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5 Ways to Use Android in Private Mode, Guest Mode

Privacy is very important when it comes to smartphones as the devices are used to store highly sensitive and personal stuff. If your friends ask for your phone, you might at times be hesitant to give your phone to them as you will be concerned that no one should take a glance at your personal stuff. If you have faced such an issue, here is an article for you. This article deals with some of the best ways to use your Android smartphone in private or guest mode.

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Here are some methods regarding the same. Guest mode is a special profile that can be enabled on the device before handing it over to guests. You can choose the applications that you want the guest to access and only those will be visible. This way, you can use a special profile for kids so that only games are enabled and the rest are not accessible. You can switch between the regular and guest modes with a password lock. Here are a few methods on how to enable guest mode on Android smartphones.

Guest Mode App

The Guest Mode is an application on the Play Store that is easy to use. It will let the guest see only the applications that are unlocked on the screen. Download this app and confirm that your default lock screen is disabled. Set up a new PIN in the app and click on Ok. Create a new profile and add a name for it. Next, enable the applications as per your preferences and only these will be accessible to the guest. Tap the Play button to enable the guest mode and the Arrow button at the top to go back to the normal one. You will have to enter the PIN that you created before switching the modes.

app locker guest mode

App Locker with Guest Mode

Guest mode can be set by another application, App Locker with Guest Mode. This one will unlock your smartphone in the normal mode if you enter the usual password and guest mode if you key in the guest password. The interesting information is that this app does not alter the interface of the smartphone and you will be seeing all the applications in the guest mode as usual. The only change is that the applications that are locked will not open displaying an error message “Application has crashed” if the guest tries to open it.

guest mode


GravityBox is a solid Xposed module that has some exceptional features. This module helps in enabling rotation on the lock screen to select the different users accessing an Android device. All you need to do is go the Xposed Installer and download the GravityBox module. After installing this module, check the option next to the GravityBox. This module will fill your quick settings with several toggles, but they can be customized at any point of time from the Settings menu. You can add multiple user profiles by heading on the Settings menu. After setting up some profiles, turn off the screen and activate the lock screen. Now, rotate your device to the landscape mode and you can see multiple bubbles for the different user profiles. Each profile is personalized in a unique way and you need not share your account with another person.


Private Mode in Android Lollipop

Android Lollipop has several inutility security improvements that can restrict the user access to a specific screen. But, this screen pinning feature lacks password locking option and hence, we can incorporate guest user mode that is helpful when sharing the device with others. To set up the guest mode on devices running on Android Lollipop, you will have to pull down the notification bar and tap on the user icon at the top right corner of the display. Choose the Guest option from the user selection screen and switch to the guest user mode. By going to the notification bar again, you can choose the username of the guest mode and automatically log into the same.

guest mode

Browsing in Private Mode

The incognito browsing mode is the best one to stay private while browsing. It does not store history, cookies or cache when you browse. Apart from this benefit, browsing via incognito mode will also stop adverts from appearing. Google collects data from all over the place to target advertisements and promotional content. And if you wish to avoid getting distracted with these targeted advertisements, private browsing is the best option.

incognito mode

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There are many security and privacy centric apps and features for Android smartphones. You can use these features to enable the guest or private mode and take care of your personal data that are stored in your smartphone. This will prevent others from accidentally glancing at your stuff.


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