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5 Android Apps to Test Phone Display, Quality, Sensitivity

All digital and electronic devices do get old and degrade in quality with passing time. The same is the case with your Smartphone, when you bought it a few months ago then it might be in brand new condition but with the passing time, its quality is ought to deplete. That too the most sensitive part of your Smartphone is your Smartphone’s Screen, its display quality and sensitivity.

So Today I have brought you 5 Android Apps for checking your Smartphone’s Display quality and its sensitivity.

Screen Test


Screen Test is an app which looks simple yet is effective. You can use this app for finding the broken pixel on your Smartphone’s Display. For the app to work you can touch the screen at different places to change between modes.


  • This app can be directly installed on your Smartphone’s SD Card which allows you to save space on the Internal Storage of your Smartphone.
  • This app is completely Ads free.


  • Works great until your smartphone has ON-Screen buttons so in that case it doesn’t works on that particular area.

Screen Touch Test


Screen Touch Test is the next app which helps to check the Touch Sensitivity of your Smartphone. This is yet another simplistic app. In this app, it turns your whole display to dark black and then when to touch it with your fingers then a single pixel turns white which lets you know that the screen is registering your touch at that portion.


  • This app lets you check the touch sensitivity of your Smartphone’s Display.
  • It lets you discover the actual portion of your Touch Screen which isn’t registering the touch responses effectively.


  • The new users might get confused while thinking about how to exit this app.
  • Users could also find this app a bit boring.

Test Your Android


Finally an interesting app – Test Your Android. If the previous two apps seemed boring to you then this one might sound interesting due to its user friendly user interface. This is an all is one app which lets you perform an all round test of your smartphone, including tests like – Touch Screen test, Wi-Fi Test, Multi-Touch Test, GPS Test and much more.


  • This app has a really interesting User-Friendly User-Interface.
  • This app is capable to perform an all round test of your smartphone by testing its performance on all grounds.


  • In Some of the Tests like the Sound and Vibration tests, a few bugs are noticed.

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Screen Resolution & Density


Our next app Screen Resolution & Density does exactly what is stated by its name. If you are searching for an app using which you could check your Smartphone’s Screen Resolution and calculated Pixels Per Inch then this is the app for you.


  • This app is very perfect in calculating your Smartphone’s Screen Resolution and Pixels Per Inch (i.e. Pixel Density).


  • The app does not tell you anything about touch sensitivity for a particular area on screen.

Display Tester


Display Tester is the last app in our list. If you are looking into an in-depth testing of your Smartphone’s Display screen then this app could do a lot for you. It could perform several tests like – Dead Pixel Test, Color Test, Gamma Calibration, Screen Viewing Angle Test and much more.


  • If you are looking for a Free app which could perform a series of in-depth test on your Smartphone’s Display Screen then you couldn’t get a better app than this one.
  • This app supports testing on all types of screen be it LCD, OLED or any other type of Screen.


  • The app is found to crash on certain Smartphones.

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As all of these apps are for testing different features of Smartphone’s Display so these couldn’t be exactly compared. However Test Your Android is the app which I think is the best as it offers all in one testing features. Do leave your Reviews and Feedbacks in the comments section below.