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5 Tricks to Buy Xiaomi Redmi 1S on Flipkart before Stock Ends

Well, everyone wants a good smartphone at subsidized price and that makes Xiaomi Redmi 1S an extremely difficult phone to buy, despite of the beefed up stock. You blink and it goes away. In case you have been trying to buy Xiaomi Redmi 1S in India, here are a few things you could try to improve your chances of getting it in your cart.


Use the Compare Hatke Chrome extension

You can download and use the Compare Hatke chrome extension. Follow the following steps to let this extension automatically add Redmi 1S to your cart.  Check the video below to see how it works.

1. Ensure that you have registered on Flipkart for the Redmi 1S sale beforehand so that you are eligible for the purchase.

2. Install the Buy hatke addon from this link.

3. Subscribe to Redmi 1S alert from their extension options page.

4. Ensure that you have the Chrome browser open and you are logged in into Flipkart with a good internet connection at least 5 minutes before the sale starts.

5. The extension should not be in the ‘disabled’ state at that time. The Chrome extension would open a new tab of Xiaomi Mi3 product page where it would add the product into the cart when the sale starts.


Several users report transaction canceled while in process of placing order. Use Cash on delivery option for better chances of success. Add your payment details and Delivery address before hand.

Open Multiple Browsers and Devices

To better you chances, you should try more than one device and with more than one browser open at all times. Login the flipkart app before hand and you will be able to feel the stampede even before the counter stops. More browsers and devices better you chances. Several users claim this simple trick to buy Xiaomi Redmi 1S more than once.


Sometimes hitting F5 isn’t enough. Using CTRL +F5 will download the page again while F5 reloads content from browser cache. Several users have used this trick successfully to add Xiaomi Mi3 and Redmi 1S to there cart.

Use Flipkart App

Flipkart app seems to work better when the flipkart traffic is at its peak. Using Flipkart app to place order will help your chances of placing Redmi 1S in your cart. If you successfully add Xiaomi Redmi 1s to your cart by any means, you can use Flipkart app to proceed with further transaction process.


These above mentioned tricks are something which multiple users credit their success to. We could buy our Mi3 easily using the chrome extension approach. With all these tricks, you will still need oodles of fortune on your side to order an Mi3, but knowing and using these will improve your chances.

10 thoughts on “5 Tricks to Buy Xiaomi Redmi 1S on Flipkart before Stock Ends”

  1. in option page if i select any one “bottom of the page orange colour popup” not coming as show in video, without selecting any popup is coming on “Redmi1s” page, could you confirm i have to select any optinon or not?

  2. install the addon, then click on link in step 3 and select “Add Xiaomi Redmi 1S to cart automatically at Flipkart when the next sale starts on Sept 23rd, 2014 2 P.M.”
    make sure you are registered before the sales day.

  3. After the third step it is showing add xiaomi mi3 to cart automatically and not redmi 1S so is the offer for redmi 1S valid??

  4. Just install flipkart app and run’s it on 3g network and wait till the redmi sale start clock ends and speedily just click on buy now it’s very simple these trick are only bullshit.

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