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5 Best Call and SMS Spam Blocking Apps on Android

As smartphone market booms in India, WhatsApp and Internet-based spam is on the rise. Calls from telemarketers not only irritate but waste precious time. If you are tired of manually blocking such spam, there are several apps which can assist you.


Holaa recently launched a made in India caller ID app available only on Android. You can also block calls or mark them as Spam, sync facebook contacts, merge duplicates and see well organized info on contact cards. The app displays relevant info on partial call screen and has an attractive interface.



  • You can sync facebook and Google account
  • Contact card displays elaborate info in one place


  • As the app is relatively new, its database is still not fully mature

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Truedialer/ Truecaller

Truecaller is the most popular call block service which has a rich database to help you identify unknown callers. Truecaller recently launched a new dialer app, Truedialer which has a simple intuitive interface and integrates Turecaller to identify spam and unknown numbers.



  • Extensive database
  • great dialer with speed dial supported


Social media giant Facebook stepped into the game with Hello, an app which is heavily integrated with facebook (having facebook or messenger on your phone isn’t a mandatory requirement). The app can pick images directly from your facebook page and benefits from the fact that almost everyone has an FB profile. You can not download the app from Playstore in India, but you can always sideload it on Android phones.



  • Integrates VoIP calling
  • Assign facebook profile pics to contacts


  • Not available in India via playstore

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Caller ID+

Caller ID+ comes from the world renowned Contact Plus team and requires you to download the Contact+ app too. The app allows you to backup all your contacts, block spammers and give you option to keep your contact details private.



  • Allows contact backup and other great features of Contact+


  • needs you to download Contact+ app too



Whoscall is another app which allows you to block unwanted or specific calls and SMS. The app has a global database with over 700 million phone numbers. This call filtering app has been around for several years now and for such apps, that is an advantage.


  • Rich global database


  • Interface is too simple


Call and SMS app is a growing problem which will get worse in coming times. If you get many cold calls through your day, you can use one of these apps to make your life easier.


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