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4 Ways to Fix Low storage Problem on Android

Low storage problem is something which Android users have been facing since long time. Things are changing for good with manufacturers removing the Phone Storage/ Internal Storage partition and providing one big storage space to use as users please. Even if you have storage space pending, your smartphone can be plagued by low storage warning which can be irritating. Here are some steps you can follow to deal with the problem.

Clear App Cache and Data


You can clear App cache and data as a temporary measure. There are several apps like Link2SD and other App Cache cleaners which will allow you to wipe all cache at once, however this isn’t recommended unless absolutely necessary. Remove Data of Apps you rarely use or even apps like Facebook, Google+, SMS Messages and internet browsers is something which can help free considerable space. Many Android users have several SMs

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Move data to SD card


Less memory means extra storage space and that means you need an SD card. This is the first thing that you must have figured out, but practically implementing this can be a great distress in itself. To begin with transfer apps that can be transferred to SD card using Apps like Link2SD and check default write disk in Settings>>Storage as SD card.

You can have several GB of Free space on SD card and yet get low storage message. This is due to limited internal storage partition being filled to brim with some space reserved for updates and preloaded app data. This problem can be better resolved only by rooting. Apart from Apps, you can always move pictures and other media files to SD Card to free considerable space.

Analyse and Remove Apps


You can download Disk Usage App from Playstore to get full Map of how your storage is being used. If you see an app storing too much of the precious storage space you can live without. You can uninstall it. You can also check preloaded apps and how much data they have on your device. Rooted users get many more options. Visit the app info page of all preloaded apps and disable them if you don’t use them

Lucky Patcher and Other Apps


Rooted users can use several apps like lucky patcher to solve low storage issue on your android phone. In the menu of the app, you can go to troubleshooting and tap on remove fixes and backups or go to toolbox to remove unwanted backups and data. You can now restart your Android phone and continue installing applications. Users can also download apps like ROM Toolbox Lite to remove log data and other things hogging storage.


Apart from inspection and manually deleting and transferring files, non rooted users don’t have many options to fix low storage errors. When you buy your next android phone, buy the one without storage partition and the one which allows you to transfer apps to SD card, if you wish to download and keep large number of apps on your smartphone.

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