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Google will Finally Terminate Google Talk Program for Windows on 16th Feb, 2015

Google has finally pulled the plug on the GTalk for Windows Desktop. Google will terminate Google Talk for Windows users on February 16th. The move isn’t exactly surprising as the Google announced on October 30, 2014 that it will be turned off in next 2 months.


Google Talk supports XMPP open messaging standard, which isn’t integrated in its replacement app Hangouts, and this means, February 16 will also mark the end of Google’s Open messaging standard.

Google has been imposing hangouts on users for a long time. Hangouts integration with SMS and using propriety tech instead of XMPP or Jabber are all means to this end, which will disappoint several Google Talk users globally.

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XMPP enabled users to talk through Google’s chat clients and third party clients as well. Back in 2013, Users severely criticized Google when it announced it will no longer support the protocol due to security reasons.

Several users still prefer Google Talk over Hangouts because of its simpler interface and ease of operation. Hangouts just doesn’t provide the same simple and productive chat experience for everyone. Google Hangout also doesn’t support  end to end encryption (an important feature of Google Talk), which means you can’t use third party clients for fully secure conversations. Google forcing Hangouts on everyone is bound to leave a sour taste.

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Now users won’t be able to talk with contacts on or other third party applications. Google Talk was already wiped out from Android, Gmail and Google+ and the at last, it will be wiped out from Windows OS based Personal computers on February 16th.

Deepak Singh

Deepak Singh

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