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Datawind Android Phone to Launch Before Diwali for Less Than 2,000 INR

In order to achieve increased sales volumes, the low-cost tech manufacture Datawind involved in the making of Aakash tablets has announced that it will come up with a new smartphone. The vendor announced that it will be launching sub Rs 2,000 priced smartphones ahead of Diwali and that these handsets will arrive with bundled free internet for lifetime.


The firm revealed that it is working on an Android smartphone that has a 3.5 inch display. For now, Datawind has launched five tablets and three smartphones and achieving a sales figure of 40,000 to 50,000 devices per month.

Rupinder Singh, Datawind Executive Vice President claimed that the company is in talks with three telecom operators in the country to provide free lifetime internet offer. However, the executive did not reveal any further information regarding this as the deal is yet to be finalized. He also revealed that the company has aggressive plans regarding manufacturing the products in India, but the timeline for the implementation of the same was not disclosed.

As mentioned above, Datawind is the manufacturer behind the Aakash tablets that were priced at Rs 2,250 aimed at the students. But, owing to the numerous controversies, the government rejected the tablets to be supplied to IIT Jodhpur. However, the project was shifted to IIT Bombay and Datawind came up with the better version, Aakash 2.


2 thoughts on “Datawind Android Phone to Launch Before Diwali for Less Than 2,000 INR”

  1. venkataramanaiah ramu

    The technical details and specs are to be seen inn relation to those already in the markets. It is also feared that just as the Akash tablets were not found to be attractive, a similar fate should’nt happen to these phones also. The attraction could be the lifetime internet connection.

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