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Send Images, Files to offline Users on Skype

Well, it is quite obvious that if you want to survive the competition then you will have to update the products as per the market needs, especially when competitors are creating them by innovating new features in the market. WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and other similar applications which are competing with this Skype Messenger have the feature of sending the files even if the user is not available online, however this was never available on Skype and hence it was probably one of many reasons that why you cannot rely on this messenger for long because you may have to share any image or video or any other file with the person on the other end.

With their most recent major update, skype has finally introduced the option of sending the files even if the user is offline. This is something which has removed the dependency from the other end of being online, because as far as my personal experience is concerned then I had to use WhatsApp to call the person online on Skype so that we could exchange certain files. Let us take a look at the steps required to send the files to the offline contact.

Send files to Offline Contacts

Login to your Skype Mobile application and click on the contact to whom you want to send the offline Image.


Tap on the Attachment button as highlighted in the image below:


You will get an options to select photo or Video so select the option as per your need. For example, let us try sharing Photo. So tap on the “Photo” option.


You can select the existing Photo using “Choose Existing Photo” option available or can take the photo and attach the same.


If you select “Choose exiting photo” you will be taken to your Phone’s Image library from where you can choose the pic you want to share with the contact. Select the photo and click on “Choose” option at the bottom right hand corner.


Once you click on “Choose”, the picture will be sent to the contact even if the contact is offline.


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This is certainly a nice improvement for this application. Let us see that what other features will Skype incorporate to resist the competition of the other Instant Messengers. We would really want to see some secret message privileges over this application. Stay tuned for more updates like these over such popular applications and let us know your opinion about this tip.