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2 Ways to Send Facebook Messages without Facebook Messenger App

These days Instant Messengers are the best medium to stay in touch with everyone. You make a small group of friends on those application and then you ping them every one in a while. These applications also allow you to exchange images, smileys and stickers (more personalized form of smileys) which help you to make your chat more interesting. One of the most popular Instant Messenger application is Facebook Messenger which has a huge domain of users to serve.

However, the user Interface and the response time of this application is a big turn off for many users of Android devices. Still nobody can help it because Facebook forces you to use this application in case you want to chat with anyone on Facebook. Hence, in this article we will talk about few ways in which you can chat with your friends with being forced into this application.

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Use Facebook Messenger on your desktop browser

You can avoid the facebook Messenger application, while you are working on your Laptop or Desktop because you can open the same application on your Google Chrome browser. Just visit the Desktop version of Facebook Messenger application.


If you try to visit this using your Smartphone browser then you will be suggested to install the application on your Smartphone. You will not be able to use this Browser version of this application on your smartphone.

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Open Facebook on your Smartphone Browser

If you are using Safari Browser or Google Chrome or UC Browser on your Android smartphone, then you can open Facebook on those browsers and click on the highlighted area mentioned below to open the chat section. You will be able to chat with your friends over that browser but believe me, the experience will be even worse than the Facebook messenger smartphone application.



So, these are all the ways to avoid that Smartphone Application forced upon by Facebook and still chat with your friends. However, I always prefer to use my laptop whenever I need to discuss anything with my friends over Facebook, else WhatsApp is good enough the casual interactions. Do let us know your opinion about this application and let us know if you have something better to recommend.


Abhinav Singh

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