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10 Reasons Windows Phone Is As Good and Some Times Better Than Android Phone

Windows Phone hasn’t been a drastic success for Microsoft and is still miles behind Android and iOS with respect to market share, but if you have used a Windows Phone, you would agree that the platform deserves a change. If you are a hardcore Android fan used to rooting and flashing, Windows Phone might not offer the same level of freedom, but for all basic users it might prove to be more effective after all.




Long before Smartphones became a common sight, Nokia was well known for making quality mobile phones which were durable, had lasting backup and were stylish. The same holds true today as well. From low end Lumia 520 to top tier Lumia 930 – All Microsoft Lumia phones show zero compromise with build quality. With Nokia expertise, Microsoft can indeed make solid phones.

Unified Software Experience

Windows Phone 8.1 is less resource hungry than Android and how fluidly it sales even on budget phones like Lumia 630 and 730 is proof enough. Windows Phone has succeeded in offering smooth and consistent smartphone experience throughout all price ranges, something which Google is struggling to achieve with Android 4.4 Kitkat and Android One Program.

Faster and Simple

Windows Phone doesn’t make you work hard for basic tasks. Just swipe left and easily look for any app you and tap the first letter of the apps you are looking for from the index. Android provides the freedom to choose from several ways. There are infinite launchers, side launchers and gestures to choose from but most basic users find themselves scrolling and scrolling.

Live Tiles


The live tiles are incredibly useful if you wish to keep yourself updated and is very well integrated. This makes it work better than most third party alternatives you would use for the same in Android. You can customize live tiles and these tiles also blend well in Windows Phone ecosystem.

Cortana, Lockscreen Customizations and Action Center


Microsoft might have been late to the party but finally features like Cortana, Lockscreen Customizations and Action Center make Windows Phone devices much more acceptable. Microsoft has also used the best of Android and iOS and combines what works in admirable fashion. The lock screen is very customizable and displays just the right amount of information and updates that you need. Adding shortcuts in Action Center is another feature which works well.


Camera is another hardware expertise from Nokia which deserves a mention. Lumia 1020 the best camera smartphone is no longer in production, but still even at the base level, Windows Phone devices provide some of the best camera hardware and software that works smoothly with all other android devices.

Native Storage

All Lumia Phones come with 8 GB or more of native storage with the option to transfer apps to SD card. Then there is One Drive space for those who like to live on the cloud. Lack of storage space for apps is a big issue budget Android users face over a period of usage. Microsoft has better dealt with the same in Lumia Phones.



Yes, Windows Phone store doesn’t have as many apps and this can be irritating for users like me, but most popular apps that I can’t do without are now available. They look and feel better on Windows Phone. Apps are consistent, cleaner and well integrated. Basic users who don’t want to fiddle with all new and fun apps have no real reason to complain.


All across the internet you can hear users complaining about delay in latest verison updates. Many phones don’t get updated at all. Then there are OEM custom ROMs which don’t transmit unified experience after update. Most user end changes aren’t even visible and remain blanketed by custom OEM skin.

Microsoft on the other hand rolls out timely updates for entire Lumia range, which works well without bugs. Attractive Camera apps which debut with new flagship phones are also passed on to entire Lumia range (where ever hardware permits).

Microsoft Support

Those of you who like Microsoft products like One Drive, Xbox, One Note, Microsoft Office etc are better suited to Windows Phone ecosystem which works seamlessly with all Microsoft service. This will improve even further with Windows 10 where Microsoft will try and make Windows Phone lot more alluring to productivity intended users.


I wouldn’t go as far as saying that Windows Phone ecosystem is the best out there. Being an avid Android user, I don’t plan on switching either. Not yet. But Yes, Windows Phone deserves a chance. There are several basic users i personally know who aren’t as much invested in latest and greatest of tech and perhaps for them i always recommend to try a Windows Phone before opting for a budget Android device. There is a chance that Windows Phone might just work for you.


Deepak Singh

The Author spent a significant chunk of his formative years resisting technology. He now keeps an eye on where the world is heading to, and drives a passive pleasure from this indulgence. His passion to write, learn and improve drives him each day. When his day ends, he enjoys the pleasant languor and detoxifies with family. You can connect with him on and Twitter