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MisFit Bolt Smart LED Bulb Can Revitalize Your Living Room for $50

Fitness tracking company Misfit will be launching a smart color changing LED bulb this year which is indeed something to look forward to. This is another piece of modern technology trying to fit in your living room and allowing you to use your smartphone as a remote.


The new LED bulb can emit different lights and can be controlled via MisFit app on your smartphone or via other wearable fitness trackers from the company like MisFit Flash. You can choose bright or soft shades depending on your mood and all this will just be a few swipes away.

To create a proper seen you will have to buy more than one Mifit Bolt. The good thing is that MisFit Bolt is cheaper than most other such smart LED bulbs out there. You can biuy one for $50 dollars or a pack of 3 for $129.

For scheduled light changes, you will have to pair Misfit bolt with a hub that is connected to your home WiFi network. To watch this smartbulb in action take a look at the video demonstration below.

Misfit Bolt Wirelessly Connected Smart Bulb [Video]

The bulb is still cheaper than Phillips Hue and other competition if you wish to integrate smart lighting in your living room. Also to be able to control your house lighting with your smartband seems like one of those features which makes advance in wearable technology meaningful. You can pre-order Misfit Bolt Wirelessly connected smart bulb from official webpage.


Deepak Singh

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