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5 Ways To Autocorrect and Enhance Smartphone Camera Photos on Android ,iOS and Windows Phone

Smartphone photography has become rather common these days. People don’t feel like carrying an extra gadget just to take pictures even during their trip to various places. This was the main reason for smartphone photography becoming so popular. Smartphone manufacturers are trying to incorporate the best of the best cameras in their smartphones, which acts as a selling point for a lot of smartphones these days. Here I’ve listed 5 ways or apps that you can use to auto correct and enhance colors of the photos that you take with your smartphone. These apps work on different mobile operating systems, so be sure to check out the ones that work for your device.

Google Photos App (Android, iOS)

Google Photos

Google launched a new application this year at the Google I/O. They called it the Google Photos. This app is just not a mobile app, but a service that Google provides. It allows you to backup all your photos on the Google server for free, but the only limitation is that the size of the image might not stay full resolution even though it would be high resolution. When you backup your photos to Google Photos, it will automatically enhance all the photos that it seems need some enhancement, and save them on your account.


  • Automatically enhances the photos without user interaction
  • Backups all your photos to the web for retrieval at a later stage
  • Creates Animated Images and Collages automatically from your photos as well

Snapseed (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)


Snapseed is a Photo editing application from Google again. It is a standalone application that you can install on your iOS, Windows Phone or Android device and edit photos in it at high resolutions. It has options to auto enhance, and correct colours of your image or allows you to manually change each and every setting for the image.


  • Allows user to enhance each and every property of the image
  • Allows photo editing to be controlled manually


  • Does not support automatic enhancement of images on phone

Photo Editor by Aviary (Windows Phone, Android, iOS)


Photo Editor by Aviary is a pretty common application in the Google Play Store for photo editing. It is also available on the Apple App Store and Windows Phone Store and offers common experience across all platforms. After launching the application, it is pretty easy to perform any action. Just browse for the picture that you want to edit and then choose enhance from the menu at the bottom. It will then give you options on what to enhance, and allow you to choose one of the three options presents.


  • Along with enhancing photos, it also allows you to add filters and other effects
  • Allows user to choose what type of enhancement is to be applied


  • Applying effects in the app is time-consuming

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Inbuilt Photos App (iOS)

iPhones and iPads are used to take a lot of pictures, and the default photos app allows the users to enhance and edit photos to some extent. It auto enhances the photo that the user chooses and also allows a few more editing options in the app itself. To enhance photos, open the Photos app and open the image you want. Next, click on the edit option at the top of the screen, and at the next screen choose the wand icon on the top of the screen on iPhone, or at the bottom on an iPad.


  • The application auto enhances the photos with ease
  • Two taps is all it takes to enhance photos

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PicsArt Photo Studio (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)


PicsArt Photo Studio is another popular app in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It allows the users to edit photos and add cool looking effects to their pictures. It also allows you to add cool looking stickers to your images and share them everywhere. The only downside there is to the app is that it does not allow saving the images in full resolution after editing. It will be saved in a smaller size.


  • Allows easy Photo enhancements
  • Allows adding filters and effects to images
  • Allows adding cool looking stickers to images


  • Does not allow saving the images in full resolution
  • The auto enhancement mode is not complete automatic. It asks you to choose the percentage of enhancement that you want


In this article, I shared a lot of applications that you can use to auto correct and enhance the quality of your smartphone camera photos. Using these applications is a great way to bump up the smartphone photography game. If you know or use any other applications that work better than the ones I’ve shared here, be sure to let me know about them in the comments section below.