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Tupelo Launches ‘mymo’ Fitness Tracker that Pays Rewards to Users

Dubai based wearable maker, Tupelo has announced mymo that is the first of its kind activity tracker that pays the users to be active. The company is well known for its different approach to change the perception of achieving the fitness goals.

Talking about the mymo, it is a clip-on device that is almost the size of a coin. It tracks the users’ steps, calories and distance on an iPhone, Android smartphone or computer wirelessly in order to encourage the users to achieve their fitness goals. Interestingly, the wearable device features a whopping 6 month battery life that alleviates concerns regarding charging.


The firm has priced mymo at Rs 3,999 for 12 months along with reward packages. Users can track their movements and receive ‘MyMiles’ that can be converted into practical rewards like talk time, airline miles, groceries, international vacations and more rewards, thereby motivating the users to reach their fitness goals.

Besides keeping a track of the daily activity of the users, Tupelo provides prevention and intervention programs for its premium subscribers. A personal coach takes care of the user’s telemetry and leads them towards a better lifestyle. There is 24/7 access to a doctor for medical assistance.

Tupelo is also planning to develop a comprehensive wellness program in the country in the coming months. Using a slew of cloud based and socially integrated smart devices, the firm is building a repository of individual health data letting users to take charge of their health and fitness.

Interestingly, Tupelo is celebrating the launch of the only activity tracker with reward program by rewarding its first customers with gold. Going by the same, the first 1,000 customers who purchase a mymo will be entered into this program that will fetch them one gram of gold based on their daily activity. To receive this, users will have to meet their daily goal of 3000 steps a day for 60 consecutive days.

Regarding this, Martyn Molnar, CEO, Tupelo, “Our initial research showed an 85% dropout rate in the first few weeks of buying a wearable device. The key factor lies in motivation. People need very strong incentives to incorporate activity into their daily schedule. Tupelo has decided to provide that missing incentive to get going and stay engaged.”

He added, “Embracing healthier lifestyle choices around activity and nutrition will result in huge dividends for the individual, the country and the economy. 80% of premature onset of chronic disease can be prevented and in some cases reversed by regular activity and a healthy diet. Just a simple 2% reduction in the annual, national level of chronic disease death rates in the next 10 years could add $15bn to the national economy – according to the WHO.”


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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