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AAP Volunteers Seek Donations Through Android Game – ‘The Muffler Man’

Whether you admire them or hate them, you must agree that Aam Admi Party, popularly known as AAP manages to capture everyone’s attention with unconventional promotional campaigns. This time, AAP’s digital wing has come up with a basic  Android game called ‘Muffler Man’.


The protagonist of the game is a character based on AAP founder and former Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. It’s a simple game which requires you to jump up several platforms and make a high score. There are 7 to 8 Platforms like corruption, bribes, scams, etc will bring you down and power ups like broom and Shields can let you fly high.


If you believe in AAP and their cause, you can also donate some money to their cause using this app. Promotional apps are not a new concept, as we have seen several bollywood production houses churn out such games for promoting big budget projects, but in Indian politics, this is still quite unconventional.

“Our focus is to increase donation. We will link all new campaign hashtags on the game page. The game will also change background depending on location, so if you are playing it in Delhi it will have India Gate as the background while in Mumbai it will change to Taj hotel,” said the Developer

You can head on to Google Playstore and download this game for free. The App will also hit Apple and Windows Phone Store soon.

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