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Add Touch Screen Home Button on Android and iOS

Usually, Android and iOS devices arrive with physical home buttons or capacitive touch buttons, but there are increased chances for the keys to get damaged due to excessive usage. Are you facing such a situation and are confused what to do to make your device function properly? In such cases, you can add a touch screen home button on your Android or iOS devices. Are you aware of this option? If not, this article will help you understand how it is possible to add a touch screen home button on your device.

home button

Touch Screen Buttons on Android

If the physical home button on your Android device is damaged and you like to add a touch screen home button and other controls on your device, you can do so by installing some applications for the purpose. There are applications such as Easy Touch, My Home Button, Multi-action Home Button and more to help you in adding a touch screen home button.

Easy Touch

Easy Touch is a home button replacement application that is unique. The app adds a floating widget with advanced solutions and lets you to personalize it as per your choices. The holo styled button lies on a corner of the screen’s edge and once you want to access applications or switch from one app to another, you will have to tap this button. A little window will open on the screen and you will have several features such as favorite apps, lock screen, settings, home button, sound modes and other features.

easy touch

Adding Touch Screen Home Button on iOS

If you are looking to add touch screen buttons on your iOS device, here are the steps that are listed to do so. This will help you add not only the home button but also many others such as power button, rotate screen, volume control and more.

All you need to do is go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad and select General and Accessibility.

Under Accessibility, you will have to scroll down to the section INTERACTION and tap Assistive Touch. You will to toggle the Assistive Touch option ‘ON’.

ios buttons

Once this is done, you will get a white circle with a grey box on the screen. You can expand it to a big box by tapping on the circle.

Now, you can start using the touch screen buttons on your iOS device.

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These options that we have mentioned above help you in adding a touch screen home button and other options on your smartphone running on Android or iOS platforms.