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Vu TVs Launches 15 New Televisions Via Flipkart Ranging From 9,000 to 9,00,000 INR

VU TVs has today launched a massive portfolio of 15 Televisions which will retail exclusively on flipkart in a wide price range of 9,000 INR to 9,00,000 INR, thus offering something for all kinds of buyers. These new Televisions will be available on Flipkart starting from March.


The whole range has been classified in three categories. The lineup includes 5 Personal TVs with size ranging from 19” to 40”. These Televisions sport HD and Full HD resolution depending on the model you buy and will cost you 9,000 INR to 29,000 INR. Then there are 4 Affordable Luxury TVs with Full HD resolution and display size ranging from 42” to 65”. This second set of VU TVs has been priced between 32,000 INR to 1,60,000 INR

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The company also introduced 6 HiFi 4K UHD TVs with 42” to 85” 4K resolution displays. Out of these, 50 Inch VU LED-50K310X3D, 55 Inch VU LED – 55XT780XWAU3D and 85 Inch VU LED-85XT910 are 4k Smart 3D televisions. Also VU LED – 65XT800XWAU3D flaunts a curved 4K smart 3D display. These 6 Televisions have been priced in the range of 42,000 INR to 9,00,000 INR.


Devita Saraf, CEO and Design Head, Vu Televisions Commented, “ Years ago, we entered the television market with a limited range of products available in stores. Today VU is launching a wide range of television sizes and configurations to compete with the likes of Sony, Samsung and LG – and these new Televisions are available to the public to purchase online.”

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“Last year Vu experienced unexpected success with Vu Android TV which launched exclusively on It was sold out during the pre launch period. Customers have been demanding more products online and this upcoming launch is a pioneering effort from Vu and Flipkart to meet that demand. Flipkart’s service arm will also ensure fast and quality installations which today’s consumers also require” she further added.

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