Sony India has come up with three new exciting headphones for the audiophiles in the country starting from Rs 790. Two of the headphones belong to the bass rich MDR-XB lineup and they are the Sony MDR-XB450 and Sony MDR-XB250. The other one is a MDR-AS200 is an earphone that is meant for the sports enthusiasts. Furthermore, this latest lineup of headphones provides best quality sound and optimum fit for a comfortable listening experience.


The MDR-XB450 has a 30mm dynamic driver unit that can deliver superior quality and powerful sound for the music enthusiasts. It is a trendy headphone that comes in five vibrant color variants such as black, red, white, yellow and blue along with a stylish metal housing and it is priced at Rs 2,190.

The MDR-XB250 also comes with a similar dynamic driver unit that will deliver similar aspects and is priced at Rs 1,490. On the other hand, the MDR-AS200 earphone is suitable for sporting activities. It has a 13.5 mm high sensitivity driver that enables in delivering premium sound experience. Being a first-of-its-kind earphone from Sony with a water resistant and sweat proof build priced at Rs 790.


While the Sony MDR-AS200 will be available from August 2014, the Sony MDR-XB450 and MDR-XB250 will hit the retail shelves from September 2014.