discrepancy you can contact customer care or flipkart for timely replacement.

First time charging: You might hear that you need to charge it for so and so hours for the first time, but that’s void of any merit. Just charge your phone till it reaches 100 percent. There are no strict rules with this.

Some Don’ts

Do Not Insert the SIM card without the SIM Tray, in case you damage the SIM Tray repairing costs can go as high as 9,500 INR which is around 70 percent of the original cost.

If sometime you remove your SIM card from the SIM tray, do not insert the tray back in without the SIM. The SIM Tray might get stuck inside according to what several other users have reported on MI Forums.

Do Not throw away the sticker on your phone: There is a sticker on your phone, you can remove it, but don’t throw it away. This might be required for warranty.

Solution to Some Common Problems

First thing to do, in case you encounter a vexing bug, is to restart your Mi3. Here are some other common problems and their solutions which you can benefit from.

Irregular Battery Drain: Lower the display brightness, turn off your GPS and install apps like Greenify or perhaps DS Battery Saver if you prefer something more aggressive.

Notification Problem: Go to your WiFi advanced settings and check the option to keep WiFi on during sleep. Also check for app settings as some apps require you to grant permission to display notifications.

WhatsApp Issues: If you are having sync issues with WhatsApp contacts that is because you require to give it access to your contact list. Go to Setting >apps>whatapp>manage permission>access to contact list.

Instagram Loading Issues: Turn off high quality image processing setting in Instagram Settings.

Touch ineffective while charging: In this case, un plug the device and restart it. In case the problem persist try using another data cable

Custom Ringtones Missing: To see the custom ringtones you can go to music player and untick filters in settings.

Uninstall Themes: Visit the page you used to apply theme and scroll down to find the Uninstall option.


Since MIUI on KitKat is still new, there will be several bugs which Xiaomi will address with its frequent updates. Xiaomi has a good reputation for listening to customer reviews which also saves it a fortune on R&D. If you are facing any other issues with the device, let us know in the comment section below.

Source: MIUI India Forum


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