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3 Ways To Make Android Read Notifications In Morning as Voice

In case you’re a mobile power user, you doubtlessly spend a lot of time on the go. On account of that, there are events when you basically ought not have your hands on your smartphone, (for example, when you’re driving ). Anyway, how would you abstain from missing essential SMS or calls? Having your smartphone speak to you to tell who the call or message is from could really help you from missing up a important connection.

Luckily, We have some cool apps for you!


Speakme android app

Android: Text to speech is a cool thing, particularly when you’re working or driving, yet chances are you’d be alright with SMS messages or messages being spoken aloud while you drive instead of new app updates from Google Play. SpeakMe provides you that level of control. It does two things: takes incoming notifications and speaks them loudly, and enables you to control over which applications can talk and which ones stay silent, vibrate, or ring.

Speakme android app pic

SpeakMe is free at Google Play, and once installed the first thing you do is select the applications that SpeakMe will read. You can advise SpeakMe to peruse the contents of the notification alerts aloud, or simply read the name of the application, so everybody in your carpool doesn’t hear the SMS from your manager, for instance. On the off chance that you need some peace and calm, you can disable the application with a single tap and begin it up again later, or quiet it mid-speech by shaking your smartphone. On the off chance that you like going without hands however don’t want to miss what’s occurring on your smartphone, SpeakMe can fill you in.


Readittome android app

ReadItToMe will read contents of your SMS to voice alerts as it comes in. You can set this activity to just happen with particular contacts and a great deal more. With ReadItToMe, you have a helpful app that will let you know who is sending you messages and what the contents are, without needing to get your smartphone. Drive securely while you are on the go. Make sure you disable it while you are in open grounds or public places as the wrong privacy sensitive content read out loud around antisocial people can be dangerous.

Voice 4 WhatsApp Line Viber


Voice 4 WhatsApp Line Viber is an app for Android that can read notifications to you. That is incredible in the event that you are listening to music in anyway using your smartphone or simply have it by your side around then as you are updated about the new notification alert instantly.

Setup is really simple but you do need to make an change to your phone settings before you can begin using the app after installation.

The app alerts you about that amid first start and redirects you to the accessibility settings of your android phone then so you can allow it there.

When you do, you will begin to get voice notification alerts for selected things.


Voice notifications are real savior when you are unable to pick your smartphone i.e. while driving etc. Make sure you get one to make your life easy. Are you using any other better app for voice notification alerts ? Do let us know your views or suggestions in comments section!


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