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Top 5 apps for Transferring SMSes from One Android Phone To Another

While messaging apps have taken over the world, many people in India still depend on the age-old SMS.l Many important conversations are exchanged in the form of SMSes and sometimes they become a very important source of information, for e.g. your Air ticket or cab details might come to you in the form of SMSes. But, smartphone makers have stopped paying too much attention to the humble SMS, which is why today, you can backup your contacts to Google, WhatsApp chats directly and images to your SDcard, but, there are nothing on board most phones to backup SMSes.

If your phone goes Kaput, it will most probably result in you losing all your SMSes.

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Therefore, we have created a list of apps that will help you create a backup of your SMSes and easily transfer them from one phone to another.

SMS Backup + - screenshot SMS Backup + - screenshot

SMS Backup +

In case you have SMSes that you do not want to lose on updating to a new phone, this app might be of help. SMS Backup+ automatically backs up not just your SMSes, but even MMSes by creating a separate label in your Gmail and Google Calendar app.

How to use: All you need to do is to enable IMAP in your Gmail.

Quid Pro Quo: This app might not work well if installed on the SDcard, which is a let down. If you have too many SMSes to backup, you should go for in-app products ranging from Rs 82-549.

SMS Backup & Restore - screenshot SMS Backup & Restore - screenshot

SMS backup and Restore

This app simply provides you the backup, which you can then backup to your Email I.D. SMS Backup and Restore backs up SMSes in the form of XML files. These backups are created locally on your device. Furthermore, this app will allow you to schedule time for automatic backup, as well as to choose which conversations to backup.

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How to use: On Android 4.4+ devices, if you have performed the Restore and the messages don’t appear in Hangouts then:
– Open Hangouts and Disable SMS from Settings.
– Exit the Hangouts app
– Open Hangouts and Enable SMS from Settings.

Quid Pro Quo: This app is ad-supported and requires the Internet permissions to display the Ads.

Super Backup : SMS & Contacts - screenshot Super Backup : SMS & Contacts - screenshot

Super Backup: SMS & Contacts

This app claims to be the fastest backup tool on Android. It is a multi-pronged app which not only backs up your SMSes, but also apps, contacts, call logs, calendars and bookmarks. Everything can be backed up to the SDcard and also restorerd from the SDcard. You can also schedule the Auto Upload feature for uploading files to Google Drive or Gmail. The app will show last backup count and time.

How to use: Click on SMS backup to backup and Restore to restore.

Quid Pro Quo: Ad-free version Super Backup Pro comes for Rs. 121.65.

Backup Your Mobile - screenshot Backup Your Mobile - screenshot

Backup Your Mobile

This app backs up SMSes, MMSes, Call logs, System Settings, Wi-Fi passwords, User dictionary, APNs, Calendar events, apps and browser history. Backups can be stored both on the SDcard and device memory and also on Google Drive, Dropbox or Onedrive. You can schedule automatic backups  and copy data from one device to another by moving the BackupYourMobile folder between devices. Backups can also be encrypted using AES 256 encryption method.

How to use: Choose your backup files and go to the settings folder to decide what settings you need.

Quid Pro Quo: You will need make Rs. 56.27 in-app purchases to get an ad-free experience.

Mobile Backup & Restore - screenshot Mobile Backup & Restore - screenshot

Mobile Backup and Restore

This app backs up your contacts, music, videos, images and SMSes to Avast’s cloud servers. The app makes scheduled backups of everything. You can actually backup after every SMS. PIN protection is optional and every backup is connected to your Avast account.

How to use: Download, install and set the settings according to your convenience.

Quid Pro Quo: Premium version offers more features.


It totally depends on your need. For simple operation, go for the SMS Backup and Restore app. Go for Super Backup , if you need secure encrypted backup. Go for Avast, if you need an ad-free experience.


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