E-Commerce trade in India is expected to hit 20 billion by 2015. More and more retailers are battling to offer maximum possible discounts and if you want to save some money and track the best deal out there, Price trackers can be quite useful. Here are a few price trackers that you can use.



The name is little off-putting, but if you can get past that, Cheapass.in is a very effective and simple to use price tracker. If you want to be notified about price drops of a particular product, you can click send alerts and copy-paste URL of your product page. For first time, it will ask for and verify your email ID as well. Whenever the price drops, you will get alerted.



Pricetrack.in is another no nonsense price tracker which allows you to easily track all your items from one place. You can just view the list on your dashboard and directly go to the buy link whenever the price drops. Only input it requires is the URL for the product page you want to track.

If you want email alerts, you can click on Price drop notification option and also specify the amount of price drop after which you wish to be notified. It works for Flipkart, Amazon.in, Jabong, Snapdeal and Infibeam.

India Price Tracker


This is another simple but effective price tracker made by Amit Aggarwal. You can start by copying a doc sheet by clicking on the linked text. Follow the following simple steps:

Step1: Add your email to cell A11

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Step2: Add product URL to Column B

Step3: Click on ‘India Price Tracker’ in the menu above and select authorize

Step 4: Grant Permission and Authorize tracker

Step 5: Again click on ‘India Price Tracker’ and select Start Tracker.

The tracker will now send daily updates regarding price drops for your product. The App is simple to use and effective.


The BuyHatke or CompareHatke chrome extension promises to make your life even simpler. You can simply add the extension for free to your Google Chrome. Whenever you visit a product page, you will see Watch Price and Compare tabs. You can hit the Watch Price button to start tracking prices and click Compare button to see prices across other online retail portals.


The add-on also displays a price graph, based on which it recommends if it’s the right time to buy the product. BuyHatke extension also applies the best coupon for you at the time of checkout automatically.

Right click on any product and select compare on Compare Hatke extension from the list for comparisons. You can also right click on the extension button on top and select options for some cool deals and other features.



MakhiChoose is another chrome extension which is basically clutter free and automatically prompts you of lowest possible price whenever you are shopping on an ecommerce site. By clicking on the price tag like icon on the product page, you can also click on Price track option and enter you email for price drops alert.


You can choose any of the above tool to easily compare prices across various online websites, instead of hunting for deals separately. If you are a frequent online shopper, these will definitely go a long way in improving your shopping experience and save you some time and money. In case you find some other tool more helpful, share it in the comment section below.