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YU Yureka Questions Answers FAQ – Doubts Cleared

Updated on 2nd February 2015

Update 1-1-15: We have added a few more questions at the end of the post, since we have had  some more experience with Yureka.

Micromax today introduced its ambitious Yureka smartphone to challenge Xiaomi and other Chinese manufacturers in India. The device is indeed up for the task and has several highlights on paper. Registration starts tomorrow and the stock is expected to run out pretty soon. In case you are planning to buy from the first batch, here are some basic question and answers you can go through for better perspective.


YU Yureka Quick Specs

  • Display Size: 5.5 Inch  IPS LCD, 1280 X 720p HD resolution,  267 PPI
  • Processor: 1.5  GHz 64 bit Octa Core Snapdragon 615 Cortex A53
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Software Version: Android 4.4 KitKat based CyanogenMod 11 OS
  • Camera: 13 MP, F2.2 5P lens, Can record 1080p Full HD videos at 30fps, 720p HD videos at 120fps
  • Secondary Camera: 5 MP fixed focus
  • Internal Storage:  16 GB
  • External Storage: 32 GB using MicroSD card
  • Battery: 2500 mAh (Removable)
  • Connectivity:  HSPA+, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS,  Micro USB 2.0,

Question – Does YU Yureka have Corning Gorilla Glass Protection?

Answer- Yes, the display is well protected by Gorilla Glass 3. It is still advisable that you use tempered glass or scratch guard on top.

Question – What comes inside the Box?

Answer- Box includes Scratch Guard, 1 Ampere Charger, USB cable, documentation and headphones. First few customers will also get handcrafted leather case cover for free.

Question –What size SIM card is supported? Do both SIM support 3G?

Answer – YU Yureka accepts 2 Micro SIM cards. First SIM card supports 4G while both support 3G.

Question – Does it have LED notification light

Answer – Yes, It does have LED notification light

Question – How much is Free Storage?Can Apps be Moved to SD card?

Answer – Out of 16 GB about 12GB is available at user end. You can also use up to 32 GB MicroSD card as well. There is no separate partition for apps. Apps can not be moved to SD card.

Question – Can Apps be transferred to SD Card

Answers – Yes, you can move app data and some apps from internal storage to SD card. Media and application data can be stored on SD card.

Question – Does it support USB OTG?

Answer – yes, USB OTG  is supported

Question – How is the Display of Yureka?

Answer – The display is not the best highlight of this device. Display sharpness, brightness and viewing angles are good, but colors are little off. we compared the display side by side with Redmi Note, which seemed better.

Question – How is the Build Quality?

Answer – The moonstone back finish is not similar to OnePlus One Sandstone feel. Its basically matte finish back cover which gives the phone a nice grip. Build quality is decent but not fancy. On the whole, we have no complains against build quality considering the price range.

Question- Will rooting void warranty?

Answer- No, rooting and flashing won’t void 1 year warranty. Micromax has also announced that it will be offering on site replacement and repair.

Question – How is the Camera Quality?

Answer – The 13 MP rear camera has a Sony Exmor sensor with F2.2 aperture, 5p lens and blue light filter. The camera is capable of clicking some great images even in low light conditions, but images get blurry even with little camera motion. Cyanogen needs to fix image stabilization issues in next update. You can record 1080p full HD videos at 30fps and 720p HD videos at 60 fps. The camera app is simple to use and rich in features.

Micromax Yu Yureka Photo Samples in Low Light, Day Light and Indoor [Video]

Question – How much did Yureka score on Antutu and Nenamarks 2?

Answer – Antutu Score is 30,471 and Nenamark Score is 55 fps.

Micromax Yu Yureka Benchmark Review, Sensors and Hardware Overview[Video]

Question – How many sensors does Yureka has?

Answer – You can see the list in the image below. Magnetometer is not present, so compass or related apps won’t work.


Question – How much RAM is available on first boot?

Answer – Around 1.3 GB RAM is free on first boot. The interface is very responsive.

Question – How is GPS Locking?

Answer – GPS locking is good both indoors and outdoors.

Question – How Loud is Loudspeaker on Yureka? How is the headphone quality?

Answer – Loudspeaker is not very loud. YU has highlighted 24 bit audio setup, which we will further test in coming days. The headphones inside the box are just ok.

Question – Can Yureka play Full HD 1080p Videos?

Answer – Yes, it can smoothly play full HD and HD videos. HD playback is smooth

Question – Can Yureka be connected to Bluetooth headsets?

Answer – Yes, you can connect it to Bluetooth headset

Question – Is WiFi Display supported?

Answer – Yes, WiFi display is supported

Question – How is the battery backup?

Answer – Battery will last for one day with moderate usage. It is nothing impressive nor is it a deal breaker in any way. It is slightly lesser compared to Redmi Note 4G.

Question- Does it have any heating issue?

Answer – No, we didn’t face any unusual heating issue

Question – How is the Call Quality? Is cellular video calling supported?

Answer – Call quality is average. Not too great when compared to high end devices. Video calling via cellular networks is not supported.

Question – How powerful is LED flash?

Answer – LED flash is quite powerful, no issues with that.

Micromax Yu Yureka Questions Answered Doubts Cleared FAQ

Micromax Yu Yureka India Unboxing, Review, Benchmarks, Gaming and Comparison [Video]


Yureka is a good value for money device. We recommend that you wait for full reviews to be out before you place your order. We will update this post with more questions like call quality and battery backup after we have spent some more time with the device. In case you have an unanswered question, you can post it in the comment section below. [We have added more questions in this article after spending some quality time with Yureka]


341 thoughts on “YU Yureka Questions Answers FAQ – Doubts Cleared”

  1. Then which will be better Redmi Note or Yu Yureka . Please suggest because I want to buy new phone under 10k

  2. Did You suggest This Mobile For New User and How The Gaming performance Will It Run All The High Graphics Games Like GTA,NOVA,ASPHALT 8Without Any Lag ?

  3. Handset 4g or 3g only as mention Amazon site this phone is 4g but I am not heared in your reviews that is 4g so plz. Explain

  4. sir i want to ask a question to you what is about warranty it should be normal 1 year and the servicing and warranty repair is under covered by micromax service center or their was a saprate service center

  5. high end gaming shouldn’t be a problem at all. It has a powerful chipset, light UI and enough free RAM on first boot

  6. we will have to test it more to comment on that. in our detailed initial testing, we didnt observe any heating issue. We will test in our full review if that holds true over a period of time.

  7. what is the quality of front camera is it better then iphone’s front camera or equal to it or poor ???

  8. Will the 2500mAh battery be sufficient to make the phone last at least a day, given the massive amount of features packed with the device?

  9. Yu will be always better, as my friend’s Redmi Note has started problems with screen and battery and also with camera.

  10. Nothing to say about servicing.
    But any repair or replacement will be done by coming to your home, not Micromax service center.
    The the software warranty is unlimited while hardware can’t be told as of now.

  11. So, One big question.
    Please tell us what ever your experience of the YU.
    1. Battery draining problem.How fast it drains.
    2. In the launch event, that person said that we can clock our processor, is there some option in settings? the 64 bit processor worth it?
    4. Screen is not full hd, any problems with the screen.
    5. Cyanogen Rom’s problems like the yellow screen band,etc.
    And yes, the launch person said it’s antutu score is 31,000 but in ur review it shows 26500 which is not near to OPO.
    so did they give a wrong statement?

  12. Sir, does yureka support native video calling over 3g network or we have to use any 3rd party app

  13. I’m confused … i want 2 buy best features phone under 10000.. i liked yureka but battery is not good…

  14. Will the 2500mAh battery be sufficient to make the phone last at least a day, given the massive amount of features packed with the device?

  15. Q: Is it a Coolpad F2 clone / rebranded device?
    A: Yes, absolutely. Micromax lives upto it’s reputation of releasing rebranded phones.

  16. do u have any idea that how many units of this phone will be made and will it be in stock if i opt to order in feb(mid-feb)

  17. How is the Audio Quality when we use avi, mp3, 3gp & mp4 format. Any advance feature is there for audio quality in this mobile?

  18. we haven’t done full review of Yureka yet. Yureka wont be readily available at least for one more month

  19. can we experience multi-tasking with this device?
    can we root it without pc?
    can we update it to further android versions like lollipop and so?

  20. features by themself won’t tax the battery much. Cyanogen OS is well optimized. we will know for sure after our full review as to how long the battery lasts.

  21. when compared to cost performance ratio which mobile is the best choice in 12k segment
    I am planning to buy a mobile and a bit confused. I can use windows as well as android platforms very well. Lumia 730 or yuyureka will be best choice when compared the cost performance ratio? Please give me ur suggestions

  22. @deepak3118 can u check magnetic compass and heading (degrees) working or not in “Gps Test” app

  23. How is the call sound volume and sound quality. I bought samsung note 3 neo recently which is very poor in call audible sound level, although sound quality is good…

  24. Sir i want to know how better it handles heavy games like asphalt 8 and REAL RACING 3…

    Suggest me some heavy gaming devices under 15000 INR which have a good battery backup….and future update to lollipop(optional)..

  25. in my personal opinion i am still biased towards Moto G:). but i am sure many will find Yureka better. Tell me what you prioritize the most in your smartphone?

  26. Yureka camera is good, but even if you move a little, photos get blurred. I think this will be resolved with software update.

  27. It depends on which OS you like more. Lumia 730 is more stable and well suited for basic users. Yureka is for those who wish to constantly play with and customize every aspect of their device.

  28. Thanks man! I am confused now, I wanted buy this but I am not sure whether to buy this since I already wasted my money on note 3 neo which is very poor in sound level.

  29. we are not yet sure about this. rooting won’t void warranty, but exact terms and conditions are unclear now.

  30. Sir , please mention which apps are movable to sd card …???? I mean I’m more concerned about the big games … What about those ???

  31. which one is best among yureka and xolo Q3000 and xiaomi redmi note (dont consider the price, limit is upto 14000)

  32. Your Note 3 Neo is a defective product.. Cause I’m also using Note 3 neo. It has got the best call speaker I’ve even seen in my life..! The Call quality is Just Excellent on Note 3 Neo..!

  33. How well is the MINIMUM DISPLAY BRIGHTNESS? Is it suitable for ZERO light conditions to watch movies? Or does it strain eyes?
    And also between Moto G and Yureka, which one has the least level of brightness?
    Please do reply.. Thanks…

  34. Somesh Singh Sikarwar

    How is the camera quality compared to other 13mp cam of sony and samsung or moto g2 and one more thing yureka use the same sony imx135 cmos sensor used in moto x2 samsung s4 and lg g2 does it mean it will offer same quality images as these high end phone(sam s4, moto x2)have?

  35. we have seen some really different performances with imx135. Yureka camera is great, better than Moto G2, but with our review unit we felt that software needed some work. this shall be fixed with subsequent updates.

  36. after lollipop update, does it wil have “Move to SD card option?”……I want big games to be shifted to SD card…..if is it possible??…. Does it supports 4K videos….

  37. after d update to lollipop version , does it wil have ”move to SD card option?” means I want to shift big games to SD card..soo if it would be possible… & does it support 4K videos???? is it better than Samsung galaxy grand prime?

  38. my prioritize the most in GAMING like ashphbalts and 1+GB games
    does any lag or heating after playing game for an hour?

  39. yes you can use gps without internet, but it wasn’t very reliable at all times. everything works fine in high accuracy mode (with data on)

  40. I am unable to connect internet through wi fi. What is the problem? It is showing connected but unable to response while using play store or chrome.

  41. 1.Does this phone have in built call recording and is there any option for auto call recording? If no inbuilt call recording function, then does it support call recording function (both sides) through other apps without rooting?

    2. Which currently available android phones up to Rs 15000 have best GPS as per your experience? Does any android phone under 10,000 offers a really great navigation experience?


  42. sir I wana ask you only 2 questions….. pls pls reply…

    1} is it record video in mp4 quality format???? or in 3Gp like other mmx handsets….
    2}pls tell me what is net speed in 4G???? ……. and i am also requesting you to pls record a video which is showing its 4g net speed by using speedtest app please………..

  43. Please explain about YUREKA phone and how to ROOT the phone
    and what is the main uses with a rooting and how to take a screen shots and what is cyanogenmod?
    main thing in my mobile wifi is not connecting, what can i do.

    please give me a reply as earliest possible.

  44. Anantharaman Umasankaran

    Micromax Yureka vs LG G Flex vs HTC Desire 820 which is the best out of these … YU has the best software G flex is huge and scratch resistant 820s has the best camera. kindly assist

  45. as you said, they all have their merits and demerits and all belong in different league. Based on my usage, i would go with Desire 820 out of the three,

  46. have used Yureka, but haven’t spent much time with Lenovo A6000. we can answer that after our full review. Yureka is a very good device, i am expecting Lenovo A6000 to fall short of Yureka.

  47. I am planning to buy the yureka in India. I later plan to be shifting in the US. Is the yureka compatible with the bandwith in the US. Could I purchase the handset here and later purchase a sim and use it in the US.

  48. rooting gives you permission to access and edit all files (including system files) on Android phone. The advantages include more control, more access, more customization options over your device.
    Yureka uses CyanogenMod OS, which is optimized Android only. You can consider it an Android OS with some additional features.
    There might be several reasons for your WiFi problem, but most often its the wrong password being used (especially in case sensitive passwords) please try connecting it to different router

  49. Which one is better redmi note 3G or Yureka.
    Note 3g has higher benchmark in all apps like nenamark, antutu, quadrant etc.

    Ignore 4g..

    Please answer

  50. Yes, Videos are recorded in MP4 format. We haven’t tested 4G as Airtel doesn’t provide 4g services in our area.

  51. In my personal opinion Redmi Note 3G is better. But the storage on redmi Note 3G is quite less if you plan on playing High end games. In other areas like battery life and display its better.So yeah if you are not much into games note 3G will be a better option (although it is no longer available)

  52. is call quality good or not in yureka ?
    Sir, pls reply me (because i am going to buy that one) Thanks

  53. Hello Sir, As you said that this phone Yureka is not supporting video calling. But please tell me what about skype, imo or other video calling software?

  54. please provide comparative detail of picture quality of yu 13 MP camera with other 13 MP camera phones

  55. Through Airtel Network Yureka customer care no not connected. 18602122122. How we contact with care.

  56. I can’t acess my memory card on device.
    When i connect my device via USB cable to my laptop but i can’t see any storage icon for any data transfer.

    Pls Rply…

  57. This could be due to several reasons. please make sure that your USB cable and ports are fine. SD card will be shows as different directory on your PC. check if its connected as USB storage or Media device. you can also use apps like Airdroid till you get the issue resolved

  58. You will have to check this out at Yuplaygod forums, for those who have actually rooted the phone. There is no one answer for all devices.

  59. Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the speakers of the phone. i heard that the speaker volume is very low and its really difficult to hear the ringtone when the phone is in pocket or bag. Is it true ? can you please comment on this ?

  60. Hi Deepak,

    Thanks for the detailed answers! I have a question regarding the speakers of the phone. i heard that the speaker volume is very low and its really difficult to hear the ringtone when the phone is in pocket or bag. Is it true ? can you please comment on this ?

  61. Overall it is a OK phone at this cost. But it is getting heated up on the back when on Skype even for a few minutes

  62. i just bought before 2 days.but when i took picture and then just go through that picture by swiping camera then image was blurred and when i zoom it it will be what is the reason behind that??when that image if i opened in gallary then it will clear and aftr zooming it became blurred …opposite of that…why? can u suggest me what happened?

  63. Never say Never. Yureka doesn’t have it yet but it will have it in the future. It is a phone prepared for the future.

  64. How to set a Ring+Vibrate option because when it rings it doesn’t vibrate and we don’t have option to select both. The options which we have is only Ring, Vibrate, Mute and Unchanged.

  65. how is yureka mobile ? why micro max not giving the service for this mobile im going to purchase plz replay fast …… sir

  66. its good, meant for those who like to tinker with their phones. only drawback is that it looks very simple.

  67. i dont have the device with me now so can’t check if option is there by default. But i guess its not there by default. you can download apps like ringvibrate widget and others to do the same

  68. Its not water proff …if it was then it wouldhave been the best phone + the heating issue while using it would heat the water .while playing angry birds space and candy crush it get heated and far cry 4 also ….so i didnt put the heavy games ….in it .

  69. Mahendra Singh Chouhan

    Please tell me how to lock gallery, what’s app and other this a inbuilt feature or is there any app for it and good app.

  70. I am unable to connect my earphone to my mobile.whenever i connect to play music speaker keeps working and no sound from earphone.please suggest what must b the issue

  71. How do i copy data from my old phone to yureka.. Does Yureka have any backup application as kies for samsung

  72. Harshit Kumar Saini

    what about GPS.. does it gives GPS Navigation Audio Directions or other way..???

  73. Rakesh Mylapalli

    when i am charging & trying to “ON” my WIFI its not activing …
    Y is that ??
    Is there any setting that needs to be changed ?
    And if i am connecting my headset there r not connecting until i restart my Yureka…

    Pls help me out in solving this problems…

  74. In the yureka ???

    I guess vibrate during call feature missing ?
    What’s u say Guy’s ??

    Can I enabled these features vibrate during call?

  75. I have a problem with the proximity sensor in yu yureka.! When i call nd take the phone to the ear the display turns off cuz of proximity sensor but when i take away from my ear the screen wony light up untill the call is completely disconnected.!!

  76. And one more thing if i connect my earphones than after sometime if i receive a call.. Den the earpiece of phone doesn’t work.! I’ll have to connect my earphones to listen to the call

  77. shashank w parulekar

    hi ive just started using yu yureka and when i removed the fully charged battery to insert sim .it showed only 4 % charge on reassembling.then i recharged and again removed battery to adjust the sim.same thing happened.on using phone for one day ie 24hrs battery is there a problem whire removing battery?

  78. Sir i have problem with otg connection when i connect it will show all contain to copy to phone but when try to copy into pendrive it will show try to change to root access mode what should i do for this any idea regarding that and when i connect otg it will show device is charging whats that mean???anyone plz help with this topic….

  79. When I did factory reset the pictures in the internal memory aren’t erased, is there any problem in my device, somebody please tell me

  80. that could be due to pictures syncing with cloud (Google +) or because they are on SD card.

  81. How to club shortcuts on the screen? (like clubbing all google apps in one folder, all social aaps in one tab)

  82. dude my 32 gb sd card is not supported….media scanning is also not available …’s like there’s no use of sd card . other than that its an excellent phone

  83. What is the default document reader in Yureka and what are the document formats supported by it?

  84. If I call someone so my phone’s light get turn off `and its never on….

    so what can i do

  85. this might be due to your screen guard interfering with proximity sensor. If i get any other solution i will get back to you. Maybe Yureka users here can help you.

  86. by default it relies on Google Drive to open documents. I have tried to open PDF and Word files. Only PDF files opened using drive. You will have to download a third party app if you want to handle more document formats

  87. quick settings > static tiles > sound mode > sound and vibrate is selected. but still vibrant and sound both is not happening during incoming calls.
    If it is possible pls let me know.

  88. i am facing dis problem since first day of usage…
    during cal the person on the other is unable to hear me the sound goes vry lowered…..its really irritating wat is the problem behind it plz tell me…

  89. Bhai mere yureka me jb m call milata hu ya call active hoti h to lights display lights off ho jati h..jb tk call ended na ho…koi optn de do plzz….

  90. i think it is supposed to be that way. Does the display light up when you press the power key? XNPH05Q update includes some proximity sensor improvements. make sure that your phone is up to date

  91. Nikhil Vijayvergia

    Can you please tell the procedure how to move Apps from internal storage to SD card? ? please tell step by step..and please check your answers for initial 8-10 question because in your FAQ for one question you wrote that Apps can be transferred on other question you wrote that Apps can not be moved to SD card….please clarify with procedure..thanks..!!

  92. bhagyaraj pillai

    How to delete Files from Pendrive connected to Yureka? It shows try enabling root access. Please let me know the details.

  93. my yu bluetooth not working.
    select my send file & click send option
    message says no register app
    please help

  94. Sangeeth Priyan

    While taking photos, flash light is not working? how to enable to flash light while using camera ? any suggestion ?

  95. I cannot support OTG USB cable to My yureka cell phone and not connect PC through USB cable. Plz suggest/ solution for the same.

  96. Am new to smart phone and my first smart phone is Yureka…..
    I have some important text message in previous mobile, I want to transfer to yureka mobile… very basic model Samsung E2232.. help me to transfer those messages to yureka….

  97. when i call some one mobile( YU Yureka) phone screen locked (display light off) there is no way to reopen screen please told me how to unlocked screen when calling

  98. when i call some one mobile phone screen locked (display light off) there is no way to reopen screen please told me how to unlocked screen when calling as well as i want to know about it copy option how can i copy document phone to sd card

  99. when i call some one mobile( YU Yureka) phone screen locked (display light off) there is no way to reopen screen please told me how to unlocked screen when calling

  100. My yu yureka mobile is update to lolipop vr. But camera focus is not working ….. can you please tell me how to solve that problem

  101. When i call someone on my yureka handset during call screen is off when I’m try to cut the call it is very difficult please give some Solution

  102. Can anyone of you confirm if Yureka supports 64 GB of class 10 micro sd card? I know according to specs, it supports only 32 Gb but some users claim that it can support 64 Gb as well. So want to confirm before purchasing the same. Thanks.

  103. Is there any option in yureka to touch anywhere to click photograph as sometimes it becomes difficult to click selfie with only that camera touch

  104. Any possibility to get the internet from lan cable (without wifi hotspot)

    Friends after using(minimun 15-20 mins) cam or video, mobile is heating….
    remaining features are good.

  105. i have changed some setting and now i am not able to play music through play music….. can anyone suggest me how to recover thisproblem

  106. Hi,
    I am facing issue in gallery.
    I am not able see whatsup images & other app image in gallery.

  107. I can’t see my SD card in file manager. How can is that possible to see? What’s wrong with my YU yureka

  108. i was getting connection timed out retry in my play store an i know the reasons …

  109. that could be due to various reasons, check the mobile data limit in the settings.

  110. kill playstore from recent apps and try again. maybe you have skipped the part where you have to accept terms and conditions when your launch the store for the first time

  111. cellular video calling, via SIM card is not supported. You can use third party apps like skype, viber etc

  112. Guys i have Updated to LOLLYPOP os yesterday. I am unable to connect Mobile internet .
    Before updating i was able to connect.Pls help.

  113. Hi Guys, I have updated OS in Yureka to Lollypop yesterday. I am unable to connect mobile internet now.
    Before updating i was using Internet in mobile.Pls help

  114. Hi, I want to move my contacts from old phone to Yu. I exported from old phone to External SD and then changed card to YU. When I say import from Storage, it says “No vCard file found”. But at same time when I brose through file explorer, I can see the .vcf file. What may be the reason? Can you please suggest some solution?

  115. It was there in KitKat build, after the update i can’t find it in toggles (i superficially checked yesterday), will take a look again and let you know if i find something. meanwhile, power widget is a build in thing, which is there in all android phones. You can sync/ unsync manually using the widget.

  116. manually means do you mean i will have to turn off sync while using mobile data and turn on again while using Wifi.

  117. but it does not show the sim network are showing but cant see the sim option in contact by which i lost my all contact plz help me how can i get it back

  118. Hi video’s don’t play at all.. Though I can hear voice sometimes. YouTube app suddenly I have started getting an error that videos can’t be played…no sound either. Pl guide

  119. sir, can u create function like fota update in lava iris x8 smart clock cover in YUREKA or in yuphoria
    i have 5 yureka in my family i also ordered yuphoria
    in yuphoria lack of usb otg & notification led disappoint me
    over all it’s best

  120. go to the menu in contact app, it will give Import option, choose import from SIM card

  121. Hi Am using yureka mob, my problem is whats app downloading images and videos are not showing in my phone gallery so pls help me how to sort out this problem…

  122. How to change the default video player of gallery videos. I want to use mxplayer as a default video player when I open any video from gallery.

  123. Hi, I have some bugs with my yureka & I couldn’t able to fix the bugs, please guide me…. Here are the bugs….
    * I couldn’t able to fix the weather panel on my home screen…( many times I tried on setting but its not working)
    * I have seen on cpuz app that it was showing my battery is only 2000amh…. I don’t know why????
    * I couldn’t able to increase my speaker volume….
    ( I tried to increase my speaker & boot volume from 82 to 92 but it was not accepting & it was mention that your device not have this option!!!!)

  124. how to close all the opened apps in yureka.
    in samsung we had button bottom left to open all the background app. its not there in yureka

  125. it is there. the left most button in the navigation bar on screen will open recent apps. at the top there is an option to wipe of all recent apps at once

  126. How can I connect my Western digital 500 GB passport to yureka? Using otg cable it shows USB removed and that msg keeps on popping. When I tried the same with Moto G2 it detected hard drive and I was able to transfer data.

  127. In have updated to lollypop and latest update from yureka, after than no heating issue at all even after several hour of usage.

  128. U just select the file than go back to that folder when u want to copy or move ur file and than select the option

  129. Hi, Im using yu yureka plus.

    As you said in earlier posts that we can move app data as well.

    How to move app data ( wats app data) to SD card.

    If im taking pictures or videos it stores in internal storage.. Can it be directly store in SD Card.

    Please suggest.. how to store directly when ever an image or video comes in wats app should be stored in SD card and taking pictures or videos should directly store in SD card.

  130. I am fall in a problem that my YU yureka doesn’t support otg cable when I tried then it re start again and again…..
    then I decided to update lalipop 5.o but it doesn’t matter it doesn’t support but known it do not restart but it don’t give any diflection helllp me plzzzzplzzzz!!!! if any solution

  131. when i connect otg my yureka will be autometically switch off why? please give me answer what should i do?

  132. bhai the cam. of yureka plus is better than lonovo K3 is it right or not

    1Q where is music player in yureka plus NOT google music player wheather it is in it or download any app if app than kun see app.

    ha plz. send ma mail ok bhai sood buy

    I M wating for your reply

  133. if you cant find the music player in yureka, go ahead and install it from play store – there are many third party play store.

  134. hi.. yu yureka users.. anybody had update, yu yureka cyanogen 11 to cyanogen 12…? That means android 4.4 to lollipop on yu yureka. any issues on lolliipop updation? plz… tell me the answer..

    bcoz, i’m waiting for my updation…

    Tnk u all..

  135. Can we connect pendrive directly to the yu yureka/yureka plus mobile without using otg cable
    ie pendrives having dual connectors otg n usb
    e.g sandisk ultra dual 3.0

  136. When my mobile will come from service centre. i have deposit it to micromax service centre for resolving my problem regarding Wifi and blootooth. its not at all working. they told me it will direct be delivered to my home or post office. but now today its cmpleted 12 days, but my phone not yet received. the contact no which has provided to me its switched off.. 🙁
    please any one suggest what to do? in how many days it will be return to me?

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