Facebook has finally made Facebook Lite live in India. This is good news for FB addicts who can now enjoy FB efficiently even on 2G networks and with resource deficient smartphones.


The app isn’t as pretty as the original FB app, but it takes only a small fraction of resources which is a great thing. This also means its faster. The app doesn’t require you to download messenger even for FB messages.

Not all FB features are available in the Lite app. You can update staus, upload images, share posts, but you can not tag people using @ shortcut, watch videos or check in the intuitive way. The app won’t run if you are data and WiFi is off.

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Facebook has the second largest user base in India. There are 112 million active users out of which 90 million access facebook on their mobile phones. With dismal internet connectivity in tier 2 cities and remote areas, Facebook Lite is an initiative many would benefit from.

Facebook Lite app is supported on all Android 2.2 + smartphones. The app is now available in India and other Asian countries. It will soon be launched for Latin America, Africa and Europe.

Download : Google Playstore

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