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10 Safety Tips To Stay Away From Smartphone Radiation

Smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives that we cannot live without them. While there are numerous advantages in using smartphones, there are some problems associated with prolonged usage of such devices as well. Though we are aware of radiation and other health hazards caused by smartphones, it could be impractical or unrealistic to avoid their usage in this technologically advanced era.


Instead of avoiding smartphone usage that is literally impossible, you can reduce exposure to the same. This will help you in avoiding radiation to some extent. If you are wondering how to keep yourself protected from smartphone radiation without compromising on the usage, here are some safety tips that you can follow.

Keep Away From Your Smartphone

Avoid keeping your smartphone next to your body as it will affect you greatly esposing you to radiation. Basically, the signal strength drops of to a square of the distance between the device and the person. For instance, if you place your mobile two times the distance of your reach, the signal strength will drop four folds effectively.

Prevent Long Conversations

Try avoiding long conversations over smartphone as it will reduce the exposure to radiation that is generated by the device. It is recommended that you restrict voice calls to short durations to limit the exposure and switch to text messages or instant messaging. Also, when you are texting or accessing the Internet, make sure that you do not hold your phone near your head like how you used to while attending a call.


Avoid Smartphones While Sleeping

It is a common practice to keep smartphones close to us while we are sleeping. This should be avoided as it makes you prone to radiation. You should ensure that your family members, especially children are not affected by radiation caused due to smartphones. Do turn off your smartphones or any other radiation emitting devices at night. Do not encourage anyone to sleep with their smartphone next to them.

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Using a Headset

It is recommended by experts that you should use a wired or Bluetooth headset while you are on calls. The usage of a headset will not completely eradicate the radiation, but it will control it to some extent. Also, if you are using a Bluetooth headset, make sure that the headset is removed when not in use as it will expose you to electromagnetic radiation of low levels constantly.


Lowest Possible SAR Value

Before buying a smartphone, make sure that you choose a device that has the lowest possible SAR value. SAR is nothing but Specific Absorption Rate that is a measure of the strength of magnetic field that your body gets absorbed. If this value is low, the device will emit lesser levels of radiation.

Converse Using Speaker Mode

If you do not want to use a headset, try using the speaker mode when you are on a call. This is not possible at all situations as everyone around you will hear your conversation, but you can carry out this step whenever it is feasible. The ultimate idea behind talking over speaker phone is to reduce the radiation exposure as it keeps your smartphone away from you.

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Switch Off Your Smartphone

Turning off your smartphone whenever it is possible will help in reducing your exposure to radiation. For instance, turn off your smartphone when you go to bed at night. If your smartphone has airplane mode, you can activate this so that the radio portion of your device is turned off and you can be safe.

Do Not Keep Your Smartphone in Your Pocket

As mentioned above, you need to try to increase the distance between you and your smartphone. Try to make it a practice to carry your smartphone using a backpack or a purse instead of carrying it in your pocket. This will increase the distance of the device from your body, thereby reducing the radiation exposure as well.

Avoid Using Smartphones during Poor Signal

Most of us are unaware that smartphones emit different levels of radiation at different situations based on the signal levels. Smartphones communicate constantly with the cell phone towers, and the farther the device is from the tower, the weak is the signal. In such cases, your phone will boost its power to connect to the tower and this will increase the radiation that is emitted by the device. Eventually, when you use your smartphone during poor signal conditions, you will be exposed to high levels of radiation.

wifi off

Turn Off Connectivity Features

If you use a wireless router in your house, make sure it is not located in your bedroom. If it is yes, then turn it off at night when you sleep. Also, ensure that your smartphone’s connectivity aspects such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and others are disabled whenever they are not needed. This will help in reducing the level of radiation that you get exposed to.


Do keep in mind that you need to stay away from smartphone radiation as it is harmful to your health. You can follow these steps that are mentioned above to help reduce the radiation level that you get exposed to.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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