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Micromax LapTap, Hybrid Laptop on sale in India from 6th May

So, now Micromax has entered another vertical of Hybrid Laptops. Today, Micromax launched their product ‘LapTap’ for 14,999 INR which is a tablet and can be attached to a keyboard. This new series of products will most of its product by March next year and all of them will be hybrid tablets. As of now this product which is the first in this LapTap series will be available from May 6 exclusively on Amazon India.


As far as technical details of this device is concerned then it is targeted towards and travelling professionals. It has Intel Atom processors which we have mainly seen with small notebooks operating at 1.83 GHz. The RAM memory available on this laptop is 2GB and it will come up with Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Office 365 preloaded. If you will actually combine the price of these two products then it comes out to be 11,000 INR. I wonder were they able to price this tablet as such a low price. The size of display is of 10.1 Inches with WXVGA resolution.

The battery strength of this tablet is 7,700 mAh which will provide a decent amount of backup time to the tablet. For travellers, it also has 3G SIM slot for mobile data and there is 2MP camera as a secondary and primary camera of the tablet. Don’t Worry!! Like other devices which have Windows 8.1 this one will also be upgradable to Windows 10.

On this occasion, Vikas Jain, co-founder of Micromax mentioned that it is just a start and soon they will be launching more products related to personal computing of the consumers. Hence we can expect some laptops by Micromax, few years down the line. The best part about Micromax devices, is their ability to curb the prices of their products. This kind of product has been existing in the market for a long time but the prices have been very high which made most of the consumer stay away from such devices.

With such pricing, Micromax is actually targeting the Sales Force of the organization who are always supposed to be ready with their presentations and take care of the sales report on excel sheets. Windows OS is the most needed OS in current market situation and this device by Micromax is a clear option for them. This device will have a huge demand in the market unless a new competitor pitches in with similar specification (especially Windows 8.1). Stay tuned to know more about this device and let us know your opinion about this one.


Abhinav Singh

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