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5 Best Smartphone Car Charger to Buy in India

Smartphones has transformed into our life companions and accompany us wherever we go. But they are machines after all and need charge once in a while. Though many alternate charging solutions are available as of today like Power Banks and extra batteries, but it is always good to you are your charger in your vehicle if you are constantly on the move.

Power Banks can charge your phone up to certain limits as they have limited amount of juice, but this is not the case with car chargers as they draw power from your car. Here we bring to you 5 of the best car chargers existing which will keep your smartphone charged up next time you go on a long drive.

Nokia DC-20 Dual USB Car Charger



Nokia always provide best in class accessories for its smartphones and this is one has garnered good reviews from many buyers. This car charger from Nokia is support many charging connectors at come with a dual USB design to charge two smartphones at the same time. it carries a price tag of 789 INR.

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Key Features of Nokia DC-20 Dual USB Car Charger

· Double Charging power

· Dual USB

· Universal Compatibility

· Charge two devices simultaneously

Samsung Car Charger CAD300UBEC/INU


You own a Samsung smartphone or not but if you have smartphone with micro USB charging port and need a descent car charger without investing too much then this one is for you. This car charger is compatible with pretty much all smartphones out there. It carries a price tag of 296 INR.

Key Features of Samsung Car Charger CAD300UBEC/INU

· Quick Charging Technology

· Durable Coil Chord

· Advanced Circuitry

Philips DLP2257 Dual USB Ultrafast Car Charger


Here comes another innovative product from Philips. This charger is a must buy for every one if you own smartphones, tablets and pretty much anything that uses a micro USB port for charging. It is 10.5 W 5V/ 2.1 A charger and charges at very rapid rate. It carries a price tag of 949 INR.

Key Features of Philips DLP2257 Dual USB Ultrafast Car Charger

· Dual USB charger

· LED Indicator

· Quick Charge Technology

· Over Voltage Protection

· Over Current Protection

· Heat Protection

Belkin F5L102QE Car Charger


Belkin is a renowned brand as far as mobile accessories are concerned. This car charger from Belkin comes with a 1 year warranty. What makes it stand out from rest of the chargers is it’s 10 V supply to each of the dual USB ports. It carries a price tag of 1361 INR.

Key Features of Belkin F5L102QE Car Charger

· Dual USB

· 3 feet Long Cable

· 30 Pin Support

· 10 V supply to Each Post

· Fast Charging Technology

Digitek DMC-009 Car Charger


This car charger from Digitek is a descent one and can charge almost all smartphones on the planet with a micro USB port. Though the brand is not that popular but this product has garnered [positive reviews from many buyers. It carries a price tag of 249 INR.

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Key Features of Digitek DMC-009 Car Charger

· Dual USB Ports

· Fast Charging Technology

· 5 V Supply


Although there is a wide variety of car chargers to choose from but we have limited our scope to those chargers which received positive review from the customer who bought them. If you think that we have not included any charger worthy of mention then you can let us know via the comment box below.


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