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Top 5 Ways for Free Family, Friends Location Tracking in Real time

In modern times, you just can’t be too much protective or cautious. To know where your family members are at a particular point of time renders contentment and security. If you wish to track your family members or friends, and need a tool to alert you in case they run into trouble, here are some different apps which can be of assistance.

Glympse (Android, iOS, Windows)

Glympse  is which allows you to share sensitive location data with people you want and for as long as you want. The app can be used to let some one find you, to guide you with directions and to monitor your progress. This is an effective app if you wish to track location of family member or friends.


You can choose to broadcast your speeds with one or many contacts too. When you send a glympse to someone in your contact list, the person will get a link to track your on Glympse website via SMS or email. The best part is that they can track you on any device even without the app installed.


  • No app is required to track your location
  • Group tracking is possible
  • Available on all major platforms


  • Not very polished UI
  • No option to call authorities in crisis

Life 360 Family Locator (Android, iOS, Windows)

Family Locator or Life 360 is another app which lets you effectively track all your family members. To begin with, every family member is required to signup an make an account for free. You can set alerts in Android app to know when your family members have safely reached their destination. They can just check in when they reach their destination.


Parents can also request a checkin, in case of an unexpected delay. As the name suggest, the app is best suited to track your family or phone, but not so much to share location with new acquaintances or other random people. Using the app, you can also contact concerned authorities like police or ambulance in crisis situation.


  • Can send emergency alerts
  • one click check-ins and alerts are efficient way of letting your family know you have reached your destination
  • Available on all major platforms


  • Every person you wish to track needs to signup
  • No SMS alert

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GPS Tracker (Android, iOS and Windows)

GPS Tracker by FollowMee is another cross platform tool which helps you track location from multiple devices from a single account. The tracker is best suited for those looking for a no nonsense tracker. Just sign in your device and your phone will behave as a GPS tracker.

You can now visit FollowMee page, login and click on maps to track your location. The webpage will also list your battery level, so you will know if tracking stops due to low battery. The real time updates are accurate. So if you wish to track your family, just download app on their phones and sign in using same or different account.



  • Simple, to the point and easy to use
  • Available on all major platforms
  • You can track location on any device if you have the required account and password


  • Interface is light on features
  • No option for SMS or any other alert

Sygic Family Locator (Android and iOS)

Sygic Family Locator is again a simple family location tracking service which shows you current location of all family members. Your family members need to download the app and sign in. The app allows you to send SOS alerts to family in time of crisis.


You can also mark danger zones and will be alerted if any of your family members or friends wanders into unwanted territory. The app can also be used to send messages to other members in your group.


  • you can set up danger zones
  • Check in feature is available
  • Chat with group members
  • SOS Alert is available


  • Not available for Windows Phone
  • To track location you need to signup and download app

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Google+ is already there on all android phones and if you are an active user, you don’t need anything else to share your location and commute with family and friends. You can simply go to Google+ App and turn on Location sharing. The app allows you to share pinpoint location and city location with specific people


You can also go to Google search app and turn on commute sharing (Settings > Accounts & privacy > Commute sharing.) This way, you can share your commute updates with every one you have authorized to check your pinpoint location.  This option is makes more sense for casual location tracking.


  • Android users don’t have to download separate apps
  • Effective for those who use Google Now
  • You can also share check in data on Google+


  • No option for SOS alerts
  • You can’ request location


some of these apps are meant for casual tracking while others will be more useful for more serious purposes, for instance if you have an epileptic patient in your family. You can select the best one suited to your purpose.