Google is allowing users to make free calls from its Hangouts App, but only the first 1 minute will be free. For the rest of the conversation, you will have to pay standard charges. The service will be rolled out in 25 countries including India.


Before you proceed you will have to link your credit card to Google Account and add credit to it. You won’t be billed is you hang up in the first 60 seconds. Anything beyond this will cost you 60 paise per minute, which is less than what other services (read: Skype) charge you.

60 seconds is good enough if you want to convey a quick message, reminder or call and invite someone to free text chat session. Google itself states a few things you could accomplish in 60 seconds.

“Don’t worry, if you need a bit more than a minute, we’ve got you covered there too,” writes Google. “As always, phone calls with Hangouts are free for most numbers in the US and Canada, and our international rates are super low. You can make phone calls from every device where you use Hangouts, and with Hangouts Dialer on Android.

According to Google, here are the top 10 things you can say in 60 seconds:

– Say “Happy Holidays” in twenty-five different languages

– Call that great-aunt you can only handle 55 seconds at a time

– Get the surf report in Gold Coast, Australia direct from a local

– Say “I love you” 42 times

– Or alternately, say, “It’s me, not you….”

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– Give your brother in Milan up-to-the-minute score updates

– Do your elevator pitch for investors around the world

– Actually leave that voicemail instead of hanging up to avoid being charged

– Call local restaurants, hotels, and attractions when traveling internationally

– “Mom, dad, can you send some money?”