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Why Google Play Services Need to Run on Android

Usually, when you buy an Android device, you will find a plethora of Google applications installed in the device. One such app is the Google Play Services. You could be thinking why this is preinstalled in your Android device and what is its importance? If so, this article will explain in detail about why you need to have Google Play Services in your device.

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What is Google Play Services?

Google Play Services is meant to reduce the efforts taken by developers to build applications for the different versions of Android. There are numerous iterations of the Android platform and Google Play Services will update the applications from Google Play constantly. It will provide the core functionalities such as authentication, synchronizes contacts, render high quality location based services and access to user privacy settings. It is responsible in speeding up the offline searches, providing immersive maps and enhancing the overall gaming experience. If the Google Play Services is uninstalled, the applications might not work properly.


Why is Google Play Services Important?

Google Play Services is very important for any Android device. The reason for the same is explained in detail below.

Google Play Services lets Android to eliminate fragmentation virtually. It makes the entire platform modular in the recent versions of Android. The platform has given the users improved and revamped Google applications such as Gmail, Maps, Chrome, Calendar, Hangouts, Drive, Plus and Voice among others.

Google Play Services provides the freedom to the Android users by letting them use the latest APIs for popular Google services without considering their device support. Updates to Google Play Services are distributed by the Google Play Store automatically.


Also, with the Google Play Services installed in your Android device, Google need not wait to rollout heavy software updates to send minor updates to the services and apps used in your device. The firm can rollout small updates as and when they are required.

Sometimes, there could be an issue with the Google Play Services such as frequent crashing or battery drain. In such cases, it is recommended that you do not uninstall it as there will be problems in the operation of apps. You should try a Force Stop of the application to get the issue resolved.



If you want to enjoy an updated and perfect Android experience, you will need Google Play Services. On the whole, Google Play Services will be the channel used by Google to update apps and enable connectivity between the different Google services.