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MWC 2015: HTC Unveils HTC Vive and HTC Grip at MWC 2015

Well, everybody starting from a Market Analyst to a normal user say that the coming future holds a great potential for the wearable devices. HTC here at Mobile World Congress has revealed to of such devices. Let us start with HTC Vive which is a virtual reality headset and developed by partnering with Valve.



I am sure that by now I must have grabbed the attention of the gamers. As claimed by HTC, Vive uses two 1200 x 1080 display to cover the complete 360-degree view of the user wearing this device. Not only this, but this device will also allow the user to take the complete feel of that virtual reality by allowing them to move walk around and explore that area.

This device Gyrosensor, Accelerometer and Laser Position Sensor to track the movement of your head accurately upto one-tenth of a degree (this is huge). Moreover, there will be a VR Steam base station which will let you walk around the virtual space, these bases will be acquiring 15 by 15 feet of area. Big Giants like Loinsgate, Google and HBO have partnered to provide the virtual reality situation for the users.

HTC Grip


HTC has also unveiled a wrist band known by the name of HTC Grip, which will track the amount of calories burnt by the users while they are working out. Now this is something which is quite redundantly available in the market and especially at the lower prices. However this does not have any heart rate monitor which makes it less of the competitor in the market as the customers will definitely opt for the devices with more features at lower devices.  This wearable will have 1.8 Inches of OLED display which will display the notifications coming on your smartphone once it is connected via BLE Bluetooth.

Irrespective of all the judgments, HTC has now ventured in the wearable’s category and from here on they will keep on working over these devices to make them better for their target audience. Stay Tuned to know what more MWC 2015 has to uncover for you.


Abhinav Singh

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