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Spice Android One Dream Uno H Questions Answers FAQ – Doubts Cleared

Spice Mobiles today launched its second Android One smartphone – the Spice Dream Uno H, which basically the same hardware and adds the Hindi language support. If you have any questions regarding Spice Dream Uno H, this post might help solve some of them before you make up your mind.


Question – Does Spice Dream One Uno H have Corning Gorilla Glass Protection?

Answer- No, you can use scratch guards bundled in the device to protect display against scratches

Question – What comes inside the Box?

Answer- Box includes Scratch Guard, 1 Ampere Charger, USB cable, documentation and headphones.

Question – Does Google Spice Dream One Uno H have heating issues?

Answer – No, we didn’t observe any unconventional heating in day to day performance. We tried some heavy games as well, but we didn’t observer any unusual or excessive heating issue.

Question –What size SIM card is supported? Do both SIM support 3G?

Answer – Spice Dream One Uno H accepts 2 Micro SIM cards and both slots support 3G. You can effectively switch between SIM cards from the settings.

Question – How is the call quality?

Answer – We didn’t face any issue regarding signal reception or call quality.

Question- How well is Hindi language support integrated in the device?

Answer- Language is Hindi by default, from the very beginning. The phone includes Hindi user-interface, Hindi keyboard, Hindi voice-search support as well as the Hindi-languages versions of popular Google apps like Google Search, Maps and YouTube.

Question – Does it have LED notification light

Answer – Yes, It does have LED notification light

Question – How much is Free Storage?

Answer – Out of 4 GB about 2.2 GB is available at user end. You can also use up to 32 GB MicroSD card as well. There is no separate partition for apps. A microSD card is mandatory for taking screenshots, clicking images, etc.

Question – Can Apps be transferred to SD Card

Answers – Yes, you can move app data and some apps from internal storage to SD card. Media and application data can be stored on SD card.

Question – Do on screen Navigation significantly reduce effective display size?

Answer – Yes, the display is slightly smaller than other 4.5 Inch display devices, but with immersive mode these software navigation keys aren’t bothersome.

Question – Does it support USB OTG?

Answer – No, Google Spice Dream One Uno H do not supports USB OTG

Question – How is the Display of Spice Dream One Uno H?

Answer – 10 point multi touch IPS LCD display is 4.5 inches in size with FWVGA resolution. The display isn’t as good as the one we saw on Redmi 1S and some other competitors, but it is very usable. Touch is smooth, we didn’t notice any pixilation of any sorts. Viewing angles are ok. Text will appear soft if you are used to sharp full HD displays. On the whole display is decent and shouldn’t be a deal breaker in this price range.

Question – How is the Build Quality?

Answer – The matte finish back cover lends Dream Uno H a decent grip and feel. The build quality is similar to other Android one phones. Our review unit feels sturdy and durable.

Question – How is the Camera Quality?

Answer – The 5 MP shooter at the rear is capable of clicking some good day light shots. Details aren’t very good especially in low light conditions, but it manages to curtail noise. Comparing it to other 5 MP shooters, this one will be above average. The front facing shooter is a fixed facing unit which is average performer. Both camera’s can record HD videos.

Question – How much did Spice Dream One Uno H score on Antutu and Nenamarks 2?


Answer – Antutu Score is 18,857 and Nenamark Score is 62.5.


Question – How many sensors does Spice Dream One Uno H have?

Answer – You can see the list in the image below


Question – How much RAM is available on first boot?

Answer – Around 535 MB RAM is free on first boot. The interface is very responsive.

Question – How is GPS Locking?

Answer – GPS locking is good both indoors and outdoors.

Question – How Loud is Loudspeaker on Spice Dream One Uno H?

Answer – Loudspeaker is good. Loudness doesn’t reduce drastically when the phone is resting on its back. We are satisfied with the loudspeaker performance.

Question – Can Google Spice Dream One Uno H play Full HD 1080p Videos?

Answer – Yes, it can smoothly play full HD and HD videos. HD playback is smooth but Full HD videos didn’t play as smoothly.

Question – Can Spice Dream One Uno H be connected to Bluetooth headsets?

Answer – Yes, you can connect it to Bluetooth headset

Question – Is WiFi Display supported?

Answer – Yes, WiFi display is supported

Questions – How is the Battery backup?

Answer – Battery backup isn’t great but basic users can manage 1 day average usage. There is 1700 mAh removable battery which can last up to 4 hours of continuous usage.


Spice Dream Uno H is basically the same Android One smartphone with support for Hindi language. It’s the same quality for almost the same price but a more specific target audience. In case you are looking for Android One package with Google Software support, but in Hindi, you can buy Spice Android One Dream Uno H in India.


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