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5 Ways to Share GPS, Map Location from Smartphone

There are times when you need to share your exact location with friends and family to let them know where you are and  how long it might take before you reach them. Then there are times when you would want to share location of a place you would like to meet someone at. Here are some of the apps which can be used to do this efficiently across OS Platforms.



Glympse allows you to selectively share your location with your friends when you want and for as long as you want. The app is simple to use and very effective. Suppose you are trying to reach your friend, you could send them a Glympse which will enable them to see your whereabouts as you reach them. You can choose to broadcast your speeds with one or many contacts too. When you send a glympse to someone in your contact list, the person will get a link to track your on Glympse website via SMS or email.

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One Touch Location


One Touch location is one of the apps which can be used to share your current location co-ordinates, via SMS, email or any other app. Your friends on the receiving ends can either enter co-ordinates in Google search engine, Google Maps or click the Google map link to open exact location on a map. The app is quite accurate and handy.

Google Maps


Google Maps is one of the best Map apps on Android and iOS. This app is available on all Android devices and can be conveniently be used to share location with a friend. The app can be used to share your current location or any other location you would like your friends to know. Simply long press on any point on the map to drop a pin, now tap the pin and hit the share option to share it using any messenger app you like.



With over 700 million active users, WhatsApp is by far one of the most popular messenger app today. The app also allows you to conveniently share location information along with images, videos and other media content. Just tap on the paper clip attachment icon on top and tap location. The app allows you to share your location or popular places nearby.

Similarly, most other popular messenger apps like Hangouts, Facebook messenger, etc allow you to share your location with your contacts.

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Share Where


Share Where is another such app which allows users to share location. The app has a timer feature which can be set for scheduled and repeated sending of a message along with your location info to one or more people in your contact list. The app has provisions for emergency situations where you won’t have much time or reliable internet.


These are some of the apps which you can use to efficiently share your location information under all circumstances and across platforms. If some other app works better for you, share with us in the comment section below!


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