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5 To Do’s To Keep Your Android Device Healthy

These days maintaining your mobile device is equally important as that of owning it. You can do that in many different ways, but to make the Herculean task – we will suggest the following five methods.


Manage the Applications on your Smartphone

Irrespective of the storage space in your device, managing applications becomes really crucial if you want your mobile to function to its best potential. To accomplish this, you can start with uninstalling all the applications and widgets installed on your phone that you do not use. It will not only create additional space for future applications to be installed, but shall also increase the speed of the Android device by a considerable amount.

Managing the applications would also include clearing the cache storage. You can do so by tapping on ‘Clear Cache’ from the list of applications in Settings > Applications.

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Optimize your Storage Space

Optimizing the storage space implies that organizing the data on your Android device in a way that you get the performance that you were promised during the purchase.

Storage on your Android device can be classified into two basic categories: internal storage and external storage. It is highly advisable to keep the internal space as vacant as possible. To fulfil this, you might have to shift all your files, documents and multimedia data to the external storage. Apart from this, you can move the applications installed on your Android smartphone’s internal storage to the external one. This can be done by choosing the application you wish to move from Settings > Applications and then tapping the option ‘Move to SD Card’ (refer to the image below).


After investing on a good external storage card will be totally worth the experience on your Android phone after you clear up the internal memory.

Use the Battery to its best Potential

Keeping your smartphone healthy also implies to get the best output from the limited battery capacity. To get the desired performance, you must use the micro-USB charger that comes along with your Android smartphone, and not just any other cable. Though all the micro-USB cables and the travel chargers look identical, but are usually made for the specific device.

Additionally, you can keep a check on all the running tasks and applications. The best tool which allows you to keep an eye on is behaving applications is WatchDog Task Manager Lite. We highly recommend you to download the app from Play Store and get started.

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Take Precautions

To have a memorable experience with your Android smartphone, you’ll have to keep it safe from vulnerabilities and malwares which have the potential to make your device just a dummy piece. For this, you need to be careful while downloading any type of file from the gigantic World Wide Web. One of the most common mistakes that most of the Android users do is to download a cracked version of APK from an unknown source on the internet. Applications on Google Play exist for a reason and they have been thoroughly checked by their security team before making it available to public. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you download applications only from the verified source, that is, Google Play.

To be on the safer side, you can set notifications whenever you are about to install an application that can cause damage to your device by disabling the ‘Unknown Sources’ and enabling the ‘Verify Apps’ under Settings > Security > Device Administration (refer to the image below).


Check for Updates on a Regularly

Android is one such platform which constantly receives updates to improve the user experience and to offer more features. To make your device healthy, we would suggest you to keep your device up to date with all the updates, be it firmware updates or software updates. Updates rectify many bugs which might have been a pain for you. To get the system information and to check for updates, go to Settings > System > System Updates > Check Update (refer to the image below).



So by following these five methods you can speed up your device and make use of it in a much better way. Not only it will increase the performance, but will also unlock next level of productivity for you. These five tasks are not time consuming and can be done within a short span of time, so we would highly recommend you to get started straightaway! In case you have some more methods which can keep your Android device healthy, do share it in the comment section below and we would be happy to include it in our next story.

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