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AMD unveils Carrizo laptop processors with battery optimization for laptops

When it comes to well-performing processors, AMD is a brand which comes to mind. Many leading gaming PC’s use AMD’s processors for their high-end performance. But, while AMD has done pretty well on the performance front, there is one worry that continuously pains gamers or even general users, and that is battery life. AMD has come out with its new range of processors to address this concern – AMD’s Carrizo processor range for laptops is focussed heavily on extending battery life for laptops.

AMD Carrizo

Sam Naffziger, AMD Corporate Fellow stated at the AMD presentation,”We have designed into our upcoming ‘Carrizo’ APU will deliver the largest generational performance-per-watt gain ever for a mainstream AMD APU. AMD has been pursuing Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) and proprietary power management technologies to make continued gains. The upcoming ’Carrizo’ APU takes a big step toward the AMD 25×20 energy efficiency goal and incorporates a wealth of new features that will be adopted across our full product line going forward.”

While the company claims that these processors are faster than their predecessors, it is optimization which they are aiming at. AMD’s Carrizo range is based on a new core ‘Excavator’ architecture, which makes this processor 5 percent faster than the Kaveri range of processors, but more importantly, it needs 40 percent less energy at the same clock rate and even the graphics core sucks less energy, as per the company’s claims.

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Another feature of the Corrizo range is that it is the first processor in the market to have Heterogenous System Architecture, which actually lets the CPU and GPU make use of the same memory. In simple terms, it will actually let some tasks finish faster than others and also provide a push to battery and performance, when it is needed, much like the performance modes we see on many smartphones.

On the video front, the AMD Carrizo processor provides dedicated H.265 decoding and also streaming for low-bandwidth 4K videos, which are not common until now, but might be in the future.