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Decrease Video Size with No Loss in Quality on Android, iOS and Windows Phone

These days smartphones are coming up with High Definition feature loaded cameras. Reason being everyone likes to take lots of photos and videos. The Photos don’t take much space than 2-3 Mb but the HD Videos intend to like eat up your Smartphone’s whole storage so much desperately.

In that case you think that you are left with just one option and that is either to drop the photographer’s Soul within you make smaller videos than you actually wish or else take the burden of transferring the video files from your Smartphone to your Laptop/Desktop everytime when the Smartphone’s storage is about to get full.

But wait I have got something for you! Today I have brought you 5 Apps for your Smartphones running on all platforms which you could probably use to Compress your beloved HD videos with or without losing it quality.

Video Compressor (For Android Users)


Today the first app we are going to discuss about is for Android Users – Video Compressor. The app is simple yet effective one and does its job perfectly in compressing the Videos. It works on the function of Compress, Save and Share. That means you could even share the compressed video with your friends.


  • The App supports almost all types of Video formats which include – Mp4, 3gp and Avi format files.
  • It works on the simple function platform of Compress, Save and Share.


  • Lots of pop-up ads is what spoils the whole thing.

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Video Compressor (For Windows Phone Users)


Our second app for Windows users for the video compression purpose is Video Compressor. I know the name might sound similar to the first one but not confusing much both of these are from different developers and for different platforms. Now the Windows Phone Smartphones record videos in only 720p or 1080p, this makes the video size extensively large and then when you share these videos on WhatsApp then only the first few seconds of the whole video is sent. That’s the reason why this app has been specially designed and developed for Windows Phone users to compress Videos from your Smartphone itself.


  • You can choose the video quality level and size preference between starting to compress the video.
  • The estimated file size after compression is displayed to the users to give them an idea.
  • There is a special “WhatsApp Optimized” option using which users could compress the videos to the size limit of videos allowed to be shared on WhatsApp.


  • There’s no option to save the compressed video on the SD card, so all the videos are stored in the Smartphone’s memory by default.

Video Dieter 2 (For Android Users)


Video Dieter 2 is the next app in our list again for the Android Users. The app is just as interesting as its name, it promises to allow you to trim and edit your videos without loosing much quality. Apart from just compressing the video it also allow you to easily share those compressed videos with your friends and family.


  • The app promises to compress the video without compromising on its quality.
  • The Video Editing feature allows users to add songs in your videos as background music.
  • Apart from just simply compressing the video it also allows you to easily share those videos.


  • The app is not much effective on video quality which is below HD before compression.

Video Trimmer Guru (For Android Users)


If the last one failed to create much interest in you being an Android user, then this one will surely do the rest – Video Trimmer Guru. This probably the best Video Compressor app on all grounds. It does the job perfectly, has an innovative and user-friendly user-interface and has almost all the necessary features.


  • It has lots of top-notch features like Video Trimming, Frame Grabbing, Transcoding (i.e. changing the file format) and much more.
  • The Video Cutter feature allows you to split your video in two or more videos.
  • You could add background music in the Video with this app.
  • Its a whole lot easier to share videos compressed on all platforms like Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp etc.


  • It does the job but takes much more time than usual.

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Video Compressor (For iOS users)


Our last app is for the iOS users – Video Compressor. Again the name is same but the developer and user platform is different. The biggest benefit of this app is that its free and yet provides users premium quality video compressing features.


  • The app is free and yet has premium quality features.
  • The new version of the app allows users to save the videos in “Compressed Videos” Folder, which helps to avoid the hassles to search the whole gallery.
  • The app promises to compress videos by 10 times in size without the loss of much quality.


So here were the 5 Video Compressor apps for your devices running on different platforms. Out of all these the one which I personally liked the most was Video Trimmer Guru, reason being its user-friendly user interface, lots of video editing features, easy sharing and a lot more new to explore. Do share your Reviews and Feedbacks in the comments section below.

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