Today Lenovo has launched its first 64 bit 4G LTE smartphone in India for just 6,999 INR. The registration on flipkart has already started. If you wish to buy this device and are browsing through specs and other details, here are answers to some of the questions you might have


Lenovo A6000 Quick Specs

  • Display Size: 5 Inch HD IPS LCD, 1280 X 720 resolution, 294 PPI
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz Quad Core Snapdragon 410 processor with Adreno 306 GPU
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Software Version: Android 4.4 KitKat based Vibe 2.0
  • Camera: 8 MP camera, 720p video recording
  • Secondary Camera: 2 MP, 720p Video recording
  • Internal Storage:  8 GB
  • External Storage: 32 GB
  • Battery: 2300 mAh
  • Connectivity:  HSPA+, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP, aGPS,  Micro USB 2.0

Question – Does Lenovo A6000 have Corning Gorilla Glass Protection?

Answer– No, the display is not protected by Gorilla Glass 3.

Question – How is the Display of Lenovo A6000?

Answer – The 5 HD IPS LCD display is good in quality with good viewing angles. Color reproduction, brightness and Sharpness are all pretty good.

Question – How is the Build Quality?

Answer –  Lenovo A6000 comes with matte finish back cover, which is removable. The build quality, on the whole is very decent.

Question – What comes inside the Box?

Answer- 1 Ampere charger, standard headphones with mic module and remote, Data Cable and documentation

Question –What size SIM card is supported?

Answer –  You can use two Micro SIM cards.  Only one SIM supports 4G and 3G, the second SIM supports 2G.

Question – Does it have LED notification light

Answer – No, It does not have LED notification light.

Question – Are the capacitive buttons backlit?

Answer – No, capacitive buttons are not backlit and thus it might feel a little weird initially to navigate in dark conditions.

Question – How much is Free Storage?

Answer – Out of 8 GB about 4.15 GB is available at user end. There is no separate partition for apps. Apps can be transferred to and installed on microSD storage as well.

Question – Does it support USB OTG?

Answer – No, USB OTG is not supported out of the box.

Question – How much RAM is free out of 1 GB?

Answer – Out of 1 GB around 395 MB is free on first boot, which isn’t much, but we didn’t find any UI lag in our time with the device

Question – How is the Camera Quality?

Answer –  We liked the camera quality for both front and rear camera, when compared to other sub 10k smartphones.

Lenovo A6000 Quick Camera Review, Camera Samples and Video Sample Front and Rear [Video]

Question – How Loud is Loudspeaker on Lenovo A6000?

Answer – The dual dolby speaker housed on the rear side was quite loud.

Question – Can Lenovo A6000 play Full HD 1080p Videos?

Answer – Yes, it can smoothly play full HD and HD videos. HD playback is smooth

Question – Can Lenovo A6000 be connected to Bluetooth headsets?

Answer – Yes, you can connect it to Bluetooth headset

Question – Is WiFi Display supported?

Answer – Yes, WiFi display is supported

Lenovo A6000 Long Review, Unboxing, Comparison and Features Overview[Video]


The above Q&A is based on through testing at todays Launch event, we will come up with our full review very soon and update this post with more questions and their answers related to battery backup, performance, etc. when we have spent some more time with the device.

The Author spent a significant chunk of his formative years resisting technology. He now keeps an eye on where the world is heading to, and drives a passive pleasure from this indulgence. His passion to write, learn and improve drives him each day. When his day ends, he enjoys the pleasant languor and detoxifies with family. You can connect with him on and Twitter


  1. does it supports cdma network..(sorry this is my primary question about any new handset..because I need one very badly)

    • we haven’t done full review, we tested the device at the event. we will surely test it and edit this post once we get our review unit.

  2. Does Lenovo A6000 have Compass sensor?
    Does it have multiwindow feature and how the call volume quality during the voice call?

  3. Do i can use 3g on the second sim without swapping it to 1st slot….in short “Can i use 3g on both sims without swapping them?”

  4. i have heard their is lot of issues with lenovo service is it true and is this phone one of the best at the prise its offered as in compared to nokia samsung or sony?

    • Nokia, Samsung and Sony aren’t selling anything recommendable in this price range. We have heard complains about service of all OEMs in India. Initial review was positive, but we will be sure after we have done our full review

  5. how to play videos in lenovo a6000?. I bought new one and i tried playing wmv, flv, it shows cant play the video..
    Please let me know wat should i do

  6. The agps is useless without intetnet connection. I’ve try everything but cant get any gps activity without internet on this phone.

  7. I already bought lenovoA6000. I have a problem in connecting wireless connection. In IIT there is a free WIFI. but when I give the proxy address. the save button is not working. Kindly solve the issue. thanks

  8. I Bought Lenovo a 6000 .I have Found Some issues.can any one help me
    1.From External memory card Photos/Music/Vidoes Are not Showing/coming in Gallery.
    2.If Click on Video icon It always Showing “Scanning Sd card”.
    3.If i click on music icon it always showing internal Storage Audio only.In settings if changed to external. it is not Display Memory card Music.

    4. Noise Reduction is Not there For this Mobile.How to avoid it.
    5. Mobile also Getting Heated at receiver when we Are Talking 2 min

    • I want the settings for making ma camera clarity more clear at lenovo A6000 and same issue I also ave like it doesn’t notifies any msg which I’m getting from what’s app are true caller Info’s

  9. I bought lenovo a6000.It is not supporting micro USB?
    Can any one to connect micro USB?is there any changes in phone

    • i am also getting the same problem.
      if anyone know the solution about what to do please answer.
      i would like to ask mr. DEEPAK3118 To answer this as he is satisfying curisities of many peoples.
      please help.
      ……………………………………………..AMIT MAZUMDER

  10. While on Bluetooth calling, Internet through Wifi is not working on Lenovo A6000..some times wifi disconnecting(during bluetooth calling)…any solution?

  11. Deepak I had big problem
    My phone not show Midia in gallary .music in music player..or when we use what’s up then not show photo album/images/photos
    So please help me.

  12. I have also lenovo a6000. I m not getting notification in WhatsApp. Only getting mags when I open the application

  13. hello sir i have some quires i wan ask u sir ..that is.. s asus zenfone 5 which s around 8k s having some gud mre features and lenovo a6000 s also having so between the which one u prefer s more gud and preferable fr a midlle level avg customer … m having having hobby of using web watching video songs and mp3 songs all so can u pl suggest me some

  14. P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }

    I’m getting notification issue…

    P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }

    I’m not getting notification when i
    clear the ram. i’ll get only when i open the app(whats’up)).

    P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }

    please any one help me….bcos of this
    pro im planning to replace!!! is this common for all device or its
    defect one in my device only ?

  15. facing the problem with app drawer. Whenever I clean recent apps, the applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, hike gets FORCE STOP due to which unable to receive notifications until I re open it. Please help

  16. Whether I need to buy separate screen protector or I can use the one already available in the box?? If I need to buy which one is better Thin film or tempered?

  17. i hv notification problem coming in my cell phone … when i open any app like whatsapp .. then only i get notification .. otherwise no .. how can this be solved ??

  18. Already i bought lenovoA6000. i find a problem while using headset. I plugged headset to listen music one of it is not working(right side of headset).The same headset is connected to another smartphne it is working perfectly. So i want to know that ,Is the phne has problem?

    • our review unit didn’t have that issue. check with another pair of handset and if they are not working, ask for replacement

  19. Hi, Im able to browse through 3G(dont have wifi), its fine but the issue Im facing is with messenger apps like whatsapp and hike. cant get whatsapp to verify the number, installed hike but cant send msgs, I assumed it must be due the preinstalled security overriding these apps so I put them as trusted apps which removes restrictions but to no avail. Are you guys facing this problem, is there a solution? btw I swiped down and locked hike in the app killer tray but still cant use it otherwise browsing works fine. Pls help

  20. I love this mobile I m impressed to buy it but can any 1 help me pls tell me how is the camera of this mob and does video recording has pause button I want it for photos an videos as my camera is off
    does wifi works properly on this mobile pls tell ……………………..pls……….

  21. Hi deepak,
    in future, if this phone upgrades with android lollipop version, then could we use OTG cable????

  22. In lenovo A6000 YouTube is not working…when I am open YouTube app ” error occred “…. How can I reset is issue….

  23. Hi, I recently bought Lenovo A6000 plus. There is no earphones/ headset with the pack. I would like to know if I need to use bluetooth headset, which model and make I should buy? I also have notification problem coming in my cell phone … when i open any app like whatsapp .. then only i get notification .. how to disable power saving mode in this model?- Rajesh

    • in quick settings (when you drop down notification shade and tap the button on top right ) you will find auto rotate toggle

  24. i got Lenovo A6000 6 months but now its battery getting heat after using sometime. battery is also draining within two hours and going to switch off mode. kindly help me with this.

  25. I have this good phone since 1 month.
    Unluckly, since the beginning, i have an annoying problem with incoming calls.

    Most of times i’m not reachable and the classical message “THe number you have dialed is busy on another call” is what people calling me normally listen to

    THis happens even if i’m not on another call
    but I can receive Skype calls.

  26. In the theme I seen a compass symbol and I download a android phone compass, when I install that its showing a message about ,it have no sensors to use compass ,than why they give that symbol ??

  27. I already bought lenovoA6000 PLUS , now i have a problem that i cant connect my bluetooth device to it which is made by nokia model is BH111. it is not detected and saying no nearby bt devices found.. pls tell me a solution gusssss

    • Nireesh,

      Even I am facing the same issue on my 6000 + mobile bluetooth never detects the other devices and also I am not able to use the shareIT. Let me know if you found resolution to your issue.

      -Pavan Mahoorker

  28. सर, मेरा लिनोवो a 6000+ शेयर इट एप पर शेयर नही कर रहा हैं । इसके लिए मैं क्या करू ।

    • You need to ON the call waiting. You can follow the following path to ON/OFF the call waiting;

      Settings > Call settings > Voice Call > Additional settings > Call waiting.

  29. I buy a new phone Lenovo A6000 Plus one mount ago, but when i connect my phone to my PC, the usb cannot detected. even when i activated the USB debug option. it’s still doesn’t respond anyway. So i came back to shop the sold to me the phone Lenovo A6000 Plus. They say everything fine. nothing wrong with it. So the told me to send the phone to Service Center. They said they don’t know what wrong with the phone. Why the USB menu doesn’t appear. not the usb logo either. Please.. i need the answer.

  30. I had buyed lenovo a6000 plus.. actually it’s an excellent set with awosam performance. Bt its showing errors while transferring datas through xender and share it also.I am confused, set is fully updated. is it technical problem or software issue… help me to find a solution for it.

  31. i bought a6000 , nowadays my mobile network not work faster , always hang and it become very very slow , how can i repair this problem

  32. I bought lenova a6000+.but in battery it printed as 6000.while checking properties all r same as 6000+.but in hardware pallet,above battery mention as a6000 only. Why?!any fraud in it?!

  33. plzz tell me its urgent need plzz tell I forget my pattern passwrd and I have no idea to do any thng plzz tell me how m I change my pattern lock without reset nd without lossing my data plzz I relly need help of this regarding plllzzz plllzzz tell me gadget guiderss nd ol cmnt peoples really I m vry upset about that
    if u have any information regarding that pllzz tell me Quickly

  34. plzz tell me its urgent need plzz tell I forget my pattern passwrd and I have no idea to do any thng plzz tell me how m I change my pattern lock without reset nd without lossing my data plzz I relly need help of this regarding plllzzz plllzzz tell me gadget guiderss nd ol cmnt peoples really I m vry upset about that
    if u have any information regarding that pllzz tell me Quickly and if u really do for me anythng pllzz contact me on my whats app and my no. is 7404105160 u also contact me on call nd msg… plzz help me

  35. Bought Lenovo A6000 plus. The biggest issue that I face is the battery drain issue. Some of the application on the phone hangs on a particular file (e.g. media file) and then its over. The battery drains out in less than an hour.

  36. Sir pls my phone is lenovo A 6000 and my phone display is show on memory nd device function . this fropplam how l stop it?

  37. I recently bought a Lenovo 6000plus ..the problem is picture/video/music are not shown in gallery/ music/video player ….can u help me


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