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Install MIUI 6 on Any Android Phone

There are many of us who would switch to Android OS if they can get rid of that menu option. In short, if they could see all the application right on their home screen, just as what iOS does on their iPhone. Now, we all know that MIUI has been inspired from iOS and Xiaomi is all about promoting their MIUI rather than earning profits from their hardware devices. They have always kept their smartphones available at very low prices, because as of now they only want to increase the penetration of MIUI among all the Android smartphone users.


If you are one of them, who would want to have the taste of MIUI but cannot do so right now because you have recently purchased any other Android device, then don’t worry we have an apt solution for you. MIUI OS has been all about their unique UI which is not available in any of these flagships Android skins like Cynogen Mod, Touchwiz, HTC Sense etc. So, in this article we will be talking about an alternative which can help to experience a superficial tint of MIUI. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

Install MIUI Theme on your Android Smartphone

MIUI 6- Launcher Theme

If you like the pack of icons available for MIUI, then there we are going to present you such a pack of icons which will be compatible with all the popular launchers such as Nova launcher, Apex Launcher, Atom, Smart and similar others. This is still in beta mode and it being updated every week, if there is any icon which is not available as per MIUI theme, then you will just have to send some request and in the next update it will also be included in the icon pack.

OS Mi Ui 6 Launcher

This is a dedicated launcher for the users to launch their Menu and see icons in the same style of MIUI. You can choose to change multiple themes within this launcher. This will be the closest feel of MIUI you can get on any Android smartphone without spending anything.



This is the closest you can get to, when it comes to experiencing MIUI on other devices. There are other methods also which include flashing new ROMs (pretty similar to MIUI) on your device but then it involves voiding the warranty and taking a good risk against your smartphone. Let us know your opinions about these ways to playing with MIUI look and stay tuned for similar other tips for your Android or iOS devices.


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