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Pull Down Webpage in Android Google Chrome to Refresh it

If you would have noticed then most of the popular android applications like Facebook, GMail, Google Plus or Twitter are refreshed when we pull their page in the downwards direction. Whenever we want to check the new updates in the Facebook newsfeeds, we simply swipe the screen down and then after a while it shoes the new updates on the application. The same gesture has been introduced in Google Chrome also, where you will be able to refresh the opened webpage on your tablet or smartphone by pulling it down.

Fast Refresh Page in Google Chrome Application

Step-1: Open Google Chrome application and enter any URL, to visit a certain webpage.


Step-2: Now, pull the webpage down and you will see a refreshing icon at the center top, indicating that the page is being refreshed at that moment.


So, this was something new which has been recently introduced in the new update of Google Chrome application on tablets or smartphones.

Bonus Tips

If you have opened many tabs on Google Chrome and you wish to switch between them as quickly as possible, then you just need to swipe the screen from the top (when the address bar is) to switch between those opened tabs.

In case you don’t have any internet connection on your smartphone, then you can choose to play an in-built game available on Google Chrome. This game can be activated by tapping the dinosaur available on the offline webpage.



Google Chrome has been refined to be the best browser on Android platform and the best part is their synchronization between the desktop version and the smartphone version. You never have to worry about the bookmarks which have been saved over your desktop. Stay tuned to know more about the recent updated feature of various other mobile applications.

Abhinav Singh

Abhinav Singh

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