Nokia surprised us with the launch of Nokia N1 tablets few weeks back and if recent leaks are to be believed, the company is already working on its first full fledged Android phone, code named Nokia C1, running Android 5.0 Lollipop.


After its acquisition by Microsoft, Nokia was prohibited from making smartphones till 2016. Microsoft also acquired all of Nokia Devices employees as part of the deal, which means Nokia will either have to start from scratch or lease its brand name to Foxconn or other manufacturer, similar to Nokia N1 tablet.

Nokia’s new device will undoubtedly feature its Z launcher, while other leaked hardware specifications include 2 GB RAM, 5 Inch HD display, 32 GB native storage, 8 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera. Nokia C1 is expected to be designed by what remain of Nokia.

It is still too soon to judge the veracity of these claims. Even if Nokia is planning on launching its next smartphone, we don’t expect this to happen any time soon.

At a conference call with Shareholders couple of months back, Nokia CEO admitted that Nokia brand is there most valuable asset. Nokia is definitely looking into stepping back in the game, but it will still take some time for things to materialize. Do you think a Nokia branded device build by Foxcon will receive the same warmth and trust worldwide?

via PhoneArena

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  1. Nokia is known to make quality hardware, and if this phone is similar to Nokia’s recently launched tablet in terms of the software I’m so gonna buy it. But the processor in it will also be a deciding factor, we have seen previously that Nokia has used intel based SoC on its N1 tablet and it is not hidden that intel mobile SoCs are nowhere close in terms of power consumption when compared to Qualcomm ones. Also the compatibility of majority of android apps to be able to run on x86 architecture is still in question. That being said it will be interesting to see what Nokia comes up with.


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