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Huawei Honor Holly Questions Answers FAQ- Doubts Cleared

Huawei has been aggressive about the pricing for its latest wave of Honor series devices and Huawei Honor Holly is no exception. The Honor holly is meant to compete in the entry level budget Android wars which are quite intense as of now. We have spent some time with the device and this post is meant to answer queries that we have been receiving about Honor Holly.


Huawei Honor Holly Quick Specs

  • Display Size: 5 inch IPS LCD capacitive touch screen with 720 x 1080 HD resolution
  • Processor: 1.3 GHz quad Core MediaTek MT6582
  • RAM: 1 Gb, 600 MB Free
  • Software Version: Android 4.4.2 (Kit Kat) OS with Emotion UI
  • Camera: 8 MP AF camera.
  • Secondary Camera: 5 MP front-facing camera FF [Fixed Focus]
  • Internal Storage: 16 GB with Approx 13 Gb user available
  • External Storage: Expandable up to 32GB
  • Battery: 2000 mAh battery Lithium Ion, Removable
  • Connectivity: 3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP, aGPS, 3.5mm audio jack, FM Radio
  • Others: OTG Support – No, Dual SIM – Yes (Both MicroSIM), LED Indicator – Yes

Question – Does Huawei Honor Holly have Corning Gorilla Glass Protection?

Answer– No, Huawei hasn’t mentioned any protection layer on the 5 Inch IPS LCD display, you will have to rely on your scratch guard.

Question – What processor is Huawei Using?

Answer – Its standard MediaTek Mt6582 quad core clocked at 1.3 GHz. Graphics are handled by Mali 400 MP2 GPU.

Question – What comes inside the Box?

Answer- We did not have headphones inside the package for our review unit. 1A wall charger with USB Cable, Warranty card and Other documentation was there.

Question –Do both SIM cards support 3G?

Answer –Only one SIM card supports 3G.

Question – Can you do video call via SIM card?

Answer – No, the dialer app doesn’t list direct 3G Video calling option. You will have to rely on third party apps to do the same.

Question – Does it have LED notification?

Answer – Yes, It does have LED notification light with red and green color

Question – How much is Free Storage?

Answer – Out of 16 GB about 13.3 GB is available at user end. You can also use up to 32 GB MicroSD card as well.

Question – Can Apps be transferred to SD Card

Answers – Yes, apps can be moved to and installed on SD card

Question – Does it support USB OTG?

Answer – No, Huawei Honor Holly does not supports USB OTG.

Question – What is the Android version used below Emotion UI

Answer – Its running Android 4.4.2 KitKat and OS is upgradeable. There are good chances that Huawei will offer Android Lollipop update sometime later.

Question – How is the Display of Honor Holly?

Answer – The new Honor Holly too has a 5 point multitouch 720p HD display and everything looks crisp and clear. Colors brightness and viewing angles are also very good. Touchscreen responsiveness is decent.

Question – How is the Build Quality?

Answer – Build quality is ok considering the price range. Nothing too special nothing too flimsy. Software capacitive keys are not backlit and the rear glossy back cover (which will attract fingerprints and scratches over long run, if not handled properly) is removable. It does not feel chunky when held in hands. Hardware buttons are situated at right spots and have good feedback.

Question – How is the Camera Quality?

Answer – The 8 MP rear camera is good in quality, but we will rate it below Zenfone 5 and Redmi 1S. In good lighting images are crisp and with good colors. You can record 1080p videos as well. The camera UI is standard. Front fixed focus is decent enough for video calling. Considering the price range, imaging hardware is good on the whole.

Huawei Honor Holly Camera Review [Video]

Question – How much RAM is available on first boot?

Answer – Around 600 MB RAM is free on first boot. There is no major lag on UI, but you can notice a few glitches here and there.

What are Antutu and Nenamark score on Honor Holly?


Answer – Honor Holly scored 18296 on Antutu and 51.7 fps on Nenamarks 2, which is inline with most other MT6582 smartphones.

Question – How is the Gaming Performance?

Answer – Basic gaming works well, sensors work fine and display doesn’t obstruct gaming experience in any way. We were able to play most high end games easily without much issue.

Huawei Honor Holly Gaming Review, Benchmark Scores and Overview [Video]

Question – How is GPS Locking?

Answer – GPS locking works well, although we experienced some hiccups indoors. Mostly GPS worked fine.

Question – How many sensors does Huawei Honor Holly have?


Answer – Honor Holly features Accelerometer, Proximity, Light, orientation and Magnetometer sensor.

Question – How Loud is Loudspeaker on Honor Holly 2nd Gen?

Answer – Loudspeaker is good. It’s loud enough to enjoy multimedia content in noise free environment.

Question – Can Huawei Honor Holly 2nd Gen play Full HD 1080p Videos?

Answer – Yes, it can play full HD and HD videos.

Question – Can Honor Holly be connected to Bluetooth headsets?

Answer – Yes, you can connect it to Bluetooth headset

Questions – How is the Battery backup?

Answer – Battery backup is around 1 day with moderate usage. Backup can be rated slightly better than Redmi 1S. There is no power saving mode pre-installed on the device. Battery is removable.

Questions – Is the wireless display supported?

Answer- Yes, Wireless display is supported

Huawei Honor Holly Unboxing, Full Review, Gaming, Benchmarks, User Interface and Overview [Video]


Honor Holly strikes as a value for money smartphone with its USP being the 5 Inch HD display and ample storage space. If you have more queries about the device, leave a comment below, we will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

262 thoughts on “Huawei Honor Holly Questions Answers FAQ- Doubts Cleared”

  1. I have read in user reviews that it supports OTG and 3G on both sim slots contradicting yours. I’ll check & confirm when my order arrives 🙂

  2. Which sim will support 3G ?? WCDMA or GSM ?? Both should support for 3G network right ??
    And right now Holly is out of stock , when can we expect it back ??

  3. I am a rough phone handler, I have dropped my phone many times. Holly does not have gorrila corning , So should I go for it ???

  4. Hi, I want a smartphone under 10k with a good camera and display. Am i trust Honor holly in this issue? Or please give me any other phone’s suggestion.

  5. you will have to use the scratch gaurd on both sides. Rear back cover is glossy and will get many scratches overtime.

  6. One sim supports 2G GSM and other 3G GSM. Both should be micro-sim. Regular size sims doesn’t fit. I’ll have to cut my sim to fit in that 🙂

  7. Yeah!!! order arrived.
    You were right 🙁 it doesn’t support OTG and 3G is supported on one slot only.
    Still I found this phone amazing. Right now making both ends meet for compatible screen guard and cut my sim into micro sim. Sadly it doesn’t accept regular sized sim 🙁
    Huawei has one service center in Mumbai but not in my current city pune.

  8. Display of holly is amazing, i couldn’t differentiate a pixel even when checking from 5 cm from eye its quite smooth. I found camera quality very good for both pics and vids. 1 min of recorded HD video took ~60MB and extension was 3gp quality was superrrrrbbb!!!

  9. purchased honor holly mobile but I was faced a problem that is its soft buttens keys light not working result difficult to use in night. Plz tell be how these keys light can works….or it unable by default…

  10. Hi..
    i would like to now how would we close running application in horon holly smartphone.
    i tried long press home icon …its not working
    long press menu icon ,back icon…no no..

  11. One of the drawback of Honor Holly is, it doesn’t comes with screen protector. Same is not available in market.

  12. Hi Team,
    I am planning to buy the Huawei Honor Holly Smartphone.. Pls suggest me the build quality and reliability of this phone… Pls.. help.
    Thanks.. Ramaneedharan

  13. Its extremely durable glass on top of display which protects your display when it comes in contact with keys and coins in your pocket. if you are good with handling devices (which you are not) you won’t need scratch guards with Gorilla Glass 3 (although its good to have a scratch guard r tempered glass on top.)
    if you can find a good scratch guard this shouldn’t be a deal breaker

  14. I think something is wrong with your phone. Otherwise, you can come out of apps by pressing home button

  15. Karthik Srivatsan

    Hi deepak yes you can come out of an app by home button bit how to view recent apps? I have got the recent apps shown when I circle around the home button but not always.. Would like to know the exact shortcut

  16. Karthick malairaj

    i planed to buy this mobile (Huawei Honor Holly )my question is can we able to change the emotion ui becasue it looks boring and no menu option which make to feel uneasy….so pls help me

  17. Double click the home icon and the list of active apps will be display. Swipe those off the screen, which you like to close.

  18. i don’t have the device right now. you can try double tapping the home button or long press the list button – next to the home button. one of this will work. Let me know if it doesn’t i will check and get back to you

  19. i a planning to buy phone i need good camera and battery but m confused in honor holly and moto g2 about camera and battery as well .. and i need easy handling also … which will be better please give your valuable suggestion ?? comparing the both phones which will be better to buy

  20. Hi Team ,

    I have ordered Huawei Honor Holly 2 days ago and i believe , I would receive it by tomorrow via Flipkart… However.. As review goes , I could see Screen guard and pouch belts available in the market… But what are the headsets which can fit to this mobile.. As they are not providing any headsets, I would like to know which of the headsets can fit well to this smartphone and whether that headset is available in the market at ease ?

  21. Hi Team , I have ordered Huawei Honor Holly Smartphone 2 days ago… I heard that headsets are not available for this model.. So May i know which headsets can fit for this model and whether any such headsets are available in today’s Market.. Heard screen guard and pouch are available in Market now… But not sure about which headsets fits exactly to this smartphone…

  22. I am using holly, long press on home button open google now, long press on options button, gives you recent apps, where you can close the recent apps by swiping either side..

  23. Hi Abhishek,
    Hope u have the device in your hand, i saw a bad difference in camera with and without flash snap. without flash in good light- snap is awesome, but with flash in same lighting i am seeing a light grey rounded at centre, which is easily noticiable everytime, i doubt my device flash is faulty, thinking of replacement in flipkart. please let me know the camera quality with and without flash in good lighting (morning outdoor). my mail id is [email protected]

  24. its a tricky question, it depends on the place and your luck, even gorilla glass will break but it avoids scratch not crack..

  25. i am using it, both support GSM, and one support WCDMA(3G). which has written near to sim slot.

  26. Hi Folks,
    Please let me know about below issue w.r.t. rear camera with and without flash,
    I saw a difference
    in camera with and without flash.
    Without flash in good light (Outdoor) –
    snap is awesome,
    but with flash in same lighting i am seeing a light
    grey rounded at centre, which is easily noticiable, i doubt my device
    flash is faulty, thinking to ask for replacement in flipkart.
    Please let me know
    your findings w.r.t to camera quality with and without flash in good lighting (morning
    My mail id is [email protected]

  27. Speaker seems to be an issue with this phone. Even with maximum volume set in profiles, I could hardly hear it though. Is there a solution for this.

  28. WCDMA slot supports 3G. There is one slot with WCDMA and one with GSM written over it.
    On 12 Nov i got alert from flipkart that its available for order again, register your mail with product for such alerts.

  29. it s getting connected easily to wifi at home but at work ,it is just looping between ” obtaining IP address….” n then ” avoided poor internet connection”.. how can i rectify this?? Help plss..

  30. Hi Deepak,

    Need to know which app i should use for video call. And can u advise why Huawei Honor Holly didnt support Video call as i need to know the technical aspects.


  31. you can use any app for video calling vua internet (3g or WiFi). but 3G Video call via cellular network is not supported. this feature is rarely used outside India so many manufacturer don’t include it in custom rom

  32. Hi All,

    I have got honor holly last night, i am not abe to send SMS to any one…could you please help me in fixing it ..?

  33. hemant singh Shekhawat

    sir their is an option of screen cast. but i, little bit confuse that how to use that option so can u plz explain me that how can i use that.. i will be very thankfull for you this

    thanks in advance

  34. HI Deepak, i bought the Huawei honor holly last week.It was working perfectly fine til today evening. But since evening the sim is not beein detected, i tried changing to other sims. Those sims as well dont get detected. At time of restart, i also get an time update error as well, saying the phone is set to a different time. Could you please help/suggest me on the sim non-detection issue. Many thanks in advance,



  35. Hi ,

    i am not able to enter in engineering mode while i have tried all google play apps and also *#*#3646633#*#* so pls help i need to increase volume.


  36. I am using it since 15 days. Everything is fine but there is no light in the buttons of the phone. It makes phone difficult to use in dark areas.

  37. Radhakrishnan Ramasamy

    Hi ,
    Any one please help me to know whether we have an OS Upgrade option in Huawei Honor holly mobile or not ?(like nexus or moto g)

  38. os is upgradeable. Huawei hasn’t specified any time frame for when it will provide lollipop update.

  39. Does the phone have LED indication for message / miss call alerts? the only time the LED on my phone glows is when its battery is below 15% or when its charging. How to turn on the LED notification if available?

  40. i bought this mobile one week before from flipkart now i got display problem screen comes line i am disappoint pls dnt buy this mobile..

  41. Vishnu Priya Kumaresh

    Wifi issues are there in this Phone. Every time you need to restart the phone to get the wifi connected from one network to another. I did set the Sleep mode for Wifi to Never in the Phone. Still the same issue.. Your help in resolving this issue is greatly appreciated

  42. Hi ,

    i am not able to enter in engineering mode while i have
    tried all google play apps and also *#*#3646633#*#* so pls help i need
    to increase volume.


  43. Deepak 3118
    I have bought honor holy two days befor I found the following problem
    1)Wifi direct does connected but file transfer is not supported by the device.
    2)Music player have no equalizer option.
    3)Swip input mode is not available
    4)Sometimes wifi cannot fined the near by device and need to restart phone

  44. Vigneshwar Venkat

    I have a doubt. When i scroll the screen there is sound coming but i couldnt cut.I viewed in the settings option but i couldnt find it pls help me.

  45. I can’t make video call using hangouts, and unable to download apps from playstore.
    what can i do ?

  46. what is the playstore error you are getting. clear playstore cache and data and uninstall update from App info page, this might help resolving playstore issue

  47. when i open playstore it does not show any apps but it just uploading. when i search for an app it open the page, when i click install no reaction takes place.., what can i do ?

  48. when i open playstore it does not show any apps but it just uploading. when i search for an app it open the page, when i click install no reaction takes place.., what can i do ?

  49. I owned honor holly through flipkart , there is no Huawei name in the mobile, only honor name in the back side of the phone… Is this a doplikate one???? And in the battery its was written as made in China, and also when we remove the battery its was written as made in China…… I was confused…. Plz ans……

  50. I owned a honor holly through flipkart, there is no Huawei name in the mobile, only honor name in the back side of the mobile. And in the battery its was written as made in China, and also when we remove the battery, it was written as made in China…. I’m confused whether the mobile is original or duplicate….. Plz help me….

  51. I owned a honor holly through flipkart, there is no Huawei name in the mobile, only honor name in the back side of the mobile. And in the battery its was written as made in China, and also when we remove the battery, it was written as made in China…. I’m confused whether the mobile is original or duplicate….. Plz help me….

  52. Namaste, koi mera help karega…
    Mera huawei honor holly ka screen toot gaya.. Koi bta sakta hai ki iska price kitna hoga.

  53. When it can be upgraded to android lolly pop? and how to uninstalled unwanted apps like “search”, Go Launcher Ex-Most” apps, Which is neither shown in running list nor have any uninstalled option even after using Clean master app. How to stop unwanted apps and adds from being downloaded even during restricted back ground, auto update off and auto sync off condition?

  54. Debapriya Sen Gupta

    I just purchased it a couple of days ago,i thing its build quality and performance justifies the value for money. Itz good one.

  55. Debapriya Sen Gupta

    Screen protector is not a big issue,but didn’t understand why they didn’t use light in switch tabs,it makes know sense

  56. Debapriya Sen Gupta

    thanx deepak ji…i made it,but i don’t understand the process of transferring apps to sd card,can you guide me?

  57. not all apps can be transferred to SD card. You can’t do much about this unless your phone is rooted. parts of apps can be moved to SD card. Go to the app info page and see if their is “Move to External Storage” option (after you have plugged in SD card) if its not there, there is not much you can do.

  58. Hello to all, For the last 48hrs SIM slot 2 no longer recognises a network! if i put the same sim into slot 1 it works fine? i have check all phone setting and even rebooted the phone nothing helps to resolve this issue, any ideas anyone?

    I have also check the sim connection in slot 2 and this is fine? Again any help would be great!

  59. Hi here i purchased a week before. Now i could not on the back camera.and flas light please let me know how to do it

  60. How should i rectify the prob on camera issue is there any service center near pudhucherry, if so ple give me a contact no

  61. have you checked settings>more>mobile networks> network operator and manually selected a network or change it automatically.

  62. Debapriya Sen Gupta

    Deepak Saab,doubtlessly this phone is nice to use, but I want to share a problem with you seeking your expert opinion. When I took some photograph with it firstly all was found when I connected the phone with PC by Data Cable.But just a couple of days after I am surprised that when I am connecting the device again the SD card not showing any folder named Camera and The photos are not found in any folder there while all the photos are as it is in mobile saved in Default “Camera” folder in Gallery.I am confused,please help me out

  63. in honor mobiles missed call information is coming last how to change. ie oldest missed calls are coming first how to change please help me.

  64. this could be due to several reasons. Maybe the photos are in phone memory and not your SD card (that is separate directory on your PC). Is there a DCIM folder on your SD card? check in which mode your phone is connected

  65. Debapriya Sen Gupta

    yes Deepakji, You are absolutely are saved in phone memory and not in SD card .In fact I am not getting the option to save all the photographs directly to SD Card.May be it is a drawback of Honor Holly.

  66. How to send file using wifi direct ,there is no option supporting this ? Also it won’t receive any file using wifi direct

  67. you will have to download third party apps for wifi direct. You can download from several free apps on playstore

  68. I heard that in sun light We can not see the display as clear as in inside the room.Its looks dull in Sun light.

  69. How to change the lock screen Wallpapers, other than System Wallpapers i.e Can i Select keyguard Wall from sd card.??

  70. I put 32 GB memory card in honor holly.
    But it does not supports after some time.
    What is the issue or problem

  71. My KLIPSCH S4 Rugged headphone is not working with HUAWEI HONOR HOLLY although it has 3.5 mm Jack? So, what are the headphones which are compatible with Huawei Honor Holly?

  72. disqus_OuCTN7Xsie

    hi in my mobile videos are not downloading in default browser….? any suggestions plzzzzzzzzz

  73. use UC browser. If you are trying to watch flash videos, also download flash player when prompted

  74. Hi..its one month i.m using honor.holly..battery gets heated while charging..and battery gets discharged very soon…..i m not able to download anything from play store it gives me error””Location service error”..plz need your feedback.

  75. How much backup are you getting. Please go to applications in settings. swipe to all apps part and clear data for Google Play store and Google services framework.

  76. Hi Iam Amesh kumar from visakhapatnam im using Hou-U19 model on the glass one scratch happen…is it replaceable or not ? If yes can i know how much it costs??Please tell me it will be great if you give info…..

  77. hai friends how to share the internal files through data cable with my desktop. it does not working in my huawei honor holly. and also how to off the camera snap sound??

  78. Ganesh Kakumalla

    in my phone the proximate sensor is not working i buy my phn last month but i open the box yesterday only

  79. Bhuvaneswari S

    I’ve bought honor holly and inserted my old micro sd card-2Gb. Not detected properly and asking me to unmount it. What to do?

  80. FM radio is not working my Generic headset, please suggest Headset type work for this phone, thanks

  81. Hi Deepak, My FM Radio is not working with generic headset and there is not headset shipped with this phone. Can u please suggest headset I should buy to use with this phone, thanks

  82. Suresh Subramanian

    My phone is not wake up from sleep mode while i receiving phone call why it is happening

  83. While I receiving the phone calls it is not get up from sleep mode so that I am not able to know who is calling in honor holly

  84. I purchased honor holly on November1 2014.Till last month or so not many problems but now I am seriously facing battery draining and charging problem…charging takes almost 12+ hours and manier times it is not getting fully charged(i.e.,100%) suggestions are heartly welcomed.

  85. how to take screenshot in honor holly u19? can you help me, i am tiered to pres volume +power button . but i am not getting screenshot

  86. how to take screenshot in honor holly? can you help me, i am tiered to pres volume +power button . but i am not getting screenshot?

  87. as far as notification LED is concerned it is RGB, not just red and green… you can download light manager app from playstore to customize notification LED for different apps like whatsapp, sms, missed calls, email etc 🙂

  88. press “list” button while you are on homescreen. there you’ll find option for lockscreen wallpaper 🙂

  89. I went to simple home and removed standard home option and an application from the home screen of simple home. But Now I’m nt able to go back to standard home or add any application. But I can add contacts to simple home’s home screen. How to get back to standard home

  90. i removed it and pressed add tile and i get the option to add people and apps. In apps standard home option is there.

  91. Hi i am unable to connect to the internet from my honor holly mobile please suggest me how to active this

  92. Seenuvasan Shanmugam

    my honor holly having issue, always showinh index off/ error, if we open anything showing blank page with index off/,
    what to do, all the pages showing with apps, but i couldnt open anything.even setting.
    pls help me anyone to resolve this issue.

  93. please tell me how to turn off the camera sounds in honor holly smart phone? if default app doesn’t support it then tell me some names of third party apps to turn off camera sounds?

  94. I have two problems regarding the use of honor holly, so hoping for da solution..
    1) i m not being able to mak my camera sound off on this phone.
    2) The device always shows as a portable device while connecting to a pc via usb, but i need it as a
    removable disk while connecting…
    so if u have any solution for these problems plz help me..

  95. i tried to open camera but it is saying can’t open camera..
    Don’t know the problem i have?
    Can someone explain what is the problem i am facing?
    help me

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  96. Hi
    I am useing honor holy mobile… every picutre,video,mp3 only show in filemanager.. but dont show in gallery..
    Only camara picture only show in gally… pls help me any one…

  97. PLz tell a technique to remove the battery of the mobile. fed up trying to remove it from mobile.

  98. Hi,

    When I used headphones to listen songs, it worked well. But after disconnecting it output volume is nill. I am unable to listen songs without hedphones. Suggest me.

  99. I was using the set with no problem noted, but since last 28th August I am having problem with its camera settings. Most often pictures are not saved in gallery after they are being clicked. I tried camera setting restore, Restart the set but Sometimes it is solved or sometime it is not solved. From 8th of Sept I can’t resolve it. Pls guide if you can help me out.

    D. Sengupta (Kolkata )

  100. you will need to ask this at the service centers in case you want the phone language to be changed or else if you want the keyboard to be changed then you can install third party language keyboard.

  101. Everytime i opened the contact. It takes time to open loading for sometime. Whether it is an issue in honor holly

  102. I am facing several problems on honor holly.

    1. Contacts takes more than 10 min to get updated. I have to type the numbers evrytime 🙁
    2. Screen remains ON while talking in phone.
    3. Screen remains OFF when call comes

    How do I resolve these???

  103. i also have huawei honor holly. i installed lollipop custom rom. now otg cable and enable both sim 3g signal.

  104. try this….

    go to app settings open play store and clear data..force stop and disable app…then re enable it…it works

  105. abhishek is there any battery problem in honour holly
    battery backup is one day or not
    just give a suggestion

  106. 1.Might be all ur installed apps are updating in back ground ,go to settings in play store and select the option do not auto updates
    2.ur network may be too slow these two defects maybe u r facing so it doesn’t move to next step

  107. Some random apps are keep installing in my honor holly phone. Even though I have done factory resetting, the problem still persists. Can anyone please help to resolve this problem?

  108. i am unable to install app from computer to my android phone. it is throwing message
    ERROR: You don’t have any devices

  109. Could u say which ROM r u preferred for the otg update also which recovery mode selected to install the custom ROM . please reply me as soon as possible

  110. Does your Honor Holly supports OTG USB after upgrading to custom Lollipop??
    My whatsapp 7053670701. Pls tell me

  111. I want to connect My Honor Holly U-19 to LED TV through a HDMI cable.
    Anyone pls tell me, Can Honor Holly U-19 supports HDMI cable?? I want to connect my Honor Holly to LED TV using HDMI cable, Can i do with Honor Holly U-19 ??
    My whatsapp 7053670701. Pls tell me

  112. I want to enable USB OTG function in my Honor Holly U-19 .. My ph. Is rooted android. And i want USB OTG function in my ph. .. How can i add this function in my Honor Holly U-19 ??
    My whatsapp 7053670701 …. anyone plsss tell me.

  113. you cant do it. you can use the app “Ultimate Sounds Control” in Google play to do the work. but the phone has to be Rooted.

  114. Im using honor holly and not able to find songs in play music which is in my music, is it not getting sync or wat i dont knw wat d problem is? Pls someone help

  115. I am facing issue as follows, where I am getting a incoming call as I can here my ringtone but nothing is displaying on the screen until side button touch/click. Awaiting for good solution.

    Module number : Hol-U19
    Andriod ver: 4.4.2


  116. Sir when I am trying to set a contact photoin honor holly the screen in getting black and nothing is getting displayed except the contact photo word on top left hhow to resolve the problem can any one help me

  117. sat prakash Deshwal

    1) Is cast screen feature works on android 4.4.2 android version?
    2)How can we use cast screen feature in huawei honor holly? please share the step by step procedure?

  118. Hi Deepak,

    Please advise, I am unable to find the photographs which are clicked. I have checked almost every possible place in the handset, however I am unable to find the photos. Please suggest if I missed on something. “0 images/videos available”- this is the error.

  119. Hi,

    I bought Honor Holly mobile through flipkart now while receiving incoming call display not working we doesn’t aware who calling.
    I called to Flipkart and Honor holly customer care however we didn’t get proper support. Lack of problem don’t buy this product.

  120. I am using honor holly for over a year and working quite well… but accidently my nephew dropped it in water and thereafter the led notifications, camera and usb drivers got damaged… although camera came back to working automatically after 2 weeks but usb drivers isn’t working….. does anyone know here any website to download and install drivers via mobile only…..
    Please do respond if anyone have any idea….

  121. My problem is about limit of media file transfer through whatsapp. It allows only 16 MB. But it can be enhanced upto 1 GB as compared to other smart phones for which root browser of the device to be adjusted. But my phone does not have this feature. Can anybody tell me how to adjust RB of Honor holly U-19.

  122. please take proximity test
    1.switch of ur mobile
    2.then on ur mobile at the same time press volume down button u will get proximity test
    3, follow the instructions
    4.then switch off ur mobile then on it , proximity sensor wil work

  123. Hi,
    I Am using honor holly. IN MY honor holly, USB computer option is not getting displayed on phone and when i turned on the wifi mobile will get hanging but after removing the SD card it was working fine what is the problem please tell me how to rectify these problems.

  124. I have huwai honor U19 model why not come to photos on gallery,pls send to me how to change setting pls

  125. I have huwai honor model U19 photos not showing on gallery how to change setting,pls i want toshow on my photos on gallery

  126. I have honor holly u-19 smartphone….these days it doesn’t respond in my pc on being connected with usb cable…it starts charging but it doesn’t come in computer and it seems that drivers are not installed…can you suggest any sites for installing driver to me???? plzzz it’s urgent!!!

  127. you need a smart TV which support screen mirror from mobile.

    If you have such tv, you can cast your mobile screen to tv.


  129. Audio Music player is not working. It is showing audio recorder rather playing interface. This is disgusting….. 🙁

    How can I fix this irritating problem…….

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