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5 Ways To Silence Camera Sounds On Android

Most manufacturers these days include the option to mute camera shutter sound in the native camera app or settings. There are times when shutter sound could be as intrusive as flash in public places and the option to mute all sounds is a necessity. Some manufacturers however, exclude the option to protect privacy of others. Here are some ways you could use.

Put your phone in silent mode

Most custom ROMs, including those from HTC, Xiaomi, Huawei, Sony, etc offer options to mute shutter sound in camera settings. If your OEM’s camera app doesn’t list that option, you can always put your phone in silent mode if silent photography is once in a blue moon thing for you, this should perhaps be the best option.



  • You don’t need to install any third party app


  • You won’t get calls and other notification alerts.

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Camera Sound Off

Camera sound Off is a simple app available for free on Google Playstore which lets you quiet your shutter, provided you have root access.


The app doesn’t do anything else, but accomplishes this single task effectively on a few devices we tested it with.


  • Works on most devices
  • Mutes the shutter of your native camera app


  • Requires root access

Good Camera

This is another free download option for non rooted users. The app acts as an independent camera app without shutter sound. First tab will focus camera on an object and the second tap on the view finder will click images.


Post clicking, you can directly share images using any app listed in your share menu. Since the app isn’t very rich in features, you will still need your native camera app for times when shutter sound is acceptable. There are several other apps on playstore which work on the same principle.


  • Doesn’t require root access
  • you can double tap to take images


  • Doesn’t work as great as native camera app

Use Root Explorer App

Rooted users can also use a simple root explorer app to get rid of the native camera sound.

Step 1: Open root explorer (we are using ES File Explorer) and authorize root access.


Step 2: Go to /Device >> System >>Media>>Audio>> UI


Step 3: locate camera shutter sound, it will be named Camera_click.ogg, camera_click_1.ogg or shutter.ogg (maybe some other name too)


Step 4: Rename it and add .bak at the end, for instance shutter.ogg will change to shutter.ogg.back

That’s it. you are good to go. you can enjoy shutter free camera and the changes are reversible.

Shoot it

If you are looking forward to muting your camera button, it is probably because of stealth photography. is an app which allows you to do just that. you can tap on the app shortcut and it clicks and saves image to DCIM>>Shoot it folder.


There are three versions available, no sound no flash, Sound and Flash and a pro version which lets you choose between the two.


  • Allows quick capture


  • You can’t see the view finder
  • doesn’t work for all devices.

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These are some different apps and ways you can use to mute camera shutter sound. If your OEM doesn’t include this feature by default, one of these methods should work for you.