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3 Ways To Print On Android As PDF Or Paper From Photo, Webpage

Android smartphones & tablets are much the same as PCs. They’re not as intense, yet they’re amazingly compact. As convenient PCs, they can be utilized to send messages, peruse the Web, watch YouTube videos, and a wide range of stuff that you can likewise do on your desktop. Of course — including printing.

With the approach of cloud-based printing advancements and products, and in addition cloud-support printers and applications, printing is no more an difficult task on your Android smartphone or tablet. In this post, We will tell you 3 ways to print Web page, image to pdf on android devices.

Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print meets expectations with most printers. Be that as it may, for the best experience, a Cloud Ready printer is recommended. These sorts of printers can straightforwardly connect with the Internet and needn’t bother with a PC for it to work. Google keeps a up-to-date list of Cloud Ready printers good with and bolstered in Google Cloud Print.

To use Google Cloud Print, you just need a Google account (and a printer). In the wake of setting it up, you can print anything on your home printer from any Android gadget over the world – or from any PC.

To set up this app on your Android gadget, you have to download & install the Google Cloud Print app on your device.

Once the app has been installed, open it. The primary interface has truly a couple of choices, however I just discovered three of these to be helpful – the rest are for users with more advanced prerequisites. As we have not yet set up the settings yet, tap the Settings option to connect your Google Cloud Print account with your android smartphone.

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Google Cloud Print Pic1

Google Cloud Print Pic2

When you are on the Settings page, simply login in your Google account and afterward the app will demonstrate to you three choices among which you need to select any one option. In the beneath screenshot, you can see that it is requesting the printer sort you have – on the off chance that you are uncertain, simply pick Other Printers as it suits numerous types. In the event that you don’t have a printer yet need to utilize this app with Google Docs, then simply pick “Google cloud print ready”. It will then ask you whether you need to set it as the default printer, so choose “Yes”.

Cloud Print adds itself with the default Android Share menu, which enables you to print from any important application.

Cloud Print Plus by Paulo Fernandes

Cloud Print Plus

Cloud Print Plus app is developed by Paulo Fernandes. Both Google Cloud Print app and Cloud print plus app utilize the Cloud Print administration to permit printing from smartphones or tablets.

The free version of Fernandes’ application comes with advertisements and has limited features, yet the app is by and large still usable. You can move up to its premium version for about US$3.00 to get rid off the ads and enable all the features.

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How to use Paulo Fernandes’ Cloud Print Plus application:

Download & Install the cloud print plus app from playstore. Now Choose a Google account that you enrolled with Google Cloud Print.On the following screen, select a printer enrolled to your Google Cloud Print account. You can either choose Google Cloud Print print ready printer or any other compatible printers.

A list of enlisted printers will appear on the screen. Select one that you need to utilize.On the following screen, tap Print test page to check if your printer has effectively joined with Google Cloud Print. On the other hand, you can also skip this step any tapping the arrow at the bottom of screen.Once the app and printer have been connected, you can now print from your Android smartphone or tablet utilizing the Cloud Print application.

Cloud Print Plus

The best part about this application is that it permits you to print your SMS messages, scan archives by taking a photo and print them thereafter, make images for printing later, or scribble down notes & print them later. The application likewise permits you to get to your Dropbox and Box documents, Facebook pictures, Google Drive docs, Gmail attachment files, and Google Calendar and print those documents from inside the application.

PrinterShare Mobile Print

PrinterShare pic

PrinterShare Mobile Print likewise uses Google’s Cloud Print service to interface your printer and Android smartphone or tablet through the cloud.

The application’s free version comes with following options:

PrinterShare pic

  • Perform a printer test to printers associated by means of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB
  • Free and boundless printing through Google Cloud Print
  • Print up to 20 pages over the web with Remote mode.

You can move up to its premium version for about US$13.00 to have the capacity to unite and print to your printer through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB. The premium version likewise gives you a chance to print to shared Windows or Mac printers close-by, and also print unbounded with Remote connection.

How to use PrinterShare Mobile Print:

Download & Install the PrinterShare app on your android device i.e. smartphone or tablet. Go to the settings menu and tap Select Printer.On the following screen, select your printer connectivity option. You can either go through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, Google Cloud Printer, or through a Remote Printer. For the present select Google Cloud Printer.Select a registered Google account and the printer enrolled on your Google Cloud Print account.

Once the printer has been set up, you can now print from your Android smartphone or tablet by means of PrinterShare Mobile Print. You can print pictures, contacts, Web pages, SMS messages, call logs, Gmail messages, Google Doc records, and different archives with the help of PrinterShare app.


Mobile printing has ended up simpler, on account of Google Cloud Print and 3rd party printing applications on the Google Play Store. With these advancements, you can undoubtedly print your docs or any form of data from your Android smartphone or tablet devices on the go.

We do suggest these Cloud Print apps to all the individuals out there who are utilizing Android devices and particularly the individuals who travel a lot, as you will have the capacity to effortlessly send pictures to be printed at your home.

How frequently do you print from your Android smartphone or tablet?  Are you using a different app or method? Do share it with us in the comment section!