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Google Plans to Launch Android Pay and Become MVNO in coming months

We all know that Google has been engaged with a solution to payment services on Android devices, however today we got to hear something really interesting about it here at Mobile World Congress 2015, Barcelona. Mr. Sundar Pichai, Vice President, Android, Chome and Apps, revealed that Google is working on a framework of Mobile Payment System which will be known by the name of Android Pay. It was not a formal announcement about this product, hence we are quite optimistic about the fact that it will be revealed in May during their I/O Conference.


As mentioned by Sundar Pichai, any OEM developing an Android Smartphone will be able to use this Android Pay API to develop its own Payment System and this product will not be a competitor to Google Wallet, rather Google Wallet will act like a customer for Android Pay API. Google Wallet is an application by Google which stores the information of your debit and credit cards which which can be used to make paying with NFC (Near Field Communication) tagged devices. This application now comes pre-loaded on Android Smartphones sold via AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.

Apart from OEMs, few of the other reports also suggested that this developers will also able to use this API in order to facilitate in-app payments and in-store payments. Another important piece of information imparted by Mr. Pichai was about the collaborating with various Cellular service provider and provide the users with the a better option of connectivity. He also assured that he will be able to talk about this in detail within coming next few months. It seems that Google is about to take a big leap by being a Mobile Virtual Network Operator and they are currently in talks with AT&T and Verizon regarding their own MVNO. One of the highlights that he left with was about the auto-connecting the calls if it gets dropped at one-end.

Well, this has created a lot of fuss for the geeks to peek into the next flagship event organized by Google in May known by the name of Google I/O Conference. Stay tuned to know about the revelation that are made over Mobile World Congress 2015 over subsequent days.


Abhinav Singh

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