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5 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Is Not Charging

Some of you may have experienced a smartphone that won’t charge smoothly and surged out to buy another charger to get it fixed. In case you’re having battery issues with your gadget, for example, not charging, here is our aide for how to settle it and get your battery working efficiently once more.

Battery charging pic1

The trouble

The trouble happens in different appearances. Either your smartphone won’t charge AT ALL when it is connected to, or it just charges gradually (once in a while scarcely speedier than it is draining). It’s an commonly seen problem, and one I’ve experienced with gadgets myself, so here are a couple of easy fixes.

USB port fix

USB Port

The fastest, least demanding, and frequently best arrangement, is just to do a little DIY repair on your genuine hardware. The issue is all the time that the metallic surfaces inside the USB port and the microUSB charger are not reaching, either through an assembling fault or due to the ceaseless stopping and unplugging of the charging link.

You should do nothing more than close down your gadget, take out the battery if conceivable and use something little, in the same way as a toothpick, to ‘lever up’ the little tab inside the USB port on your phone or tablet. Do it very gently, then reinsert your battery and plug it in once more. Nine times out of ten this is all that is required.

Switch cables

USB Cable

The most dramatic piece of a charger is obviously the cable, not the adapter that attaches into the wall socket. On the off chance that your gadget is having charging issues and the previous fix didn’t work, you may have a flawed cable. Before you surge out to purchase another adapter, simply snatch an extra USB cable from any other gadget and give it a try. Generally the cable will shred inside in light of the fact that it is always being nestled into, on and so forth.

On the off chance that the cable doesn’t appear to be the issue, check the wall plug adapter, that may be the issue. Additionally, make sure that the same charger & cable works with an alternate gadget as this will help you kill the chance that it is your gadget, not the cable or charger.

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Remove dirt from the charging port

usb port dirt

At times the reason a gadget is not charging effectively is on account of there is something held up in the charging port, or there is only a ton of trash obstructing the connection. Pocket dirt and other tiny junk can get into a wide range of nooks and crevices on a phone, so examine to make sure that there isn’t something stopped inside the microUSB port (or in the charging link either).

Obviously, additionally make a point to never charge your smartphone close water or in unnecessarily hot or sticky conditions. Additionally, don’t cheat your gadget, charging overnight when your battery just needs 2-3 hours is an awful thought that can prompt a battery blasting or harming your phone. Your smartphone has a cut-off switch for your battery, however now and again this doesn’t work.

Replace the battery

smartphone battery

In the event that your gadget is old, and the battery is struggling to hold a charge, it might be nearing the end of its life compass. Another battery ought to last around two years prior to it needs to be replaced, in spite of the fact that this relies on upon the quantity of charge and release cycles. On the off chance that it appears to be important to replace it sooner than that, check your guarantee, you may be qualified for a free substitution.

On the off chance that your gadget isn’t exceptionally old, you might simply have an inadequate battery. Remove your gadget’s battery cover and make sure the battery isn’t overall disfigured or spilling. In the event that it is, remove it instantly and clean the region gently to avoid rusting. In the event that your back cover is non-removable, you can lay the phone on the table and take a stab at turning it, if the battery is defective it will turn (unless it has been particularly intended to be bended for a specific gadget/model).

In the event that you discovered the battery is damaged, replace it with a original or a regarded 3rd party unit. As far as we can tell however, 3rd party batteries are frequently less expensive yet more inconvenience than they are worth, and can even be harming to your gadget, so use one at your own risk.

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Upgrade or rollback

Android Software Upgrade

Software upgrades and new Android versions can play ruin with your battery life, particularly when updating an old gadget to latest software. Have you suffered from a smartphone that won’t charge properly? Let us know if you’ve found a fix that we haven’t got.More latest gadgets are regularly upgraded to exploit the most recent software’s, powered with high capacity batteries and pre-optimized hardware, though your two-year old gadget can battle when it makes the bounce from behind the pack.

On the off chance that this happens, consider moving the gadget back to a previous Android version, however be cautioned that this conveys its own particular security dangers. The most recent OS upgrades are constantly suggested to keep your gadget secure from modern threats, keeping in mind the danger of keeping your phone on a more old version is frequently negligible.

Additionally, in some cases gadget battery life can be essentially enhanced on account of a upgrade, as seen with the Moto 360 smartwatch, so in case you’re route behind on your Android software version, head to the “about device” section in your settings and check for an upgrade.


Most probably the reason will be a faulty charger or improper USB cable. We hope one of the above will fix your troubles. Have you experienced a phone that won’t charge efficiently? Don’t forget to let us know If you came across any other better fixes for battery issues in comments section!


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