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India Ready to Counter in Case of Nuclear Attack with Agni Missle Latest Test Launch

Today, India test launched the Agni 5, the longest range ballistic missile successfully for the third time. It was at 8.06 AM this morning that the Agni 5 was lifted off from a canister from WheelerIsland off Odisha coast.

The Agni 5 is claimed to have a range of 5000 km and that it is capable of hitting targets that are located across China and parts of Europe. The nuclear missile weighs in at 50 tons and it is 17 meter tall. While it has already been launched couple of times for testing, this is the third one and it has been flawless.

agni 5

It is a three stage missile and the first engine takes it to a height of 40 km, while the second one pushes it to 150 km and the third one to 300 km above the Earth. This way, the missile can finally reach a height of around 800 km.

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Agni 5 can launch MIRV’s (Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicles) that will let it drop 2 to 10 nuclear bombs at multiple locations. It will give India the ability to hit back or have a second strike capability even after a nuclear strike.

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Notably, the missile is capable of carrying nuclear bombs weighing 1000 kg and travel at a faster speed than a bullet. The Agni 5 can be launched only when there are direct orders from the Prime Minister and it is developed by India to act as a weapon of peace and not for war purposes.

India carried out two successful tests of the basic version of Agni 5 in 2012 and 2013 respectively. The development of Agni 5 debuted in 2009 and it is likely to be inducted in this year.


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