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Microsoft Launches Microsoft Priority Reseller Stores in India

We have already seen the smartphones getting rebranded from Nokia to Microsoft. This means that all the other properties related to this will also be rebranded and that includes the accessories and stores selling these devices. Microsoft plans to rebrand all those 16000 Nokia stores which have been selling these devices. Out of all these 16,000 stores nearly 9,000 are available in India. This fact should not come as a surprise considering that Nokia majorly targeted Indian market for their mobile phones.


Today Microsoft started this rebranding initiative and inaugurated their first Microsoft Priority First Reseller at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon in India. Chris Weber was there at this occasion to unveil the first rebranded store across the globe. Similarly all the Care Center outlets are also a part of this rebranding campaigning will be taken care of June 2015. Out of all the stores available globally approximately 3200 of them will be revamped from scratch with new design in terms of ambience and furniture both.


the Nokia smartphone users don’t have to worry about anything related to warranties of their product. It will be termed as valid at all those new Microsoft outlets. So, all in all, there will be two types of stores launched by Microsoft, where one will be dedicated to Lumia devices (known by the name of Microsoft Priority First Reseller) and the other will take care of all the low-end feature mobile phones (known by the name of Microsoft Mobile First Reseller).

Branding is obviously an important aspect to change the perception of consumers related to their product and we at GadgetsToUse believe that it will be quite effective. Microsoft has always had much more brand equity as compared to Nokia. However, consumers are quite unexpected to guess. Hence, stay tuned to know more about this.


Abhinav Singh

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