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Ways to Get Alerted for Missed Calls or Messages on Android

On Android devices, notifications are handled pretty well and it can be said that it is one of the best aspects of the platform. Of course, the panel makes sure to list every single missed call, incoming message, email, app notification and others without missing out on any information. Ultimately, displaying all the notifications with a glimpse of their contents consumes some battery power as the respective apps get active.

Moreover, there could be some apps such as games, e-commerce portals and others that you do not want to be notified of as your status bar gets cluttered with too many of them. To quench the needs of such users, developers are coming with applications that come with different types of alert systems instead of forcing users to rely on the notification panel.

We have come up with some Android applications that are designed to enhance the notifications and updates. Notably, few applications are also highly customizable and those Android users who like to create a twist on the usual style of text message notifications can try these applications. Check them below:

Floating Notifications

Floating Notifications application follows the same lines as the Facebook Chat Heads system as it presents users with small floating icons. These floating notification icons set on the home screen and other apps. This app works effectively with all of notifications, be it a game update, missed called or instant message. Furthermore, the application can be customized to suit users and there are user-defined settings to tweak the size, opacity, behavior and number of lines per message.

floating notifications

Notifier Pro

Notifier Pro delivers updates on top of the home screen similar to the stock notification Android system. The ultimate difference is that the messages are shown with the respective icons. Like in Android Jelly Bean, users can swipe to dismiss notifications or tap to launch apps and also toggle notifications on and off for specific apps. The application allows custom themes to enhance the user experience.

notifier pro

Go Launcher EX Notification

Go Launcher EX Notification is recommended to those users who like to have a custom home screen or launcher and notification system. This alert system requires users to install Go Launcher EX to ensure proper functionality. Soon as both the applications are installed, the handy notifications system will occupy its place atop the home screen icons. Whenever there is a missed call, an unread email or a Facebook notification, users will get a numerical indicator in the corner of the respective icon. The app works with multiple apps such as WhatsApp, Yahoo Mail, Twitter, Gmail, Skype and others.

go notifier

Besides these applications that render a twist to the way users can get alerts on their Android devices, there are certain applications that will utilize the small LED on the device to indicate missed calls, new text messages and other notifications. Interestingly, there are applications that display customized notifications that can alert users of those Android devices without LED notification lights. Here we have detailed some applications of this sort.

Light Flow

Light Flow allows users to set different LED colors for different notifications. It is up to the users’ choice to set a color for the missed calls, text message, new email, low battery and other types of notifications. Also, users can choose those notifications that they want to be alerted via LED blinking and the application supports notifications from hundreds of applications. Users can set repetitive sounds and vibration patterns for notifications.  The app will display alerts on the lock screen as well for easier access without unlocking the device.

light flow


NoLED provides LED-like notifications on phones and tablets that do not have LED lights. This app displays notifications as small colored dots or icons against a black screen. Though the screen is on to display small lights, only the dots or icons are lit up and the applications do not consume too much of the battery life. The app lets users to set custom notifications for missed calls, text messages, voice mail and battery life and third-party apps. NoLED lets you set different alert settings for individual functions and apps.

no led

Other Similar Applications

Apart from those applications we have listed above to alert the user in different ways other than using the notification panel, there are several others such as Notif, Notifications Off, Flash Notification 2, Dynamic Notifications and many others on the Play Store. Some applications require rooting of the device.


There are many other Android applications that are available to enhance the user experience and today we have listed those that will improvise notifications. These applications would come handy if there is no notification light on the device or to check out the alerts when in a meeting.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar, a known technology blogger & YouTuber from India. A Software Engineer by qualification, now he works as the editor-In-Chief, Webmaster, & Managing Director at Gadgets To Use. He runs a number of other technology websites as well.