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Hugo Barra addresses Xiaomi Privacy Concern, Explains how Mi Cloud Handles User Data

Rapidly progressing China based firm Xiaomi is making the cloud messaging service an opt-in service instead of being an automatic one following the security concerns that were raised lately.

The MIUI Cloud Messaging functions pretty much like the Apple iMessage service. It routes the SMS sent between MIUI based device owners across the internet tipping that they can message between one another for free. However, this ability raised privacy concerns among the users as it was highlighted that this service is responsible for sharing information with a server based in China. This range of information includes the IMEI number, phone contacts, phone number and text messages.

xiaomi miui messaging service

The sharing of such sensitive content to a server in China that raised concerns as the MIUI Cloud Messaging users do not have a way to opt-out of it. Now, it seems like this situation is about to change.

In a recent development, Xiaomi has introduced a way for the users to opt out of this service if they desire. According to the firm’s Global Vice President, Hugo Barra in response to the range of conspiracies, the MIUI Cloud Messaging service does not store any information about the user’s phone book or social graph on its servers. He made it clear that all the data are encrypted and not kept for longer than the time it is delivered to the receiver at the other end.

According to the Facebook post, Barra stated, “We believe it is our top priority to protect user data and privacy. We do not upload or store private information or data without the permission of users.”

Earlier, the MIUI Cloud Messaging service was automatically activated for all Xiaomi users as soon as they inserted their SIM in their Xiaomi handsets. However, to defend user data and end the privacy concerns, the firm has made the MIUI Cloud Messaging an opt-in service from now.

An OTA update is scheduled to roll-out from today that will implement this change with an added layer of security that will encrypt the phone numbers whenever they are transferred to Cloud Messaging servers.


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