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Top 10 Battery Power Banks To Buy In India

Updated on 2015-25-3: We have added a few more Power banks to this list, to provide more options to our consumers.

Why Power Banks, There Weight and Power Rating Matters

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Why You Need Power Banks ?

In an age where Smartphones are our constant companion, no amount of power can be deemed as sufficient. If running out of charge is not acceptable at any cost, you must keep a power bank with you at all times. There are 100’s of models spanning all price ranges to choose from. Here are a few that we have spent quality time with and which we recommend and some of these we have reviewed.

Xiaomi 10,400 mAh power Bank


Water and corrosion resistant Xiaomi 10,400 mAh Power Bank is perhaps the best Power Bank for average consumers that we have come across. Xiaomi is doing everything just right with its 999 INR battery pack which can charge an iPhone 4.5 times.

Features include overcharge/over discharge protection, LED indicators, fast charging port and USB connector. 2 AMP wall charger doesn’t come bundled inside the box, and you will have to buy it separately for fast charging.  You can buy it from Flipkart for 999 INR.

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Xiaomi 10400 mAH Power Bank Unboxing, Review, Features, Original or Fake Check and Overview[Video]

Cheero 12000 mAh Battery Bank


Bigger batteries and consequently Bigger Battery banks take longer to charge. This is an important fact which first time Power Bank consumers’ tend to ignore. Cheero 12000 mAh battery bank comes with a 2 Ampere charger and good quality USB cable out of the box for fast charging.

It also comes with a good quality velvet pouch out of the box. The build quality is pretty good with chrome finished side edges, but the size and weight, like most other 12000 mAh power banks is on the higher side. Other features include LED light level indicators, 2.1 A output port for fast charging and flash light. You can buy it from cheero official website or Amazon for approx 2000 INR.

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Cheero Energy Plus 12000 mAh Power Bank Battery Backup Unboxing and Review [Video]

TYLT PowerPlant


The TYLT PowerPlant 5200 mAh power bank is another product with excellent build quality that we liked. It outputs 2.1 A current for fast charging. The battery takes around 6 hours to completely charge. Other features include flex arm for convenience while traveling, support for charging 2 devices simultaneously, LED indicators and over discharge protection.

This power bank is about the same size as a credit card and thus, it’s extremely convenient to carry around. This one however, is a little expensive at $69.

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TYLT 5200 mAh Powerplant Battery Pack Unboxing and Review

Ambrane P1040


It’s a 10400 mAh powerbank with a digital display, which tells you the exact charge status. It is fitted with Samsung battery cells and can output 2.1 A current for fast charging. The down side is that it takes long time to fully charge, but you can speed things up with a 2 Ampere charger. Ambrane P1040 is good enough to get the job done. You can buy it from Snapdeal for 1533 INR.

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Lenovo PA 10400


Lenovo PA 10400 is again a decent and simple powerbank which can charge fully in around 5 hours if you are using a genuine 2 Ampere charger. It has about 80 percent conversion rate and provides with the option to charge 2 devices simultaneously. There is LED indicator to denote charge. It’s flaunts a very simple glossy design which can attract dirt easily. You can buy it from Flipkart for 1,653 INR.

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TPLINK 10400mAH Power Bank


TPLINK 10400 mAh portable charger takes advantage of the large battery and offers dual charging ports with 2 A and 1 A output current. A flash light is also available which enables you to use it as a torch for house hold activities.

The powerbank also boats of 6 layer protections (against temp, over current, over voltage, etc.), can convert 85 percent power, has LED charging indicators and can be fully charge in about 6 hours with a 2 Ampere charger. You can buy this battery pack from for 1,975 INR. A USB Cable and a carry pouch will be bundled in the box

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Romoss 10000mAH Power Bank


Romoss 10000 is a simple looking, ye value for money powerbank you can buy for 1,150 INR. This battery pack is made of good quality plastic and checks all boxes. There are two output ports (1 A and 2.1 A), LED indicators to indicate charge levels. You can charge it from Zero to 100 percent in about 6 hours using a 2 Ampere charger. You can buy it from for 1150 INR.

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Lenovo Power Bank PB410 5000mAh


Lenovo PowerBank PB410 flaunts a very sturdy build quality and premium metallic design. This portable charge is light weight and can fully charge is 2 to 3 hours with a 2 Ampere charger. You can charge two phones at a time and the powerbank can smartly turn on and off when required. You can buy Lenovo PB410 Power Bank from for 1060 INR.

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Portronics POR310 5200mAh Power Bank


Portronics POR310 5200mAH Power Bank is a very compact power bank with rubberized matte finish design. This one is for those looking for something stylish good enough for carrying through the day. The powerbank has 3 LED indicators to show charging levels and can charge one device at a time. It is no very heavy and can be conveniently carried in your travel gear. You can buy this portable charger from for 1,235 INR.

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Karbonn Polymer 10 PowerBank (10000mAH)


Karbonn has forayed in Accessory space with launch of a series of new powerbanks. There are two ports which can output 1.5 Ampere and 2.1 Ampere currents. The power bank lists dual power mode, LCD indicator, 6 month warranty. It will exclusively retail on for 1640 INR.

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We have had some experience with all of these portable chargers included in the list. While charging there is often a loss of around 20 percent capacity with all power banks. In case you are using another power bank which you really like, share your experience in the comment section below. For better experience we strongly recommend that you buy a 2 Ampere Wall charger if it isn’t bundled with the box.

42 thoughts on “Top 10 Battery Power Banks To Buy In India”

  1. Matrix power bank 10000 mAh is also a very nice product.. Do share your review …. Thanks

  2. Naresh Korgaonkar

    Samurai Power Bank looks nice and is effective. Affordable Costs. It is a great product. By the way it is way ahead in trustworthiness

  3. Xiaomi 10400 mah. Powerbank is the best and also best priced…unfortunately Xiaomi no longer imports these…i snagged 2 from flipkart when they first came..matchless stuff…all Xiaomi power banks on eBay are likely duplicate.


  5. Bro can you give me single unit xiaomi power bank? I will pay you. 9958872248 im ravi from gurgaon.

  6. Don’t buy mi form flip card it not working I have order couple but were defective

  7. Is one plus powerbank 10000 is better option in 10000mh powerbank with 2A output & input

  8. Xiaomi Mi Power bank could be a nice option. It come in 2 version so you can select based on your Budget and need basis ; 10400 mAh and 5200 mAh –> Can be ordered from Flipkart for Rs.999 (only the 10400 mAh version is available now).

    Huawei Honor Powerbank 13000 mAh can be your 2nd option –> Can be ordered from Flipkart for Rs.1,399.

  9. I want a light weight and a compact power bank for my Samsung S4. Something that is travel friendly. Please suggest.

  10. I m confused buying powerbank , my budget is 2000 rs , what should I go for it , I want 2 ports , digital display , n built in cable ! Plz suggest me , answer me by mail

  11. One of the power bank in this list has digital display, you can buy asus power bank but they wont have digital display.

  12. Hi,

    MI power banks are not available on Flipkart. I found the PNY BE-740 10400mAH Power Bank. Is it good? As i cannot see it in the list.

    Please reply to the earliest.

  13. Never ever buy any power bank from any of the outlet.. Like snapdeal, flipcart, shop clues, and many others offerings these products in very fancy range.. Maxx delivers the defective products.. I faced this issue 3 times.. Better option is buy from reputed shop directly..

  14. I have bought Power Bank from Graviti last month online from the website. The best advantage is, it is quite light (220g) in weight to carry anywhere and 4 LED indicators which indicates battery level.

    Some other specifications are –

    1. Dual USB
    2. Size – 130 X 69.3 X 17.5mm
    3. 10000mAh battery

  15. We havent tested the PNY Power banks, we cant tell you which one would be better under their product range.

  16. I am using sony xperia z ultra plz suggest best power bank with long battery life for my mobile and where to buy

  17. I am using sony xperia z ultra plz suggest best power bank with long battery life for my mobile and where to buy

  18. I am planning to buy Asus Zenpower 10000 mAh powerbank… Can I go for that? Any backdrops. And is there any indicator for power usage and charging level?

  19. Hi.. Please suggest the best power bank for my Samsung Grand 2 Mobile. it should be light weighted and also has 2 ports if possible..

  20. sir i have lanovo k4 note 3200 mah battery capacity so can i purchase xiaomi 10400 mah or huawei honor 13000 mah which one is best for me i want good quality , slim , price is no problem please reply

  21. sir i have lanovo k4 note 3200 mah battery capacity so can i purchase xiaomi 10400 mah or huawei honor 13000 mah which one is best for me i want good quality , slim , price is no problem please reply

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