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5 Free Apps to Audio, Video Spy Record on Android

Sometimes there could a necessity to be highly vigilant for many reasons. If you are in such a position, there are several applications on the Google Play Store for the Android devices. These applications can definitely convert your Android smartphone or tablet to a wonderful and handy spy camera or a recorder. We have come up with a list of such applications and those listed below are completely free, though there could be some limitations.  Some of them could be serious surveillance solutions, whereas others could capture candid images of friends without their knowledge making it great fun.


SECuRET SpyCam has some exclusive features in its class and it can be triggered with a visual motion. In simpler words, your smartphone or tablet can capture any motion in the field of vision and share the same automatically. There are different modes such as Disguise and Screen Locking modes that make it easier to capture content without the knowledge of people around you. The SECuRET LiveStream feature will help in live streaming the captured content remotely via webcam or other camera, thereby converting your Android device into a serious surveillance solution.


Ear Spy: Super Hearing

Ear Spy: Super Hearing makes your hearing more receptive as it basically takes audio and sound in from the microphone and amplifies it to make it louder and clearer. It is capable of eliminating the disturbances besides traffic and ambient noise that mess up the audio stream. The app works with Bluetooth headsets as well that will assist in clearly eavesdropping what is going on. The interface is intuitive and easy to use to provide a great user experience.

Ear Spy Super Hearing

Spy Camera HD

Spy Camera HD lets you to click snaps as it you are a real spy and it is a great app that will help in clicking them faster. The app comes with highlights such as muting the shutter sound and stopping camera preview on the device to ensure that no one comes to know that you are spying. Interestingly, this app lets you to capture photos in the background while you are still playing games, reading emails or anything else on your device and also adjust the photo transparency. There is a widget that will help you in capturing photos simply by shaking or whistling and you can hide the spy shots from others.

spy camera hd

Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder allows you to be always ready to record conversations on your smartphone. Several smartphones have built in recorder, but it needs to be activated manually once the call is answered to start recording. This app is quite easy to record conversations automatically and saves them securely in the internal memory for future access. It runs quietly in the background and the recordings can be moved to Google Drive or Dropbox as well.

Automatic Call Recorder

Secret Camera

Secret Camera lets you capture images simply by using the volume buttons even when your device is turned off and this application is considered one of the best spy cameras for this reason. The app has auto shot and multi shot features to capture snaps using timers. Also, there is an option to click burst mode shots using this app that can capture high quality images and videos. The application supports integrated CCTV, security video recording, HD video recording and capturing images using volume buttons and more.

secret camera

Other Similar Apps

Of course, those applications that we have listed above do capture spy audio and videos using your Android device, but they are not the only ones. There are numerous such applications on the Play Store such as Camera Silencer, Spy Camera OS and Hidden Camera to mention a few.


All these Android applications have impressive features and spy tools to transform your smartphone or tablet into a great spying tool. But, these are free and hence their capabilities would be limited. If you are looking for some serious spying experience, opt in for paid versions with advanced and intrusive features.

Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar

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